Why Frustration is so… Frustrating !!!

This insight has been forming over the past 2 weeks… but came into greater clarity in the last 48 hours.

I have come to a much better… clearer… understanding of Frustration… and now see that it is a much bigger and deeper problem then I once thought.

Let me explain.

One of the things which I always find fascinating is when you track a feeling / emotion back to its source… through entomology say (i.e. the study of words)… or back through different energy healing systems… and you discover that the feeling / emotion is different… works or is expressed differently… then how you would first have thought or figured.

And this is exactly what happened with Frustration.

The Dictionary definition of Frustration is usually something like:

The feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

And if you take that as your starting point, which would be many people’s definition of what it is like to be frustrated, and apply it to the Chinese Element system… then you would be looking at Wood Element… and the Liver or Gallbladder Meridians

Which are all about having a direction in life… being able to move forwards… and feeling stuck / unhappy when your way is blocked.

And there is a certain truth in this… In fact, many energy healing systems, track Depression to the Wood Element and being blocked when you want to move forwards in some area of your life which is super-important to you.

But the problem with Frustration… in many of these same energy healing systems… is associated with the Water Element… and the Bladder Meridian (and with the positive energy / feeling of Peace).

So how does that work then… what has Frustration got to do with moving forwards?

How do we square this particular circle?

OK… well… if we move some of our mental furniture around a little… it does indeed work. We just need to step back… and re-look.

Now, one of the things which I have found is that, to function well, to function at its optimum, our Conscious Mind needs the vibe of Love… and our Unconscious Mind needs the vibe of Peace… and Harmony helps too.

These are the two energy fuels which our two levels of Mind need to work at their best… and do the best for us.

And this is important… because our Conscious Mind sets our direction, steers the wheel on the car… but it’s the Unconscious Mind that really does all the work… it’s the engine for our life… providing the motion and momentum.

So we really want it working for us… in the best way possible.

So when our Unconscious Mind is Peaceful and has overall inner Harmony… it literally purrs

And is like a car engine… running nicely… because it has been given the right fuel… the right vibration.

Warning… bad news coming up now…

But what do most people… especially when they are small kids and don’t know better… or have any better solutions at hand… do?

How do we treat our Unconscious Mind… like a precious friend… or a dumping ground?

Well… We dump stuff in our Unconscious Minds… especially stuff we don’t want to face, or deal with…

So our Unconscious Mind becomes the graveyard of bad and unpleasant memories, bad thoughts and feelings… which can all be lots of good stuff too (i.e. creativity, confidence, self-expression) but for some reason we have defined them as being bad to us… so need to suppress them.

But… and here is the BIG problem… the more we dump stuff into our Unconscious Mind… the more cluttered and unstable it becomes… and the more it loses any Peace / Harmony

Because it is like a waiter trying to carry far too many plates… or a car engine which is being run on the wrong type of fuel (i.e. diesel and not high-grade petrol)…

It means our Unconscious Mind becomes more and more Frustrated (… which, remember, is the opposite of Peace and Harmony).

Now, you could say that Frustration is the way that our Unconscious Mind signals up to our Conscious Mind that… “Hey, we got a real problem down here… and we need to do something about it.”

Bit like a luxury liner, where the Engine Room signals up to the Captain that there is big hole in the ship, and so they had better change course quick… do something about it fast.

But the question then becomes… is the Captain… or the rest of the 1st Class passengers up above… going to do anything about it… because as far as they are concerned the problem is down-below… so there is no reason why they can’t carry on partying… no need to get their hands dirty… not when you are drinking a nice martini.

And that really is the central problem which many people alive now face…

The Conscious Mind has overloaded the Unconscious Mind with stuff that the Conscious Mind doesn’t want to face…

Eventually the Unconscious Mind can no longer cope, and switches into Frustrated Mode… and starts generating the feeling of Frustration… partly in the hope that the Conscious Mind will take note and do something… (because the Unconscious Mind can only act on the orders given to it by the Conscious Mind… only the Conscious Mind can change course).

But in the majority of cases… the Conscious Mind does nothing

Either because it really doesn’t know what is going on… has no idea that there is an Unconscious Mind (and to be fair… until Sigmund Freud… for most of human history, humanity has struggled along without the notion of a deeper part to the human mind… which literally does all the heavy lifting).

Or… because the Conscious Mind really doesn’t want to deal with the stuff which it has suppressed from earlier in life… far too painful… especially if it means reliving some bad memories or unplesent thoughts…

Bit like a 1920s rich person really wouldn’t want to go down into the ship’s engine room and shovel coal… far too messy.

But sometimes… and dropping the ship metaphor now… that’s exactly what you need to do to fix your head.

Unfortunately, sadly, most people choose to live with Frustration throughout their lives. rather then look within, address the issues, and heal themselves.

Personally.. I have a strong intuitive feeling that it is the healing of the Unconscious Mind… the transformation from Frustration back to Peace… which is really what changes an individual’s core vibration… and lifts them up to spiritual enlightenment.

It’s not really the Conscious Mind going on a 2 day Yoga retreat… or visiting a scared site… although they are nice.

What really makes the difference it appears… going down into the engine room… shoveling the coal, getting your hands dirty… healing your Unconscious Mind

But that’s not what most people choose

They choose to live with the Frustration, rather then heal and grow… because for them, to change… to even consider the possibility of changing… is far too painful.

So do most people live with constant… 24/7… Frustration…?

That would be a life unbearable.

So what the majority of people do… the only thing they can do… the counter-weight to Frustration

Forget… find a way to numb their mind… they literally take the Unconscious Mind to the psychic dentist and choose to have the injection to dull the inner pain…

So the Frustration remains… but they choose to push the Frustration deep down inside as well.

We human beings (me included) are so weird at times.

Fortunately, we can also be wyrd… and that’s what saves us.

In many ways, over the past 48 hours, I have come to see that Peace / Frustration is the primary energy dynamic for our Unconscious Mind… and if we really want to get healed and whole at the deeper levels of our being… then we are going to have to face and deal with it at some point.

And for all you out there who are struggling with Frustration… who really do want to mine the deeper layers, and be more successful in life, and all levels… what helps… the Crystal Antidote for Frustration:

Red Jasper + Imperial Topaz + Turquoise

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2018

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One thought on “Why Frustration is so… Frustrating !!!

  • January 14, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Much needed! My “junk room” is over flowing…chaos, frustration, grief, anger, and sorrow. Stress levels going through the roof.
    Time to start sorting it all out.
    Thank you for all you do to guide us through the quagmires on our journey called life.


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