Uranus in Pisces & 12th House


Ahead of the publication of our book Energy Astrology Volume 10 – Uranus in a few weeks, where I put down on paper (both real and virtual) everything I have learnt about Uranus in my 52 years on this planet… I thought it would be a great idea to share some of it out to our Vibrational Doorways tribe…

(Oh… and we mustn’t forget our Laing Learns Astrology podcast also starting soon.)

But because I have Sun conjunct Pluto + Uranus… I never do things the obvious (or easy) way… if I was inclined to climb Everest, I would probably want to do it wearing sneakers and with a tortoise strapped to my back.

So instead of starting with Uranus in Aries and working forwards… we’ll start with Uranus in Pisces and work backwards to Aries

Why? Because a) I am weird like that… and b) I observed that Uranus was in the 12th House for Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th US President… and so also took that as an omen, a good place to start (although whether it was a good omen for Mr Trump, we shall see, and you can be the judge at the end).

Now, having been taught traditional astrology by Sue Lilly back in the 1990s, I come at it from the point of building up an interpretation from solid blocks of data… which I know, sounds a bit like Lego Astrology… but then, if it works, it works (and yes, it is a very effective way of approaching the subject).

So for Uranus in Pisces / 12th House, what are the blocks we are building with… from both a traditional and energy astrology perspective…


The metaphor which I use most often to describe the workings of Uranus (although in Energy Astrology V10, I list out all 7 Insight Metaphors for Uranus in much greater detail)… the Insight Metaphor which I put at the top of the list:

A sudden burst of lightning on a pitch black night


Because on such a night, you can’t see anything, the sky is totally dark… and then for a brief moment… your world is illuminated by a flash of electric, neon light… and you can see everything… before being plunged into total darkness once again.

And how you process that experience gives you an understanding of how Uranian energy works.

Were you paying attention when the lightning flash occurred, were you even looking in the right direction? Can you use the brief vision to illuminate and understand your current situation, navigate and move forwards if you are lost? Does the vision give you practical information that you can implement? Or was just beautiful to see, and so remember?

Do you even like / understand what you were shown? Does the vision fit in with your current view of the world… or does it show you something that turns your whole world-view upside down and inside out? Will you spend the next part of your life trying to forget and ignore what you saw… or go around telling everyone about your amazing new insight and vision?

And very importantly… how will the people react back home when you tell them the night sky came alive with light, and you saw a better way… all those people who never saw the night sky come alive with light… who didn’t share the same vision as you… and so may not be able to understand what you are talking about… and who may have a whole lot invested in the old ways of doing things and so reject you?

All of that describes the potential highs + lows when Uranian energy makes its presence felt in an individual life.

And because Uranian energy is primarily focused on the mental body, Uranus is very much about illuminating and electrifying ideas and mental visions. During a period when Uranus is active, it’s as if our mind, our thoughts, our imagination, our beliefs are on electric steroids… which can be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on individual circumstances.

Because just because we believe we can fly… doesn’t mean that we can, or that gravity will do us any favors if we try and jump off a tall building with an optimistic frame of mind and little else.

But at the other extreme, inventors, pioneers, explorers… often need to be seized by a strong and powerful vision, a vision so strong that they have the inner certainty to keep going… despite what everyone around them says.

I am sure that the Wright brothers were laughed at, and told their paper plane would never get off the ground… but their inner vision kept pushing them on… and on 17th December 1903 on a beech in North Carolina, USA, they succeeded and so changed our world forever.

And every day, millions of people now step on to an airplane… and the belief that “Man will never be able to fly!” is nowhere to be seen.


Because Uranian energy broke though our collective mental limitations, and chased any limiting thoughts away.

That’s what Uranus is all about… that’s what Uranian energy does. In a way, Uranus helps us differentiate between Universal truth and limiting human belief…. to see through any human belief which we have mistaken as a Universal and unbreakable truth.


In Energy Astrology, the positive side of Pisces is joy, and the negative side is sadness.

Basically, Pisces is looking for emotional beauty… an emotion so powerful and deep and strong, that it sweeps that individual up and carries them along throughout their life.

But if an individual feels that emotional beauty is missing in their life, then they will either plunge down into sadness… or wander off into a world of fantasy to give themselves the emotional beauty they feel their real life is missing.

In fact, if you want to know more about how Pisces energy works, check out our previous post which goes into it in much greater detail:

Pisces & Sadness (and the Need for Emotional Beauty)

Then pop back when you have finished…

… Back now… good… let’s identify the next block we need.

12th House:

In traditional astrology, the 12th House is linked to / rules hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, and monasteries… all the places where we put people who don’t fit into traditional society… places which are out of sight and so out of mind… at the very edge of our society.

The 12th House is also referred to as the House of the Subconscious… and also the House were the boundaries of our individual consciousness start to break down… and we open up to the wider Collective and Universal Consciousness beyond.

Which means it is a place which is truly frightening for some (especially if they want to hang on to that ego they have been polishing all their life)… and yet illuminating for others, who are quite happy to dissolve into something a bit larger and brighter then their ego.

This is why the 12th House is also associated with activities like shamanism and meditation (and even psychedelic drugs)… because these are all processes which take us beyond our limited sense of self.

I think the key here is that the 12th House isn’t just about dissolving, but it is also about expansion… which takes up back to the joy and longing for emotional beauty side of Pisces (which is linked to the 12th House).

You see, the Ancient Greeks invented the word ecstasy

Now, our modern definition of this word is: “an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement“.

But for the Ancient Greeks… who did invent the word after all… the definition was “an experience which occurs when you step outside of yourself“.

