The Universal House of Mirrors


There is an ancient teaching story… maybe Taoist… possibly Sufi

Who really knows now, because these ancient stories probably passed up and down the Great Silk Road of Asia, carried and passed on by different spiritual masters… so many times that their true origin has been lost to us now…

But according to this story…

One day the Emperor called his Wisest Adviser and said…

“I want to experience the state they call enlightenment.”

The Wise Man replied, “Well, that will be tricky… because you yourself are not enlightened.”

The Emperor continued… “That may be true… but I am your Emperor… and I command you to give me a taste of the enlightened experience.”

The Wise Man thought about it… and replied… “There may be a way to do that… but I will need a bag of gold coins, a room in the palace, one hundred craftsmen… and 1 month to prepare. But you must wait patiently until I am ready to show you… you must not know what we are doing… or else it will not work. You must give your word on that.”

The Emperor agreed to the terms… and the Wise Man left with the bag of gold coins.

The Wise Man quickly proceeded to gather up the finest craftsmen in the empire… and for 1 month there was great noise and commotion from 1 room within the palace…

And for 1 month the Emperor was filled with almost infinite curiosity… but he held true to his word… and he did not try to use his power to peek into the room.

Finally the day arrived… and the Emperor was led into the room, blindfolded…

… and when he was in the center of the room, the Wise Man removed the blindfold.

And the Emperor found himself in a room completely surrounded by mirrors… on all the walls, on the ceiling, even mirrors on the floor.

Everywhere he looked, he could see only his reflection.

Some mirrors were true, and showed him his true reflection.

Some mirrors were misshapen, and showed him his reflection distorted.

Some mirrors were cracked, and reflected back to him an incomplete image of himself.

And many mirrors reflected the images cast by others mirrors… reflection upon reflection… on to infinity.

Confused, the Emperor turned and asked the Wise Man what this all meant.

The Wise Man replied…

“The Source separates itself into an infinite number of forms… all reflections of the Source… the unenlightened man only sees the infinite forms all around him… but the enlightened man allows his consciousness to be unclouded by diversity, and so sees true to the Source which is the origin of all forms.”

And with those words, in that moment, the Emperor became enlightened.

OK… But what has that story got to do with the color Pink?


Pink as a color is a combination of Red and WhiteRed is the start of the journey into Individuality… while White is the merging of all colors of the spectrum back into Source…

When we embrace an exploration of Individuality, at the start of our journey, then we see everything as distinct and separate… but when we embrace Unconditional Love… all separate forms and people start to merge back into Oneness again.

We start to look behind the infinite mirrors of this Universe, to the single and whole Source which created it all.

And what color is usually associated with Universal Love again?

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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