Thoughts On Dealing With Personal Issues – Part Two

We often hear people talking about their issues… how their issues are holding them back in life.

But if we check the Dictionary definition, we will find that an issue is:

An important topic or problem for debate or discussion.

Which isn’t usually what these people mean when they are talking about their issues… there is no negative, or limitation, or holding back implied in that definition.

OK, an issue is defined as something important… something which needs to be debated or discussed… maybe urgentlysomething which needs to be addressed… and probably not something which you can brush underneath the carpet.

But the Dictionary definition doesn’t easily outright support how many people use the word… me included… as being negative or limiting.

So how do we square this circle?

OK… let me try with this example… which involves someone called George… who watched his father work himself into an early grave… all because George’s father wanted money to support his young family…

So he ended up working himself into an early grave… and died when George was 6 years old.

And George was obviously devastated.

George would have much rather have had a father by his side, as he was growing up, then lots of money in the bank.

So George vowed that he would never allow money to dominate his life… in fact, at an early age, he decided that money was the root of all evil

And that thought… those beliefs… sunk deep down into his Unconscious Mind, and took strong root.

All through his teenage years and into his early 20s, George was happy, living on low wages, yes… but able to move from one job to the next when it suited him… and he didn’t feel the need to become trapped by the rat race.

But then… life has a way of changing overnight…

George met a nice girl, fell in love, settled down, and had kids… three… two boys and a girl…

And suddenly, because he loves his family and desperately wants them to have the best in life… he needs money… like more then he is currently earning.

But can anyone see the problem?

Not only does he have to turn his life around with a very flat CV… I mean, the guy has been drifting through life for over ten years, and so lacks the qualifications or experience to tie down a high paying job.

But also… with beliefs like… money is the root of all evil… and… I will never allow money to dominate my life… floating around in his Unconscious Mind… is it any wonder that he will find attracting a suitable job hard?

See… the issue wasn’t really an issue… until it became an issue… until the circumstances of his life changed.

That’s what happens in life, really… we have these ideas and beliefs in our head… and they are often not a problem on their own… (… although some are, from the very moment they take root in our head, and we will explore those in a different post)…

Beliefs… become painful issues… when our outer life changes in some way…

The belief in our head suddenly becomes an issue… because it is no longer a good fit with the world outside.

Because it is starts to block us in some way… blocking how we move and express ourselves in the external world…

So what do we need to do?

Simple… update the belief in some way… get rid of it… change it… transform it.

Find a belief which is a better fit for the reality… new situation… you find yourself in now.

Like I always say… no one continues to wear their baby clothes through their childhood and as an adult… we continually grow in and out of our clothes as we get bigger…

And we change our clothes as the seasons change… Winter… Spring… Summer… Autumn… rain or shine…

So why don’t we adopt the same attitude to our beliefs and thoughts… some we keep for life… but others we grow in and out of… as our circumstances change.

Limiting beliefs are the mental dams which hold back the river of our life…

Once removed… the water can start to flow again… and the water will then follow the contours of our external life… whatever that may be…

That’s the thing… our life is always changing… and overtime… some cherished beliefs become issues… because they no longer allow us to easily flow through life.

They have become mental dams… and blocked flow leads eventually to deep frustration.

Overnight, a seed can turn into a thorn… if external circumstances change.

Even beliefs which served us well earlier in life… can suddenly switch overnight into a limitation… start to cause us pain…

So perhaps one of the few long-term beliefs worth holding on to:

No belief is sacred… any and all beliefs are up for re-evaluation and re-writing overtime… if circumstances change.

And having said that… I can hear several devoutly religious folk screaming in the background… that they will never forsake their sacred beliefs… laid down for them in Holy Scripture.

That’s fine… that’s their choice… and there is some religious scripture that will outlast any lifetime… such as anything relating to love and forgiveness

But everything else…

That hating and belittling stuff?

Sorry… don’t think so. Never heard my God say any of that stuff.

From what I have found, the Universe is a very big place… and getting from A to B very often requires updating your core beliefs as you move through your lifetime… as you move up from one level to the next level up on your journey of consciousness.

Being able to do that… makes the journey a lot easier… and makes dealing with your issues easier too.

Namaste 🙂

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