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I have a good friend in Australia, called Laing Kerns-Stokes, who is in his late twenties, and yet wise beyond and above his years. After reading my 1st post on manifestation and the planet, he said he agreed with 95% of it… but there was still 5% on which he differed. Because I have learnt to listen carefully to Laing’s insights, because he looks at the world differently to me and most people, I asked if he would write up a post on how he viewed manifestation in relation to this our wonderful and precious planet of ours.

Below is what he provided for this website:

Manifesting is a tricky subject, because it cannot be quantified in a lineal way. The results respond to Quantum awareness, and this also works hand in hand with intention.

So I believe that clarity of intention is first and foremost about knowing the truth about what we desire. Here is a mock interview to support this perspective.

Laing: Just tune in to what you want. Imagine you could have anything that you want, and that you had all the money in the world. What would you manifest?

Subject: I would manifest a yacht.

Laing: OK… now tune in even more and tell me the reason why you want this yacht.

Subject: Because it would bring me the freedom that I never had. I would feel like I could live freely and travel to anywhere I wished, at any time. I would also escape the mundanity of normal life. Then I could work on my art and start living my dreams.

Laing: OK… That’s great that you can connect to this so strongly. Tell me, how would it feel if you had this in your life right now?

Subject: Oh, I would feel happy. And content. And excited about life once again.

Laing: Cool. Now let’s download these feelings, and assume that you can have them as a basis for your manifestation. Now, imagine that you have already got all of this in your life… what do you really want?

Subject: Oh, that’s easy. What I really want is the time to work on my art, without the pressure of having to answer to life.

Laing: … And how does that feel?

Subject: Relaxing… Relief.

So as you can see in this example, it’s almost like we have a habit of separating ourselves from what we really want, because we do not believe that we can have it. If the subject in this example went straight for the real end result, do you think that he would care about the yacht?

No, probably not – he would go straight for freeing up his time and working on his art.

Now, the thing is, the second result is usually more in alignment with what we really want – and it is also usually more in alignment with the expression, or allowing, of our gifts to manifest on this Earth.

It is a misperception that makes us go after external things that will make us happy, like cars and houses. This is manifesting from a lack and of course it is going to be unhealthy for the planet. It’s like a starving young child going to an all you can eat buffet, and eating so much that they feel sick, and maybe even die. They do not need it, but they think they do, and so they eat enough to feel sick.

This is the same with our planet. If we were able to tune in with what we really want, it is my opinion that it would be in alignment with the Earth, because we are a part of it and it is our home. We naturally want to make it better, or help out, or be a part of something worthwhile. Our humanness, if unimpeded, is naturally about sharing, and caring and loving. However, when we manifest from a lack, we are manifesting from a selfish and self-obsessed place – and the intention is skewed, it is not pure. It is limited by what we think we want, not what we actually want, so the emotion driving the manifestation is a bit off, and the results are not exactly as we would expect.

The results might be that we sacrifice four or ten years of our lives to get the yacht, or that we never find our perfect partner because we are too busy obsessing over the yacht. We get in our own way, when manifestation is really part of a natural process, but instead we try to cut it out in a perfect square and control the process.

From a Soul perspective, we come here to love the Earth, to contribute our gifts and learn lessons that improve our energetic contribution to the Universe. This is a natural process, so I believe that it is vastly unnatural to have a negative impact. If we are coming from an abundant perspective, and knowing what we really want, we are going to find it easy to manifest our true dreams, and it is going to be accurate and have positive impact on others and the planet.

It is only if we are manifesting out of lack, or ignorance about what we really want that we get in the way and take over the manifestation, and try to control the process, and this is where we start seeing greed, violence, competition and negative impact on others and our environment.

But then again, in a Quantum sense, is there such a thing as negative? It could be argued that negative events are part of our Soul lessons, and that they teach us compassion. So it comes back to becoming aware of our own energy, and taking charge of our own lessons so that we can experience the gift of earning them in a conscious and harmonious way, whilst we are living the life we really want.

It takes courage, but I think it is worth it.

For example, here I am manifesting a perfect relationship. However, I realise that I am doing it from a place of feeling lonely.

With Brian’s help, I am getting to the bottom of this sense of loneliness, which happens to be a Soul program that is serving me to allow me to empathise with people in a certain way, and keep me on track with my purpose.

However, now I know this, I no longer have to feel the loneliness, I can be conscious of empathising and much more effective about doing it in a healthy way. And – I no longer need any relationship (Although I still want to experience one).

(c) Laing Stokes, February 2016

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