Water + Bucket + Hole + Cork

This is a very good analogy of the inner situation of a lot of people in our world today.

Let’s assume that you have a bucket… and that bucket has a hole in it.

… And let’s assume that you start to fill that bucket with water.

Whether you know the bucket has a hole or not… for the moment… doesn’t matter…

You start trying to fill the bucket… with water… which has a hole in the bottom.

What happens?

Easy… The water starts to gush out of the hole in the bucket.

So you can never fill the bucket with water, because any water you put into the bucket will simply drain out through the hole.

Now, you could try to increase the flow of the water into the bucket… so there is more water going in then can exit via the hole. That way the bucket will slowly start to fill with water, because there is more water going in then is flowing out through the hole.

But that is simply delaying the inevitable.

Because as soon as you turn off the flow of water, and there is no new water going into the bucket, then the water inside will continue to empty out of the hole… until it is all gone.

And you have an empty bucket once again.

So what to do?

Suddenly, you have a bright idea… you find a cork, and you squeeze the cork into the hole, thus sealing it… and so the water can no longer escape.

And you start to fill the bucket with water once again… and this time, the water cannot leak out.

Brilliant! A practical solution…

But there is a problem with this solution.

It’s called water pressure.

You see, as you fill up the bucket with water… and it fills… the pressure of the water against the bottom of the bucket… and the cork in the hole… slowly starts to increase

And a point will come when the bucket is full with so much water, that the pressure is so powerful… that it forces the cork out of the hole… and the water starts to drain out of the bucket once again.

And once again, you are left with an empty bucket.

And as we said at the start, this is a very good analogy for the energy fields of a lot of people walking around today.

One of the weirdest things about us humans… our ability to engage with inner self-sabotage.

This is how it works on an energy level.

Assume your psyche / energy-field is the bucket… and water is prana / chi, and all the good things in life which a vibrant energy field will and can bring you… because the more your energy-field is filled and full, vibrant and vital, the happier you are (i.e. Law of Attraction 101).

But there is a problem, if you do indeed have a hole in your psyche, a hole in your energy-field… which you have managed to patch over with a psychic cork.

While the cork is in place, prana / chi, all the energy within your field can’t escape… you’re OK.

You continue to feel good.

But… and here’s the BIG problem…

Only up to a certain level.

Because as soon as your energy and goodness reaches a certain level within your field… the inner psychic pressure is so intense that it pushes out the psychic cork… and the prana / chi floods out of your field via the hole… and your overall energy levels crash.

Suddenly… unexpectedly…

Your whole energy field… your sense of positivity and self-worth has gone… walked out the door… drained away… because those feelings needed your energy levels to be high enough in your field to support your feeling that way… so when your energy drops, you can no longer maintain those positive feelings.

Your energy seems to empty out of you completely… and you feel totally flat.

Yep… sadly… that’s how a lot of people live.

There is a hole in their energy field… strategically placed, plugged with a psychic cork… and when their energy level reaches too high… the inner pressure builds… until the psychic cork is forced out… and their internal energy starts to drain away.

Which means…

Their energy levels can never reach a level high enough that their external life WILL or CAN shift, change and transform for the better.

Because their field always blows BEFORE that level is reached.

(Which from a Manifestation & Law of Attraction perspective is a total drag… because their energy-field will and can never build to the point where they feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled.. their energy-field always blows before that can happen.)

Their energy-field is rigged so that they can never access the really high-energy levels where life gets really cool and flowing.

Bit like how an electrical fuse works… which designed to only allow a certain electrical load on the system… above which it blows… bringing the whole electric flow to a stop.

The ceiling of their life is literally hard-wired into their energy-field… with this strategically placed hole.

And their energy-field is set to blow whenever their feelings and energy levels reach to the point where their life could possibly change for the better.

They dream of riches, but they have (for some reason) set a ceiling to their life, above which their energy cannot go… cannot climb or venture.

They only allow themselves to feel good up to a certain level…

And if they ever cross over that line, their Unconscious is set to push out the psychic cork, which means their energy crashes… and they are immediately prevented from reaching their desired outcome… the feelings which could manifest their desired life.

It’s a bit like a water-tank in the roof of a house, with an over-flow… and if the water in the tank reaches a certain level… then it will run down the over-flow, and not out over the sides of the tank, and down into the house.

So… in a similar way, this inner self-sabotage… where the energy floods out of our energy-field if it reaches a certain level is also about protection

But it is a weird kind of self-protection.

Because it’s all about crashing the energy-field so that the good stuff in life can’t manifest…

Usually because people have beliefs about not being worthy… or not good enough.

And if you ever come across people who say… “Just as I am on the verge of something good happening to me, something bad always happens to muck it up“…

Well, that external mucking up is a reflection of the internal energy dynamics… where their energy-field suddenly crashes so that it can no longer support the outer good-thing… and so the external good-thing implodes.

Human beings are probably the only creature who engages in this kind of inner self-sabotage… who can manipulate their psyche to prevent them living the life they want.

… The only creature on the planet who undermines their own ability to feel good about themselves… really, really good.

Who trap themselves with a psychic cork, lodged in a hole, in their energy field… dreaming of a better life… but never allowing it to manifest.

Until they learn how to seal the hole permanently… and allow their inner bucket to fill to the brim.

Because once you become conscious of the inner self-sabotage game… then you have the opportunity to change it… and start playing a much better and healthier game… one where you can really get and manifest what you want, need and desire from life.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018

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