On the US election, truth and activism

I see on social media that so many people are dismayed by the current events in the world – namely the latest American election. For a moment there I thought I had stopped caring because I failed to get worked up by the events that are upsetting so many others.

But then I thought… its not about things that happen out there. Its about what happens inside. Its about what I do in my life to support myself, my friends and my community. Its about whether or not I am living my life to the fullest, offering my gifts to the best possible capacity.

My level of caring is not defined by whether or not I join in with the latest social or political actions. My level of caring is defined by how much I am able to offer myself to those I care about, whoever this may be.

It might be friends, loved ones… It might be a community that is close to my heart… it might just be myself, if that is what I need right now.

The point is, all activism starts in our own backyard. We are not here to change the world out there. We are here to change the world in our hearts, and by doing that we make a difference every single day.

I do not get worked up by events happening around the world anymore because they are not part of my radar. They are not meaningful because I only focus on the things which I can actively contribute to. If I can offer my gifts, then I am there. And it is my job to empower and expand my capacity to offer my gifts.

Be it by service or by offering, however it comes, spontaneous or otherwise… in my opinion, a single person in the world who is open in there own authentic giving, no matter how small or big, is as weighty as a hundred people standing in the name of another.

This is a personal journey, folks, this is something so close to home that it hurts… and if you are feeling the pain in your own heart then you are close to getting the job done. This has nothing to do with anything out there, and everything to do with how much we love ourselves and how much we can love others around us.

The man on the street? The stranger in the corner? They are part of who we are. One small moment of meeting that person in love is the most unselfish thing in the world… But we can only do such a thing if we are first of all self [ish] in our intent to fill ourselves up.

To be our best and most complete selves.

To light up the world because we have lit our own hearts with the desire to live, to love and to enjoy this world in the beauty of our open hearts.

PLus, all the work that needs to be done to get there.

(c) Laing Kerns-Stokes, 2016

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