What Is The Uber-Issue? Issues 6


One of the big issues which people are dealing with… one of the uber-issues let us say… is that they approach their life as bottom-up… but their issues are often easier to identify and resolve if approached via a top-down route…

Let me explain…

A bottom-up approach is to say… my issues arise from my father… or mother… or my boss at work… they are sourced on the Earth plane… so I need to fix them down here…

Which may have a certain truth to it… and you may indeed have to work with your issues on that level to fix things… turn the situation around… because the Earth plane is where we experience stuff as out there… and learn our life-lessons.

The Earth plane is where we get to experience our inner stuff / issues… projected out there.. on to the Universal cinema screen.

But everything which you experience on the physical level is also a manifestation of what is going on above… with the energy filtering down from the higher levels of your being… until it eventually manifests out there

That’s what many spiritual masters have been saying… since… forever.

As above, so below… as within, so without.

The energy, as it comes down into manifestation, is distorted by any limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions you may be carrying around inside… and those distortions control what shape the energy finally takes on when it manifests.

The thing about a bottom-up approach… yes, you can’t ignore it… because it is your life… and the final reflection of what is true and not true within you…

Your external life will and must always show you were your Head and Heart is at.

So your external life is the final judge of whether an issue has been finally resolved… because if your life is the same, the answer is No, still some inner work to do… if things have started to shift for the better for you, the answer is Yes.

But the problem is…

As the spiritual teacher David R Hawkins always used to say… the power to fully resolve an issue always lies on the level above

So if you want to fully resolve an emotional issue, you need to rise up to the mental level to fix it… if you want to find the power to resolve a mental issue… you need to rise up to the spiritual level…

If you want to start working on a physical issue… you first need to move up to the emotional level… and then you may need to track it up to the mental… even spiritual… until you locate its true root.

Only the level above, and it’s energy, has the power to fix the issue below.

And so… if this is true… then the belief that states… I am more then my physical body… I am a spiritual being, and I have total power over my thoughts and feelings… over anything which has manifest in my Earth plane life…

… Is super-important… because it allows you access to the higher energy levels of your being… track things up to the root.


One of the things which I have noticed about the ultra-materialists… who deny the existence of a Soul… is not only their fanaticism… or the way they twist rational argument to their continual advantage, and are totally blind to what they are doing… (i.e. we’re scientific, you are not, so you are lower then us… and we won’t even consider your arguments as being valid… because you are not scientific… you cannot think rationally… your religious beliefs cloud your Mind… that’s why we have to think for you).

Don’t try using rational argument with an ultra-materialist… they consider it to be their turf… you have no right to be standing on their ground… and so they just refuse to listen to you.

I have found, being open-minded doesn’t always go with being rational and scientific.

But often the joy which the ultra-materialists find through robbing other people of their religious or spiritual beliefs… pulling them down… that can be off the scale.

They can be just as fanatical as any Jesuit out to save someone’s Soul… (only ultra-materialists don’t believe in a Soul… so never too sure what they are saving…)

But if I am right… if someone does take away your belief in being a spiritual being, who is having an Earth plane experience… then they are also robbing you of your true power to change things… to turn around your life

Because if you don’t believe in the higher levels of energy… the spiritual dimension of life… how can you access it?

And if you can’t access it… because you don’t believe it exists…?

Yep, according to David R Hawkins, people who don’t believe in the spiritual dimensions… cannot access them… and so cannot fix their Minds… and if they can’t fix their Minds… then they can’t resolve their emotions… and the Earth plane cannot fully shift for the better.

They are a bit like gardeners, who go around, cutting the heads off weeds… but are never able to kill them at the root… and so the weeds always grow again…

According to David R Hawkins, who was both a Doctor and Psychiatrist, with many big letters after his name…. but who underwent a profound spiritual experience, that changed him totally… that’s where the ultra-materialist approach will ultimately take you…

To fix issues, the ultra-materialists are usually totally reliant on drugs… drugs… and more drugs (plus some talk therapy perhaps)… and you must accept that that is your lot in life.

And if you don’t… then you are a fanticist…. and weak-minded… which is why someone has to think for you.

The ultra-materialists turn rationality into a religion… and a religion which doesn’t accept the existence of other faiths… other ways of exploring or viewing the Universe and our place in it… which is one of the signs of it being a religion.

And because the University research grants tend to go to the ultra-materialists currently… as well as the political and business funding… that’s where the power currently lies in Western society.

But not necessarily the power in your Head… unless you choose to think that way.

Because you always have the right to choose what you believe… and how you think… even in the face of ultra-materialists… or even the Spanish Inquisition

OK, these people often have the power to do things to you on the Earth plane… sometimes they can make your life Hell if you fall into their clutches…

But as Jesus said… What benefits a man if he gains the world, but loses his Soul?

Which in this context, we may re-word that to be…

What benefits a man if he gains University tenure, and a fat book contract, the media is always contacting him for his rational views… but he loses the ability to learn his life lessons, and make his inner world a richer place?

Note: The ultra-materialists usually say that Jesus was a fanticist too, so they tend to ignore him as well… but as the grounded Buddhists tend to say… what matters in the end, isn’t so much what you believe, but whether your beliefs allow you to be more compassionate and loving to yourself and others… How many of the ultra-materialists pass that test… and, unfortunately, I do know one or two who kick their cat if they are having a bad day.

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons,

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