What are… Vibrational Mirrors?


This is the next post in our series about mirror magic… and how we can use it for exploration, personal development, and consciousness expansion.

Yesterday, we explored something called Mirror Consciousness.

And today we are going to explore…

Vibrational Mirrors

… So what are Vibrational Mirrors?

Well, take a look at the photograph we have used at the start of this post…

… There is something about it which is common to all photographs ever taken from the invention of photography back in the 19th Century…

Can you guess what it is?

… Not sure?

OK, I will tell you.

The object and its reflection is always the same distance from the mirror… only reversed… always.

So in our photograph above, the man on the escalator is probably standing 1 metre from the mirror… and his reflection is also 1 metre from the mirror plane… a true reflection.

Unless the mirror plane has been distorted in some way… like in funfairs… the mirror always captures perspective and relative distance as well as the images themselves.

A true mirror will always reflect the objects in front of it… and also the relative distances between those objects, their position, and the relative distance to the mirror plane itself.

That’s one of the reasons why they say a mirror doesn’t lie.

And the same is also true for something I call vibrational mirrors.

To explain…

Let’s take two feelings / emotions which are perceived as being opposite… say Love and Anger… a positive and a negative.

Now, if we could create a vibrational plane, rather like a mirror, and on side of the plane was positive energy, and on the other side was negative energy…

Then on one side we would need to place Love (positive)… and on the other side we’d have to place Anger (negative)…

And if they are indeed true opposites… then Love and Anger must be the exact same distance from our vibrational mirror


This is where the real magic kicks in…

If we knew that Love and Anger (or any polarity for that matter) were always the same distance from the plane of the vibrational mirror

Then it would be very easy to turn Anger into Love

Because all you would need to do is take the negative energy and reflect into the same position… but on the other / positive side of the vibrational mirror

… Or rather, you don’t do that… your Unconscious Mind does it… you just need to give it the right instructions in the right vibrational format… and the Unconscious Mind gets the message and acts on it.

And because energy is fundamentally neutral, it will change from negative to positive just through moving from one side of the vibrational mirror to the other…

With the assistance of a Vibrational Mirror… which is an energy technique developed over the last 5 years… this is exactly what you can do… and there are a number of different vibrational mirrors, each one with a different focus and end result…

You can take a negative energy and change it into a positive energy just by moving it from one side of the vibrational mirror to the other… (and this will only be from negative to positive… I won’t be teaching how to shift energy the other way…)

And because Love and Anger… or any other polar energy… is always the same distance from the mirror plane… you know exactly what you will be creating from giving your Unconscious Mind this vibrational command.

Next… what is… Vibrational Affirmations?

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If you are interested in being part of this Facebook Group, and it will be a free seed-group sort of thing, then more information will be in our Newsletter being released on 21st December 2016.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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