What is… a Crystal Antidote?

I first came across the concept of Crystal Antidotes in the book Dorothy Roeders’ book Crystal Co-Creators… although she didn’t call them that… what’s the name I eventually came up with.

In her book, there is a substantial list of crystal combinations, two, three, four, or five different crystals which when brought together, work to transform a specific issue… or support a particular energy state… and some of them are quite practical… and some in the list are a way more esoteric.

The 1st Crystal Antidote for Fear does actually come from Dorothy Roeders’ book… while the rest I list in any of my works was discovered / uncovered by myself.

Now, Dorothy Roeder makes the comment that;

However, right from the word go, I could see the potential in these crystal combinations… of bringing several crystals together to work on an issue… which I will outline below… and the first Crystal Antidotes were linked to the Chakras… based on the work of Anodea Judith in her book XXX and also Meridians… based on the work of John Diamond in his book XXX… although, from that point on, the list of Antidotes expanded at a rate, as new issues were encountered… and the vibration / Crystal Antidote was downloaded, and checked to see that it would indeed work, do what it says.

Now, the thing I like about Crystal Antidotes:

First… often you find a crystal in a book that they say helps with your particular issue… but it is rare, expensive… and when you go online, or into your local crystal shop… you can’t find it, or they have never hard of it. So how can you work with something that you can’t get hold. From the beginning I have always focused by intent on finding Crystal Antidotes which contained stone combinations that it was easy for people to find, and wanted be too expensive.

And even though in the last few years, some of the recent Crystal Antidotes have brought in crystals which are more rare… not always crystals you can find in your average shop… and need to source online… that intention still remains true for those first Crystal Antidotes.

Because I am a Virgo, wanted to download Crystal Antidotes which were useful and practical… helped people with their real issues… help them to transform their lives… and I have received enough feedback from my own students… and others over the years, to know that is indeed the case.

Yes, these Crystal Antidotes were channeled by myself… can’t get away from that… but they have been through a proving process… to ensure that they do indeed do what they claim…

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.

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