Why Envy Weakens (1)


The other day a lady posted in a Facebook Group the following question:

“With all the social media marketing offerings being pushed online over the last 6 months, with all the people claiming to be making $100k a month with their solutions… does anyone else out there feel jealous?”

Now, to be picky, she got jealousy and envy mixed up, because jealousy is when you have lost something and desperately want it back, and so are jealous of anyone else who has it (i.e. an ex-wife is jealous if she looses her husband to another woman)… while envy is when you look at someone else who has something which you have never had / possessed before, and so you are envious of them for having what you want but have never had (i.e. a woman who never married, or never had a serious relationship, looks at another woman in a successful, loving relationship and is envious of her).

So the right word for this lady to have used wasn’t jealousy (unless there are far more social media gurus out there who have made and lost a fortune online)… the right word to use would have been envy.

And envy is a very interesting word… a very interesting emotion… especially when looked at from an energetic and manifestation perspective.

In fact, if you really think about it, envy is manifestation in reverse.

With a manifestation process like Neville Goddard’s Feelings Fulfilled, you identify what you want, feel the positive feelings inside of already having it in your life… and so become magnetic to that form.

Basically, you are filling yourself up with a positive vision and feeling.

But with envy, you identify what you want, that much is the same… but instead of feeling it’s presence, instead you end up feeling its lack… you only feel emptiness inside… and seeing other people with it only makes you feel worse, amplifies the emptiness within, makes you feel even more envious.

And from a Law of Attraction perspective, if you are feeling emptiness, then what is the Universe going to give you?

Just more emptiness… because that is what you are radiating from within.

In fact, the kinesiologist John Diamond identifies envy as one of the 3 emotions which directly weakens our Thymus gland, which is the master control switch for our whole meridian system. If the Thymus gland goes down, weakens, then it is like pulling the plug on our whole energy system… our energy just drains away and we feel completely flat.

Now¬†when you manifest from the feeling of a positive, then it fills, empowers and energises you… but if you allow yourself to slip into envy, then this empties, dis-empowers, and de-energises you… which undermines any attempt you might make to manifest what you want / need.

And the Universe keeps giving you more of what you feel inside… more emptiness, more envy.

This is why, especially from a manifestation perspective, envy weakens.

And why, when you are trying to correctly identify what it is you want to manifest in your life, which after all is a necessary and important step… you have to be careful not to slip into envy… or else your feelings and energy will start to spin ever downwards, which is a lousy platform from which to start trying to manifest a new life.

So, is there anything practical we can do to prevent this from happening?

Fortunately… yes, there is.

More on this very soon (promise).

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2016.

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