Vibration Of The Wish Fulfilled… Part B… Emotional Nurturing Practical


As promised… this is the first of two mini online workshops, to explore the manifestation system I am calling the Vibration of the Wish Fulled… and which I will be publishing out in a book, Lucid Manifestation V1, in about a months time.

This post is broken down into 4 Sections.

The first two parts use crystals… hopefully ones which most people will have in their collection. But if you don’t, then I have also included 2 Audio Essences in Part 3 and 4, to ensure that no one misses out.

This second mini online workshop focuses on Emotional Nurturing.

Note: I am only keeping these mini-workshops up for a few days… and so if you want to explore these energy spaces, you will need to do so within the time window… after which they will be coming down. This one will be coming down on 23.59 PM GMT on 18th May 2018.


PART ONE: The Crystal Quality for Emotional Nurturing

The crystal layout for Emotional Nurturing is:

  • Sunstone above the head
  • Rhodonite to the left of the Base Chakra, off the body
  • Pietersite to the right of the Base Chakra, off the body
  • Green Aventurine between and below the feet

However, it must be those 4 crystals… in those exact placements… this is a Crystal Quality, so it is quite specific… and if you replace one of these crystals with another then you will be tuning into something else quite different… which may be what you need, and an interesting experience… but you will definitely have gone off piste as far as this post is concerned.


If the definition of Nurturing is “help or encourage the development of“… then Emotional Nurturing is the energies and vibrations which support the development of our emotional nature… and help us to use our emotions in a way which nurture and enhances our emotional sense of self… basically, the vibration which helps us to use our emotions wisely… and feel good about having emotions… and feel good with emotions.


PART TWO: Emotional Nurturing & Etheric Breathing

For this additional layout… ideally… you will need 4 Shungites… and 4 Carnelians.

2 Shungites and 2 Carnelian tumblies are placed on / below each foot… with the Carnelians on the top of the foot, and the Shungites on the sole of the foot.

2 Shungites are either taped to the centre of the sole of each foot… i.e. Kidney Meridian 1… or if that is not an option, placed directly below each foot.

2 Carnelians are either taped or placed on the top of the each foot… along the upper ridge line… just above the big toe… near Spleen Meridian 3.

Next, 2 Shungites and 2 Carnelian tumblies are placed on each hand.

The 2 Shungites go into the centre of each palm… and you can close your hand around them if needed.

The 2 Carnelians are placed just below the knuckle of the Index finger on the back of the hand.

IMPORTANT: Shungites and Carnelians are always on opposite sides of the Hands & Feet… never on the same side… the two diagrams show the relative positive of the crystals… but note, they are on opposite sides.

So… having set-up the Emotional Nurturing layout from PART ONE… around the body… now the Shungites + Carenlians on the hands + feet will activate the body’s own energy system to literally breath in the Self-Worth vibration… through the bones… especially via the bones in the hands + feet.

From there, the energy system starts to integrate and ground that vibration… and also treats it as high priority.

You may also want to try the Emotional Nurturing layout with + without the Shungite + Carnelian to experience the difference between the two approaches.

This process will work with any of the Crystal Qualities I have found…

Now… if you only have 2 Shungites… or 2 Carnelians… then do the feet first for 5 minutes say (or longer if you prefer)… and then set-up on the hands.

And if you only have 1 Shungite and 1 Carnelian… do the feet first… left and right… and then move on to the hands… left and right.

Remember to cleanse your crystals before and after use.

If you have any… microporous tape… a.k.a. surgical tape… can be used to keep any crystals in place on the body.

Sometimes, if you are working with a vibration you need, but lack… when you do this technique… you may feel that your gas tank is empty… and realize that you have been running on empty for quite some time… and the feeling of filling up again can be a bit… weird. Don’t worry… it will pass.

In Really Useful Crystals, Volume 3, I will be publishing a whole range of different Crystal Qualities which can be used with Etheric Breathing… such as Love, Empowerment, Sweetness, Peace… to name a few. However, in Part A & B, we are focusing on Self-Worth and Emotional Nurturing so that people can experience the potential of this approach.

Top Tip: If you are having problems keeping the feet or hand crystals in place… try popping them inside socks… or even a pair of gloves. That can also work.


PART THREE: All That… But As An Audio Essence… Etheric Breathing 1 for Emotional Nurturing

For those people who don’t have any or all the 6 crystals for the above… but would like to experience it… I have created an Audio Essence of the specific vibration… which you will be able to access just through listening… for 20 minutes… plus a 3 minute Callback section, to help you ground and integrate the energies.


PART FOUR: Audio Essence for Etheric Breathing 3 for Emotional Nurturing

This Audio Essence is two levels up from the last Audio Essence… in terms of the 6 Stages of Lucid Manifestation… and can take a person deeper into the Lucid Manifestation process of working with the Emotional Nurturing vibration

To a place where you are using your Consciousness to be an active participant in the creation of your own experience…

So it’s no longer just about stuff happening to you… it starts to become more about what you choose to experience.

Words don’t always tie down exactly what is going on… especially on these levels… but as best I can…

In Etheric Breathing 1 you were experiencing the feeling of Emotional Nurturing… as being separate to you…

In Etheric Breathing 3… the energies are setting-up in a different way… so that you and your experience are conscious of each other.

So… to play along… with your imagination… imagine that just as you are conscious of the feeling of Emotional Nurturing… so the feeling of Emotional Nurturing is also conscious of you

Yes, you did read that right… and yes, it is possible.

Another way to think of it… if you are staring in a mirror, conscious of your reflection… start to imagine that your reflection is also real, and is conscious of you.

Which is kind of what happens on the Spiritual Levels anyway.

Here, it’s kind of the same thing… but instead of your reflection… it’s a feeling within your own experience.

Normally, we perceive our experiences as being separate to us… but really, that it part of the distorting effect of the physical plane… and the higher we rise, and the closer we get back to the Spiritual Levels… the more things start to merge and unify… and separation falls away… so our experience and a sense of ourselves can co-exist in the same space… at the same time.

And a vibration… such as Self-Worth… or Unconditional Love… can also be imbued with a sense of consciousness… just as we are.

Lewis Caroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass is probably essential reading for anyone who wants to expand their Consciousnessand believing in 6 impossible things before breakfast… a good mental exercise to engage in.

So that just as you are seeing / experiencing Emotional Nurturing… so Emotional Nurturing is seeing / experiencing you… and there is also a flow of energy between you and Emotional Nurturing.


This is part of the 6 Stages of Active Consciousness which we will be exploring in the deeper stages of the Lucid Manifestation process.

Because the thing is… when people say that Humans can be Co-Creators… they are correct… kind of… but it requires more then just wishing, thinking and doing… it requires that a person starts using and exploring and focusing their own consciousness… which is what Patanjali was pointing to in his Yoga Sutras several thousand years ago.

Einstein once said… you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking which created it… but from the Universe’s point of view… it probably pays much more attention to those individual’s who not only think outside of the box… but who have also learnt to get their Consciousness to perform loop-the-loops… and be totally conscious outside of the box too.

UNIVERSE: Wow!!! Did you see what that conscious Human just did? … Totally unbelievable !!!

Namaste / Enjoy 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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