Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness


In his book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour, David R. Hawkins outlines what can best be described as a vibrational map of consciousness, which has been derived through the application of kinesiology and muscle-testing calibrations.

Basically, this map of consciousness states that there are different levels of consciousness, that each level is associated with different qualities, and that as an individual aligns to higher and higher levels, not only do the qualities they can access and experience change, but the amount of energy available also increases. This map is believed to be universal, and is said to provide an explanation for all human activity, but most especially in the field of personal and spiritual development.

According to Hawkins:

The ways the various levels of human consciousness express themselves are profound and far-reaching; their effects are both gross and subtle. All levels below 200 are destructive of life in both the individual and society at large; all levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power. The decisive level of 200 is the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force and power.

In describing the emotional correlates of the energy fields of consciousness, keep in mind that they’re rarely manifesting as pure states in an individual.

The map of consciousness which Hawkins discovered (with the help of others), is shown in the table below (although I have had to reduce the number of columns, and also included the two boundary lines as aids to our discussion).

Map of Consciousness JPEG
Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness

According to Hawkins, any level of consciousness below Boundary 1, below Level 200, belongs to the world of force, and is destructive of life. Anything above Boundary 1, and Level 200, belongs to the world of power, and is supportive of life.

Personally, I choose to explain it a little differently.

Let us assume you have £1000, and you give a friend a loan of £100, expecting them to return it to you after a week. After the week is up, your friend gives you an envelope with the money, but it only contains £90 because that is all they can afford to repay.

If this cycle were to go on, week after week, with your lending £100, and only getting back £90, then eventually you would go broke yourself, because you would have run out of money to loan, your £1000 would have dwindled down to nothing.

I believe this is a very apt description for all the levels of consciousness below 200. They require more of your personal energy to create than you get back in terms of positive energy. In direct contrast, all the levels above 200 require less energy to create in comparison to the amount of energy you receive back from them. They’re the equivalent of lending out £100 and getting £110, or more, in return a week later.

So when you are experiencing a state of fear, it means your body is using up more energy to create the fear feeling than it is giving back to you, however when you experience love, then your body gets much more energy back from the feeling than it takes to create.

It’s basically a question of energy economics.

Either side of the magic Level 200, the lower down the table your consciousness is the less and less feedback energy is available to you.Whereas the higher up the table your consciousness progresses the more of an abundance of energy is available to you.

If you look at it from this perspective, fear and anger are not wrong or evil, and they can serve a useful purpose (i.e. they are designed to protect us). However, because they take up more energy to create than you get back, they should only ever be considered temporary states, and you definitely don’t want to live there. If you are in a constant state of fear or anger, then this means in terms of energy economics, you are continually burning up your energy reserves for little or no return. OK, they may allow you to run away, or fight if necessary, but they do so at a price, they diminish your energy reserves. Whereas, if you can sustain a state of love, then it feels like you are being constantly filled with energy, and the world is a bright and wonderful place to live.

This also makes sense in terms of Chinese energy medicine, which believes that each individual only has a set amount of energy to draw upon in their lifetime, so health is a question of how well you use and invest that energy. Investing it in love is a much better pension plan then investing it in fear or anger. If you are investing in fear or anger you will use up your energy reserves that much sooner then you would like.

Although the question of exactly when your energy reserves will be depleted is always a tricky one, because we are all born with different amounts of pre-natal energy… unfair but true.

For those who are interested, Boundary 2 marks the line between Reason and Love, between those individuals who are all mind, and do not believe there is a higher purpose to life, and those who have started to let go of their limited ego-consciousness and feel the broader energies around them. This is partly why you can’t normally convince someone between Levels 400 and 499 about the existence of spiritual energies, because their minds just cannot conceive of the possibility. The only way for them to understand is for their own consciousness to shift up to Level 500 so they can experience it for themselves. Words and clever arguments are not enough. According to Hawkins, this is the big problem with rational / conventional science. It is locked into the consciousness of the Level 400 to 499 range.

But, as Hawkins suggests, no individual has just one level of consciousness. We are all composed of multiple selves, and each separate self may calibrate on the Hawkins scale to a different level of consciousness.

OK, this is an extreme example, but modern psychology tells us we are all made up of different sub-personalities, and each of our sub-personalities will probably have a different calibration on the Map of Consciousness. On the path of personal and spiritual growth, the trick is to listen to our angels, who want to raise us higher, and not our demons, who want to drag us down to their level.

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