Wood Element & Green Crystals


In the Chinese 5 Element System, the Wood Element is assigned to the colour Green

… And the above image of a fresh, new plant breaking through to the surface is the ideal metaphor for the Wood Element and the Green vibration… as is the young boy tending it.

Because the Wood Element / Green is associated with the beginning stages of life.

Green is associated with new life and growth… and with the vitality required to breakthrough and expand.

It is the vitality within our life-force.

So a good example of Wood / Green is the young child… rushing around, playing, exploring… and no adult can keep up, all the adults tire too easily… adults are not so easily connected with the Wood Element as when they were young. The Wood Element governs the early stage of human life and growth… it is what fuels the tremendous growth which occurs early on.

However… that young child is also appropriate in another way… it is fragile… and so is Wood energy.

Green Wood energy… an explosion of energy and vitality… but very fragile… and often needs to be protected in order that it can put down roots and become stable.

Another classic example… when someone is entranced by an amazing new idea… or creative project… and our mind is full of Wow !!!

Green energy fuels the inspiration and expansion of the new energy idea unfolding in our mind.

But we have to be careful… because if you tell someone else your amazing idea… too soon… and they are negative / skeptical… it is so fragile that they can kill it dead…

So we need the Green / Wood energy to get things started… to kick off the expansion of an idea into form… but at the same time, until it has taken root and stabilized, we need to be careful and protect it.

Just like a young plant… breaking the surface… just like a child in its early years… it needs to be protected before it becomes stabilized and strong enough to take care of itself.

The other classic thing about Green / Wood… it expands… it has direction… and so it also helps to motivate us, and provide us with the energy we need to follow our life-path…

So Green is the energy fuel we need to expand and follow our life-purpose.

If we cannot do that… if we cannot expand in some area, if we have no real sense of direction in life… if we feel blocked at every turn, then the frustration will turn inwards… and a person can fall into depression… which is the feeling of being blocked

Dorothy Rowe, in her book on Depression, has firmly stated that depression occurs when an individual feels blocked in life… by all the negative No voices in their head, saying you cannot do this… you cannot do that…

So they no longer feel there is any area in their life in which they can expand, and without expansion, there is no sense of purpose, little or no sense of meaning.

In those cases, Green is exactly the colour the person is going to need… to create flow and direction once again… to support their ability to move forwards in their life…

So according to the Chinese 5 Element system… Green crystals can help an individual kick-start into self-expansion once again… and give their life a sense of purpose.

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2017.

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