Universal Design Flaw… Number… ???


OK, I have lost count of the all the things which I would fix if I were to re-design the Universe

But this one is definitely high on the list…

Let me explain.

According to David R Hawkins, and his Map of ConsciousnessLove resonates at a Frequency of Level 500… while Unconditional Love resonates at a Frequency of Level 540.

Love exists at the level of our Mind… while Unconditional Love exists beyond our Mind… beyond our thoughts and beliefs.

Love can be… is often… conditionalI love A, but I am definitely not loving B… while Unconditional Love is just that… Unconditionalaccepting and loving of everything in existence.

Good Guy… Bad Guy… doesn’t matter… Unconditional Love embraces all.

Which brings us to something very important which David R Hawkins once said… and even wrote a few times…

Love has the power to put all your issues on hold, so while you are in Love those issues cannot plague you… cannot touch you… you are protected by the power of Love

Which is why falling in love can feel so amazing… and people long for their Soul-Mate… so they can experience the Love which lifts them up… lifts them out of their emotional pain and suffering…

So it is not just about the other… but how the other makes you feel within.

But… huge problem… when you fall below the Frequency of Love, all those issues will simply return… because Love doesn’t have the power to transform those issues… only put them temporarily¬†on hold.

And that’s why falling out of love can feel so horrible… because you are literally crashing back down into all your lower emotional energy.

Love only puts your issues on hold… it doesn’t and cannot transform them.

But Unconditional Love does and canUnconditional Love at Level 540… has the power to transform ALL lower vibrations… all limiting and negative energies…

And the more you can exist in a state of Unconditional Love… the more and more you will be transformed within.

Unconditional Love is the gardener who can go out and deal with all the weeds growing in the garden of your Mind.

Which is why opening your Heart in the presence of a genuine Spiritual Master can be so truly transformative…

Because being in an energy-field of a true Enlightened Master, who has grounded the Unconditional Love vibration within themselves… anchoring it into their very presence…

Can lift us up… if we are willing to embrace it.

Because we have to be honest… all the people who hung around the cross, while Jesus was being crucified… how many of them were transformed… a few perhaps… but not enough to want to cut him down…

There is an inner switch which we need to flip to allow the transformation to take place… to open our own Hearts.

But here’s the BIG CATCH…

Like I said… Love exists on the level of the MindLevel 500

While Unconditional Love exists beyond the MindLevel 540… so it cannot be thought about… cannot be conceptualized… because it is an experience which exists above and beyond our Mind.

So true and full emotional healing exists… but in the last place you would think to look

Literally, the last place most people would think

And to access it… you kind of need to let-go of… thinking.

And the thought of that… freaks out our Ego… which is so attached to its thoughts and thinking

So the problem is…

Unconditional Love is hard to find… can’t buy it in the shops or on the Internet…

Unconditional Love is hard to access… who do you know who has it?

And even if we can achieve the first two…

Our Ego Selves totally freak out at the thought of surrendering into an energy space where the Mind starts to fall away

But that is the problem… true inner and emotional healing lies on Level 540

Beyond the level where we normally spend 24/7 of our waking lives.

Love is good… and it can make a huge difference… and to be honest… because you are not surrendering your Mind at Level 500… you can feel good… and still interact with the world around you…

But once the Love stops… that’s when the problems can kick in again…

True Story…

The girlfriend of a friend of mine left him… and he was devastatedcrucified by all the lower emotions which came flooding to the surface…

We managed to persuade him to see a counselor… to help him start engaging with his inner demons… (and he did allow me to do some crystal therapy on him…)

But just before he did that… his girlfriend came back… they made up… and feel back into loving-bliss.

And I did once say to him…

You do know… you never did fix the inside of your head… all those limiting emotions are still down there… and if she leaves you again… they’ll all come back again.”

And his reply:

I know… and I don’t want to think about it.”

Unfortunately, that’s how many people live our their lives.

Basically, when it comes to self-transformation… Love is great… but Unconditional Love is better.

And everyone has to face their inner demons eventually… and the only real weapon you have to survive that encounter…

The Unconditional Love you have stored within your own Heart.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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