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I once heard of a new lightbody teacher who, following the popular advice given out to new light body teachers had:

  • Done all the lightbody energy work to set-up her first course on the inner planes (tick)
  • Put out an advert for her course in several of the local papers, which described her course, and gave the venue, cost and date (tick)
  • Booked a hotel function room capable of seating 50 people (tick)

And having done all that, ticked all the boxes… she sat back, and waited for the phone to ring, the emails to arrive, and the completed application forms + down-payment cheques to turn up through the post.

Unfortunately, on the day of said course, no one had enrolled, no one had turned up… and she had an empty hotel function room to pay for.

Which was all profoundly discouraging… and she just couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong.

And when you hear about these kind of tales, it is enough to put you off trying to manifest anything… because for every success story there is also a story of people who tried and failed… and so you are never 100% sure what bucket you will fall into when you try to manifest your next step… are you going to be one of the failures, or an outright success?

Manifesting isn’t like going down to the shops, and buying a tin of beans. When buying a tin of beans then a) you are likely to have enough money for the beans, b) you know the process to go through to buy the beans, and c) you are very certain that the shop will have a stock of the beans you want to buy.

When buying a tin of beans, the majority of us have so much faith and trust in the process, it is known, it is a given.

But for the majority of the time, manifesting takes us into a completely different territory… and it isn’t like buying from a shop, or ordering online. There is much more uncertainty involved, we often don’t know what elements need to come together to manifest what we want, and we have little or no control over or visibility of the process involved… and at the same time we are often struggling with our own inner demons around having this new thing / relationship / situation turn up in our lives.

Which leads us to a lot of fear, worry, and anxiety… Will it actually work?Am I doing it right?Have I missed out an important step?Or am I just fooling myself?

And the all important question… Who am I to deserve having this turn up in my life?

And all that can either undermine our efforts, or lead us off in the wrong direction entirely (especially if we are in a state of desperate need).

OK, some practical advice to help you navigate these kinds of responses… and so increase your chances of manifesting positive experiences rather than negatives:

One: Your initial response to such a story will give you a good indication of your current over-riding belief system… Did you think “Yeah, too dangerous, I am not going to even try“, or instead “Well, that may have happened to her, but the same thing isn’t going to happen to me“… Knowing your initial belief system, even if you may not fully understand the how and why of your beliefs yet, does give you a starting point… an awareness of what you need to change in order to get to where you want to go in life. And be aware… being overly optimistic can be as much of a stumbling block as being totally negative and pessimistic. As with most things in life, getting the balance right is all important.

Two: When manifesting anything it is 99% likely that in order to bring it into your life you will need to overcome some kind of internal issue, let go of a negative belief or two, face an inner fear, overcome an inner demon. To put it simply, you cannot be rich without first changing your negative beliefs around money changing your inner poverty consciousness. The Universe cannot and will not give you what you want while you still believe you can’t have it… or believe you are unworthy of having it. There is often an “issue” gateway you need to pass though in order to win the right to have what you want. In which case, 99% of the time, the manifestation process isn’t just “I do the energy work… and then the thing turns up“… but more “I do the energy work, I resolve any internal issues or conflicts which stand between me and having what I want… and then the thing / person / situation turns up in it’s own time“. One of the big barriers to manifestation is that people want to manifest something new, but they are not prepared to change who they are in order to to get it. It’s like someone listening to the radio expecting to see their favourite TV show. As Einstein once said, you can’t create a new situation or opportunity with the same old style thinking. So when you want to manifest something new, you have to also be open to thinking, feeling and being in a new way in order to have it.

Three: In the above example, the unfortunate lady was following someone else’s script… someone else’s formula… do A, B and C and this will happen, guaranteed. And just like habits, people likepre-defined scripts because they make life so much simpler, and you don’t have to think. But over and over again, I find that successful manifestation arises out of the uniqueness of your individual process… out of overcoming and transforming your own individual life-issues and lessons. It is less about buying off the peg, and more about finding and creating your own solution,made-to-measure. OK, you can listen to other people, enroll and take their courses… but never follow them blindly… always be open to adjusting what they say to best fit who you are. And to do that requires a) that you can listen to your own intuition, and b) you have developed a degree of self-awareness… and you are clear about who you are, and what you want from your life.

Four: This is an important question, and ties in with our last point… am I manifesting from ego, or is it really part of my life purpose? It is usually said that when you manifest something which is aligned to your life-purpose, the Universe is onside, it conspires to help you, the process of manifesting is much easier… Whereas if you are working against your life-purpose then it is very much like swimming against the current. Not totally impossible, but a lot of hard work and effort… and eventually you will tire, and the current will have it’s way with you and carry you off. Perhaps in our original example, the life-purpose of the lady trying to run the light body course, her Dharma, was to be a nurse, or a doctor, or an airline pilot… and by not manifesting a successful lightbody course, with a packed hotel room with 50 paying students, this was the Universe’s way of trying to get her back on track (i.e. You’re not put on earth to run light body courses… but to fly a DC10). Who knows? Honestly, I don’t, I don’t have enough information to say about this specific example. But I do know, from my own experience, when things don’t work out the way you think it should, especially when you are trying to consciously manifest, then asking questions like… Am I being blocked?Is this aligned with my life-purpose?Is this something I should be doing right now, or later in my life? … Can open up interesting lines of inner investigation, which help you get back on the right track.

Some thoughts around the Manifesting process, hope something in this post has helped or provided you with some clarity.


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