Often Wisdom is a Tapestry


Woven throughout the stories of Alibaba, and the Thousand and One Nights… are tales about magic carpets.

But the thing is, according to the 20th Century mystic G. I. Gurdjieff, from ancient times, woven carpets and wall hangings were indeed revered and considered to be magical objects.

Because the woven pattern could carry a meaning… could carry knowledge and wisdom… for those who could decipher it.

From ancient times, when most people couldn’t read or write, and books were scarce, wisdom teachings were often woven directly into the patterns on carpets and tapestries themselves… so that the wisdom teachings could be more easily transmitted down across the centuries, from generation to generation… carried on the backs of horses and camels. (And the same thing happened with stained glass windows in Cathedrals during the Christian Medieval period. Images told the story for people who couldn’t read… and images can also carry hidden meanings beneath the awareness of those in authority.)

For us, in our 21st Century Western era, teaching takes place in front of a blackboard… a whiteboard… and more recently a smart-board.

But imagine, several thousand years ago… wisdom teaching taking place while the master and students all sat on a carpet… and the carpet they were sitting on was probably also a teaching aid in its own right!

So the master would point out aspects of the pictures and design they were all sitting on… to help their students better understand the concepts under discussion / exploration.

The wisdom was literally woven into the carpet beneath them… and once someone understood the meaning, it could lift them and fly them to exotic and magical destinations within their own energy and imagination.

Which is probably were the idea of a flying carpet first came from… a magic carpet that could transport you to other places… other worlds… even if only in your head and heart.

Which is kind of were my head has been at the last couple of days…

… With the realization that insights and understanding most often occur when several pieces of wisdom are woven together… and that you need that weaving… the full tapestry… in order for the wisdom to become practical… and transport you to were you want to be.

Because insights and epiphanies are just head-filler until you can practically apply them in some way, and so change your life.

Let me explain with an example… take these 3 pieces of wisdom:

  • The need to be grounded… and how grounded people tend to be more successful in life
  • Abraham’s 68 second manifestation rule
  • Neville Goddard’s manifestation formula… the feeling of the wish fulfilled

Now… according to Abraham… a collection of guides channeled by Esther Hicks… if you can hold a feeling / frequency for 68 seconds… without wavering… then the Universe will… and must… respond, by sending that same frequency back to you.

So if you hold the frequency of Love for 68 seconds, then the Universe will start sending you back the frequency of Love.

And if you can repeat this same process… for day after day… then very soon your life will start to change, and forms which match the Love vibration… the physical manifestation of the Love vibe… will start showing up in your life.

This is the Abraham approach to manifestation.

There… just 68 seconds… that doesn’t sound too hard?

But… a lot of people have read Abraham’s books… practice holding a frequency they desire for 68 seconds or longer… and find that their life just doesn’t change for the better.

So what is going on?

Or rather… what are they doing wrong?

OK… let’s take that 1st piece of wisdom… and weave it together with the 2ndNeville Goddard’s the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

So according to Neville Goddard, to start manifesting the life you want, you need to:

  • Identify what you want to manifest
  • Work out how you will feel once you have it
  • Imagine yourself having it, in a very active and present way
  • While also… bringing that same feeling into your physical body as completely as you can

So you are literally connecting your imagination and the feeling…

But… and here’s the killermaking it all real within your physical body.

You literally need to ground that feeling into your physical body for the magic to work.

So if you picture yourself as a multi-story building… with your Mind as the 3rd floor, your Emotions as the 2nd floor, and your Physical Body as the 1st floor…

… According to Neville Goddard, to make his system / approach work, you have to bring the energy and the experience all the way down through the 3 floors… from the Mind… through the Emotions… and down into the Physical.

Because… and this is where we jump back to Abrahamthe 68 second manifestation rule will only work and kick in… if the energies are brought down to the Base chakra… are experienced fully on the physical level.

The 68 second feedback rule doesn’t kick in on the 3rd floor (the Mind)… or the 2nd floor (the Emotions)…

It only starts to work when the energy is experienced… is felt… within the Physical Body space

And once you understand this, you get to also understand why manifestation just doesn’t work for some people… even though they swear blind they are doing exactly what it says in the book (or books).

The problem is… unless you can overcome limiting blocks in your Mind… and in your Emotions… and unless you can bring the experience you want to manifest all the way down into the Physical Body… and heal any negative misconceptions you may have about your Physical Body along the way… then the magic can’t happen

And the magic carpet you want to ride… just can’t take off.

Because the magic only engages when you can allow the energy to occupy your Physical Body… and stay with that same feeling for 68 seconds or more.

And if you are born into a society or culture which downgrades the Physical Body… or goes in for body shaming… or over-promotes the spiritual… well, it means you are off to a bad start from the off.

This is also why grounded people tend to be more successful at manifesting… because they are able to do just that… they tend to have a much more healthy relationship with their Physical Body.

And they are able to bring down the feelings they want to manifest into their physical body space.

Whether they realize that they are practicing the Law of Attraction or not… doesn’t matter…

They’re still doing what is required, whether they realize it or not.

The Big Irony is… the majority of people on this planet at this time are doing the exact same process… only they cram their Physical Body space with worry, anxiety, fear, guilt… and a whole host of other limiting emotions and feelings…

All of which… is feed into the 68 second rule machine… and the Universe responds in vibrational kind.

The good stuff is up there… or out there (depending on your point of view)… it’s just a matter of learning how to connect with it… and then bringing it down, grounding it into our physical body space.

And when you start to understand that, it doesn’t take long to realise (as many spiritual masters have said):

Wow… this having a physical body is so amazing!!!

More on this soon.

Note: Yep, I have timed it… the Universe tends to respond in and around 68 seconds… don’t ask me why it is 68 seconds… but that’s the time delay on the physical level before the Universal feedback kicks in / arrives.

(c) Brian Parsons, October 2017.

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