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This is a list of FREE resources for our Vibrational Doorways Crystals Group / Community, as per June 2017.


Vibrational Doorways Crystals – File Section

If you are on the Vibrational Doorways Crystals Group… and you look down the left side bar… below Photos, you will find File, which will give you access to our Group File section.

Whenever we offer a weekend training, we try to record the post links in this section, in its own File… and here you will also find other useful infomation… along with our Current Group Rules for both members and sellors.


Vibrational Doorways Website

On this current website, you will find many of the articles which are written and post to the Vibrational Doorways Crystals Group… grouped according to the categories on the left side bar.


Mandala Complementary Studies – Free Download PDFs

On the webpage Mandala Complementary Studies FREE Resources, Sue & Simon Lilly have uploaded a whole range of PDFs, which are free to download, on a whole host of different areas of the vibrational healing field.


Vibrational Doorways Crystals YouTube Channel



ICGT Certificate Videos on YouTube

Even more FREE videos can in be found on the

In fact, all the videos which accompany the official ICGT Professional Crystal Therapy Certificate Course… which anyone can access and view… apply in their own life… and maybe also decide whether they wish to take the ICGT Certificate Correspondence course.


Free Audio Essences on Vibrational Doorways



Free Audio Satsangs on Soundcloud 

24 Audio Satsang MP3 Meditations have been uploaded to the following Sound Cloud account:



Audio Satsangs are Audio Essences which have been made from the words of an enlightened master… like Jesus, or Buddha, or Rumi, or Krishna, or Saraha, or St Francis of Assisi… in fact there are 24 in total in the above Soundcloud album… each one created from the words of a different enlightened master… from a variety of different spiritual traditions…

There’s even an Audio Satsang made from that spiritual bad boy Osho

OK, not exactly crystals… but I think many of you will really like them… hence bending the rules a tiny bit…

And the thing is… listening to them… helps to raise your core vibration… and takes your consciousness / spirit into whole different dimensions…

And they are very… very… VERY useful for helping people to rise above low vibrational energy… fear… anxiety.., shame… guilt… all that kind of stuff…

In fact, that’s often how I have used them in the past… almost identifying which Master is prepared to “adopt” a person going through a tough time… and so the Audio Satsang is used to support that person… almost to lift them out of themselves…

Yes, I know… all sounds wild and crazy… but then this is Vibrational Doorways Crystals… what did you expect?

Horse racing tips?

SATSANG: Being in the company of the truth or the good, by sitting together with a guru or a group of spiritual students.

The first Audio Essences were made from crystals, because crystals are meant to have a unique and easily accessible vibration… one which could easily be translated into an Audio Essence.

However, as time went on, I found that the potential for Audio Essences was not just limited to crystals alone.

Flower and tree essences… essential oils… crystal patterns and layouts… dual-colour bottles… I found it was possible to create Audio Essences from all of these… and more.

Then one day, the thought of creating an Audio Essence from the words of an enlightened master, or spiritual teacher, floated into my head.

You see, there is a common belief in many different spiritual traditions that the words of an enlightened master remain alive and active for thousands of years, and if a student knows how, those same words can be used to enter into Satsang, or direct communion with that Master.

The words, even when translated into a different format or language, still contain the unbroken energetic thread which allows an individual living now to commune with that enlightened master, whose consciousness still remains close to the Earth plane, even when they are no longer in a physical body, ready to assist anyone who reaches out for help, who asks to be lifted up.

So I tried it out… and the Audio Satsang MP3 range was born… and these specific Audio Essences have proven themselves to be very effective when used over the last 10 years.

In fact, some people have come to identify one of these masters as their special guide and use their specific Audio Satsang as background music for their daily meditations.

There is currently one definite ‘no-no’ with Audio Satsangs… I never create an Audio Satsang from a Master who is alive, and still resident in their physical body.

But apart from this, it is my pleasure to offer a wide range of Audio Satsangs, including enlightened masters from various spiritual traditions around the globe, thus bringing these enlightened masters back into play within the field of human consciousness of the 21st Century… helping to raise the consciousness of humanity… one individual at time.

In the past, it was hard to find a real life, genuine spiritual master… and even harder to journey to be in their presence.

But now, with Audio Satsangs, things have just got a whole lot easier.

But you don’t need to believe any of what I say… just try them out… see what you think…

And they’re free… so over to you to listen… try them on for size… and I would approach them as if you were doing a 55 minute meditation… find a space where you won’t be interrupted… adopt a comfortable position… relax your mind… close your eyes… and allow the energies contained within the music to carry and support you…

Something to be aware of though… some people resonate with some Masters better then others… and so you may strike it lucky first time… or you may need to listen to several before you hit upon a good fit for you… but there are 24 in the range… so you will find someone you hit if off with… bit like go on multiple dates… only your partner is a bit… more enlightened.

And there is no talk intro… or call back… in the Audio Satsangs… so use them as if they were meditation music tracks… with a little extra something…

At this time, there are so many low vibe people / Groups trying to pull us down… that it’s important to offer out ways to help people pull themselves up and out of the fear and anxiety that others want to spin around us…

… and Audio Satsangs are another way to do that… and did I say they were free?

I will never be charging for the Audio Satsangs… they are part of what I came here to do… or rather what I was asked to do (… long story).

So please… you have my permission to share like hell with whoever needs or could benefit from them… honest, no catch.

Last updated: 9th June 2017

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