What are e2Courses?


Big question… What are e2Courses?

Most people know what an eCourse is?

The ‘e’ stands for email… and represents information which is delivered across the internet.

Until recently an eCourse was delivered over time in several modules or sections sent via an email auto-responder… although recently, with the development of new technology, an eCourse can be accessed / delivered in a number of different ways and formats.

In fact, today, it may be better to say that the ‘e’ stands for electronic rather then email, because not all eCourses now deliver their content via email.

Well… an e2Course has an extra ‘e’.

So what does this extra ‘e’ stand for?

It stands for energy… and it is this ‘e’ which makes e2Courses different to your average eCourse.

Because with the development of Audio Essence vibe technology over the past 10 years, it is now possible to capture subtle vibrations, and transmit them digitally across the internet… so that you can access the encoded vibe just through the act of listening.

… and if you don’t believe that statement, there are many Audio Essences available on this website so that you can test out that claim for yourself… you really don’t need to take my word for it…

And if we can now transmit subtle vibrations across the internet…

Then the obvious question becomes…

Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this new vibrational technology into eCourses…?

So internet education is no longer just about information… but also becomes an exploration of the dimensions of thought, of feeling, of being, and of our true potential.

(And it can become quite addictive as well… but in good way.)

So whenever you see one of the Paradigm Intuition e2Courses… coming over the next few weeks… you will now know that…

An e2Course = practical information + a set of unique, empowering and individual energy experiences…

And you will be one of the first, out of a planet of 8 billion people, to experience this shift into new possibilities… first hand…

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016.

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