And when you are truly experiencing joy, bliss, ecstasy, emotional beauty… it does feel that you have stepped outside of your limitations, your fears, your narrow ego… it can often feel that you have been lifted up… that you have taken a holiday from yourself.

And when we go back to the list of places which are connected to the 12th House… hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, and monasteries… we can see that they are either places where:

  • People go if they want to expand beyond their limited sense of self (monasteries)
  • People are put when they are suffering the consequences of a failed self-expansion in some way (hospitals, prisons, mental institutions)… and the individual can no longer fit in with the normal social consensus… because their behavior is no longer deemed to be socially acceptable.

But we can also take all of metaphorically… and say that our subconscious mind (which is linked to the 12th House… because the 12th House is seen as the gateway to the individual subconscious) is our individual hospital, prison, mental institution, or monasteries… depending on individual circumstances… and so the beliefs and thoughts which are stored in our subconscious mind largely determine whether we are living are life of imprisonment… or a life of freedom and ecstasy.

Putting It All Together:

OK, let’s now engage in some Lego Astrology… and put the above together… and see what we can build out of it.

First, Howard Sasportas, in his book The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto states that:

“Traditionally, the twelfth house describes patterns, drives, urges and compulsions which operate unconsciously and yet significantly influence our choices, attitudes, and directions in life. What the conscious mind isn’t in touch with or doesn’t chose to acknowledge is “stored” – even imprisoned in the twelfth. Uranus transiting here has the effect of forcing some of these unconscious complexes and compulsions into consciousness awareness.

Some of what we discover about ourselves when Uranus transits the twelfth may be frightening and disconcerting, but this transit can also serve to connect us to parts of ourselves which are positive and beneficial.”

Bil Tierney says that when Uranus is transiting the 12th House… “We can become the victim of fantasies and delusion (the worst of Uranus and Neptune)… often fueled by long suppressed emotional need.”

So using our Insight Metaphor 1… of the lightning flash occurring in the night sky… what happens when Uranus is in Pisces… or in the 12th House?

Well, for a generation who are born with Uranus in Pisces (and the latest batch are young toddlers at the moment)… the Uranian lightning flashes which will be constantly occurring throughout their life will be constantly forcing them to re-look at their need for emotional beauty and joy… and if they find that they are lacking in this area… this will be something they cannot easily hide from, or bury at the back of their unconscious wardrobe… because Uranus will not tolerate such behavior.

It’s like you are trying to sleep with the light off, to avoid all the bad things in your life… but Uranus is at your bedroom window, with the most powerful torch imaginable… and they are pointing it at face… no way can you sleep… you have to stay away, and learn to deal with all the bad stuff in the room with you (which may only be bad because you imagine it to be so… but as C J Jung would say… the unexplored life just isn’t worth living… and Uranus in the 12th House is all about exploring what is locked within your subconscious).

The Uranian light will constantly be bringing their consciousness back to their sense of emotional discomfort… of emotional sadness… the something is missing side of life.

So extrapolating forwards for the Uranus in Pisces generation (and you are allowed to do that if you are an astrologer, honest)… what will this evolving generation have to deal with?

Well, as Howard Sasportas says… the lightning flash allows them to see through walls, brings back into their consciousness psychic material which has been long buried… and some of this psychic material will be their own… and some will belong to their family tree… and some, to their wider society… and some to humanity as a whole (remember, boundaries don’t really work in the 12th House… you are plugged into a much bigger Universe… it’s you, family and humanity all mixed in together).

So right now, a generation is growing up… many of whom will actively embrace their need for emotional beauty, and roll up their sleeves, and find and create the emotional beauty they long for. These people may be part of the shift to higher consciousness which has long been predicted.

Or… they will fall-back into the pain, accept the emotional ugliness because they can see no way to change things… and so live lives which are diminished… and more painful then they should be.

Either way… each individual always has a choice… and if it was otherwise, then the Universe as a whole would be like North Korea (no individual choice, and only 1 style of male haircut allowed).

When Uranus is in Pisces, or the 12th House… the choice is that you face the stuff you have been running from… sort it out… and fall upwards into emotional beauty… or you ignore it all, continue to try and run blind to the emotional pain… and so fall downwards into sadness and denial.

… Although as we have said, it’s very hard to run and hide, when Uranus is trailing you with the largest spotlight imaginable… knows all the best hiding places… and is always one step ahead.

Note: To touch in again with Donald Trumps’s Inauguration on 20th January 2017… with Uranus in the 12th House… it suggests that during his Presidency the United States will have to face some collective issues which, up to now, it hasn’t wanted to face, and so have buried… and so real progress will depend on how able the whole society is with dealing with, and fully integrating, these energies and issues. This, of course, will be much harder to achieve if the country is divided.

PS. I have a theory… wanna hear it?

I was born back in the 1960s, at a time when Pluto and Uranus were both conjunct in Virgo…. and the free-love generation, born back when Pluto was in Leo, were grappling with these same energies all around me as I was growing up… but they were energies which the Pluto Leo generation were not used to, because they were not naturally part of their energetic make-up.

My theory is the future success of a generation born when Uranus was in Virgo say… will depend on the success of the earlier born generation dealing with those same new emerging and so alien energies.

Basically, a baby is born, with a set of astrological energies imprinted into it… at the same time the society around it is struggling to deal with those energies… which the baby will also be psychically aware of.

If the society around it isn’t doing too great a job at integrating those new energies, this will also influence the babies unconscious attitude to those same energies in the future, when it has grown into an adult. But if the society is surfing those energies… then the baby, in fact its whole generation, when grown will have a far easier time.

OK, I will never be able to prove that… but just got a strange kind of hunch that that is part of how it works behind the scenes.

More soon… Uranus in Aquarius and the 11th House.

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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