What is Your Invaluable?


There is a line I always remember, from the the movie Star Trek: The Voyage Home (i.e. the one with time travel, and saving the whales)… where Mr Scott goes to a 20th Century industrialist… “Now, is that worth something to you?” … (but obviously with a Scottish accent).

Because the thing is… in life, we all value stuff… but because we’re individuals, we value different kinds of stuff

And sometimes, the stuff we value:

a) Is stuff we have been told to value by others and our society

b) Is stuff which doesn’t have much energetic nutritional value, and so at the end of the day, it doesn’t make our heart sing

In fact, you could say that part of the problem with Western society is that we, as individuals, end up valuing the wrong stuff… or haven’t been taught to value the right kinds of stuff… or maybe that should be the right kind of experiences.

Let me explain…

If you have been hanging around Vibrational Doorways for a while now, you probably know that one of my favorite sayings is from the mythologist Joseph Campbell who once said… and this is a man who had really read, and studied, and got to the heart of human consciousness in many ways… that “Mankind isn’t searching for a meaning to life… but a feeling that will give life meaning.”

According to him… at the heart of every human life… we’re not searching for a belief, or an equation which gives our life meaning and purpose… but an immense feeling… such as excitement… or happiness... or love… that will pick us up, carry us, healing all our pain, and whisper the meaning of life into our hearts, and so cancel out all our doubts and fears.

As individuals… and as human beings, collectively in our big socities… we spend our lives looking for this immense feeling

And if we are holding on to a belief it is only because that belief helps us to feel a certain way… empowered, happy, loved… whatever you want to choose from the list.

This is also supported by the world of marketing and advertising… another of my favorite quotes is from a successful Ad man, working in the advertising industry, back in New York in the 1950s… who said… “If I sell a man a thought, he will remember me for a week… a month at best… But if I sell him a feeling, he will remember me for the rest of his life.”

And if you sit down and analyse the adverts which flash across your TV screens… or which flash up on social media while we are surfing the internet… they sell us stuff by associating that stuff with a feeling which we (their target market) desire.

But this is where is gets all kind of weird and upside down.

Because… in the Western world… we have become conditioned to believe we can only have the feeling we desire through buying stuff… or through getting the right kind of relationship

For us, there is no easy or direct access… we have to create an external relationship / acquire stuff to access the feeling we want.

And if that relationship ends… or the stuff is lost or stolen… total Armageddon… because we immediately lose access to those beloved feelings.

The truth is… many people in the Western world have lost the ability to create these positive feelings for themselves.

For the vast majority, they have lost the ability to love themselves, to create their own happiness, to generate a sense of optimism and excitement

And this obviously dis-empowers us as individuals and as a society… because we are continually dependent on something, or someone else, to give us the feelings which we need…

Sorry, folks, but that’s kind of it really… and that’s how the advertising, marketing, manufacturing people like it… because we are then totally dependent on buying their stuff to make us feel good.

Now, that’s not so say that some things are not vital to our survival… stuff to feed us, clothe us, house us… that kind of stuff is all required… absolute necessities.

And if you look at the face on the man in our main image above… pure joy and exhilaration… but he wouldn’t be having those feelings and experiences if it wasn’t for his windsurfing equipment (which obviously cost a fair amount to purchase).

So… don’t get me wrong… while we are all in a physical body, having an earth plane experience… stuff is needed… as is the money to buy it.

But you have to get your relationship to all that external stuff right.

So that you are not dependent on the external stuff to give you the experiences and feelings you desire… although you can use external stuff to amplify and refine your experiences, nothing wrong with that.

For example, if the man above didn’t have his surfboard… he looks like the sort of guy who would take up marathon running instead… he’d probably find other ways to get his excitement high… which means he’s not dependent on the equipment, he’s just using it to better meet his needs.

Truth is… at the end of the day… it’s the experiences and feelings which are important, not the closet stuffed full of clothes and shoes we will never wear… and it’s the feelings we take with us in our final moments of transition… all the memories, all the love, all the happiness we have gathered during our time on the earth plane…

And that’s one of the things I love about Audio Essence vibe tech… they’re all about plugging you into a feeling… creating an energetic experience… just through the act of listening…

Honestly, I don’t need to acquire or purchase an external object to make me feel happy… or drive away my feeling of unhappiness… I just use the right Audio Essence… and trust me, that has given me so much control over my day-to-day life… and has helped turn things around in many areas of my life…

And… here’s the important thing… once you have worked with the Audio Essence for a while… there comes a point where you are less reliant on them as well… because the feeling you needed, the vibration has become locked into your brain, into your physical body, into your vibrational memory, and it becomes much easier for you to access at will.

Which is what some people refer to as shifting your vibration.

OK, let’s try a little experiment here…

If you go to www.audio-meditation.com, you will see 2 Audio EssencesEnergy Archetype 2 (Love for Self) and Energy Archetype 6 (Universal Love).

Trust me, these are 2 of the most potent Audio Essences we have ever created in terms of positive feelings.

And they’re just sitting there, online for $9.99…

Scrap that… if you sign-up to Vibrational Doorways via this link Newsletter Sign-up then you can access them for free using the coupon code in the Newsletter.

It won’t cost you anything… via this route, we’re giving them away for free to our tribe.

So you can download the Audio Essences for free, listen to them, and see if they shift your emotional state… provide you with the positive feelings you have been dreaming of…

Like a diamond lying on the path ahead of you… you can choose to pass it by… or to bend down and pick it up.

Your choice.

So just stop and think about that for a moment… because there are 2 possibilities here…

You listen to them… they don’t work… you don’t feel anything… what have you lost?

Nothing much… didn’t cost you anything if you take the Newsletter coupon code route.

But if they do work…

What if they make you feel betterlighterwonderful… even amazing

If that is the case, if that happens… any time you want to connect into that feeling… what do you need to do?

Go out and engage in some expensive retail therapy… or try and kick-start your partner into giving you some affection, after they have just come home from a long-day at the office, been stuck in traffic for 1 hour, and are as grumpy as hell?

Or just go over to your MP3 player and select the either of these 2 Audio Essences from your list?

So the choice is yours… wanna give them a go?

And as Mr Scott from original Star Trek would say… “Now, is that worth something to you?” … (but obviously with a Scottish accent).

Or are you still dreaming of acquiring that super-expensive Porsche or Ferrari to give you your happiness fix?

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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