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In my opinion, any personal development system that uses energy techniques, especially techniques which raise your vibration to a high degree, needs to do three things:

  • It needs to show you how to raise your vibration safely, and in a way which gives you the maximum amount of control possible. Actively avoid any systems which just lights the psychic stick of dynamite and hopes for the best.
  • It needs to also show you have to deal with the after-effects of raising your vibration, cope with the emotional and mental turmoil which will probably arise, and how to release any limiting beliefs and emotions, so that your personality can evolve as your energy field expands.
  • It needs to show you how to put all the bliss and ecstasy into perspective so that you can continue to live your human life.

This is why our Vibrational Transform website contains techniques and processes for all three strands, plus useful information, and using them all together should help you navigate the psychic storms which will arise from your unconscious mind as you start to expand your energy field.

However, if you are starting out on this path, I would also recommend that you search out a Touch for Health practitioner, or better still, learn the techniques yourself from a qualified teacher.

Why? Well, even though the suggested techniques and processes contained on this website should be enough, in their own right, to keep the average person safe if they are used correctly… there are times when using a technique which works directly with the nuances of your own energy field, with the specifics of your own personality, is a much more effective approach.

It is similar to the difference between buying a ‘tailor made’ suit, and one which is bought ‘off the peg’.

The suit which you buy ‘off the peg’ will fit, but it won’t be a perfect fit, because it was not crafted for your specific body shape, just someone of your size.

Although more expensive, a suit which is ‘tailor made’, has been cut to fit the specific dimensions of your physical body, and so will fit you perfectly (as long as you keep that same physical shape and proportions).

The techniques and processes contained on this site have been proven to work and be effective. However, they are designed to work for anyone in the group and not designed for one specific individual… and there are some disadvantages in this approach.

For example, people who go to the gym on a regular basis know that you don’t work out every day, because that would be too tiring and damaging for their physical body. Even the most dedicated ‘gym bunny’ gives themselves 1 or 2 days off a week, during which their physical body can rest and recharge.

The same is true of energy training, where it is good to allow ourselves a break every now and then. However, the question of how much rest is needed will vary from individual to individual….

One person may only need a break once a week, someone else once a month, another twice a week, or for a few perhaps very rarely or even never, and another every other day. The process will be the same for each of these people, but how their body chooses to work with the process will be different for each one… so you need some kind of assessment method which helps identify how to any process needs to be adjusted from individual to individual.

The techniques and processes given here do work… but would probably be a little more effective if you could tailor them more for your own energy and personality.

This is why something like TfH is a good resource to have available if you can.

Because TfH contains muscle testing, which asks your own energy body what it needs, I know from personal experience the system can answer these types of question, and also contains a therapeutic tool kit which can cope with 99.9% of the things which life can throw at you.

But why not recommend EFT for example, or another form of kinesiology?

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