Thoughts On Dealing With Personal Issues – Part One


Just thought I would put down a few thoughts on working on those personal issues which we all have… which often holds us back… or which interfere with the direction of our life… who we want to be…

And how our understanding of how those issues work, and what they are, is often half the battle.

Starting today… with the 1st post…



When we first venture down the path of self-growth… and we have fixed and resolved our first issue… we feel great… like someone has placed a magic wand in our hands… and we look forwards to the day when we have waved that magic wand several times… and we have healed all our hurts… and resolved all our issues.

But the thing is… that day will never come… it can never come… because not all of our issues are permanently fixable.

This is something which self-help gurus don’t always tell you… because they are up there, often trying to sell their books and online stuff… and they need to maintain the marketing illusion that you can always improve and get better.

Which is true… you can always improve and expand… regardless of the limiting circumstance you may find yourself in.

But truth is… not all issues can be fixed, once and for all… some are with you for life.

OK… there are some issues which can indeed be fixed, once and for all, and they never return… that is most definitely true.

But there are other issues, which can never be fixed… although we can learn to live with them… we can learn to better deal with them… and our self-growth comes through this… the acceptance… the life-learning.

Like the late Stephen Hawking, stuck in his motorized chair for life, with a form of motor neuron disease (Lou Gehrigs disease, or ALS), finding new ways to communicate with the world around him, communicate out all his amazing inner discoveries, which have changed our understanding of the physics of Time and Black Holes… while his physical body failed around him.

Sometimes, the learning is in the continual struggle… not always in a one-time healing which fixes everything.

Human Beings… we are mix of the two… issues we can fix, and issues we need to learn to live with.

And we need to recognize that… and learn to live with, and better cope, with the issues we can’t easily magic away.

I am not saying that it is always easy doing that… often struggling down that road can be the hardest thing we do… but it is often better then standing still, not getting on with our life, because we are continually hoping someone will come along soon with the magic pill that will take away all our pain… and all for under $1.50… plus repeat life-time prescription.

With the un-fixables, we are usually working on one of our major life-lessons… and if you ever get to study your own astrological chart… it effectively outlines where many of these un-fixable issues lie… paying close attention to Saturn and Chiron in your natal chart… plus the 3 Transpersonal Planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and how they impact on the Inner / Personal Planets.

I call these fuse issues… because they are like electrical fuses… they blow from time to time… and the healing is in learning how to reset your system.

So… for example… I have 4 planets in Virgo… which is linked to the issue of Guilt… and so I have accepted that I will continually have to reset the Guilt fuse… whenever it blows… throughout my life… and I have learned how to do that.

But because this issue is hard-wired into my energy system… it is a major factor in who I am, and how I define myself, so there is no easy one-time and it is gone forever fix.

Just the learning to live with it, resetting the fuse when it blows fix.

But I have found that… sometimes when you tell people this… they can get quite angry… because we are conditioned to assume there is a magic pill out there… somewhere…

That’s what pharmaceutical drugs are meant to do… so there must be a magic, vibrational equivalent… some new technique… some new crystal perhaps.

Because the problem is… many of these un-fixable issues can be quite painful when they become activated… and so we are often quite desperate for a solution…

Like a painful tooth, we just want a dentist to come along and take it out… like NOW!!!

That’s why I think… with something like crystal therapy say… there is a great emphasis on the new crystals… on the latest New Age stone on the market… because a lot of people are looking for the elusive answer to their un-fixable inner issue… maybe it’s the latest crystal from Siberia… or a stone hewn out of the rock from a Pacific island?

But as I was once taught by my crystal therapy teachers… it’s better to learn to work effectively with what you have got, then continually lust after the next must-have stone appearing over the horizon (and with a high-price tag to match).

And sometimes it’s better to realize your issue is not one of the easily fixable… or is un-fixable… and learn to live with it… recognize when the fuse has blown… and how to reset your system.

There was a saying carved on the entrance to the Ancient Greek Temple Complex of Delphi, which said…

Man, make peace with your mortality… for this too is God.”

Personally, I would also suggest that alongside this… someone should have carved:

Man, learn to accept the pain and suffering of being alive… heal it if you can, accept it if you can’t… because that is also one of the reasons why you came to the Earth plane for your growth and exploration.”

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018

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One thought on “Thoughts On Dealing With Personal Issues – Part One

  • April 27, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    You have such beautiful insight and a gift of being able to communicate clearly in your writing. As always, I learned something from you and was refreshed in the process. Now, I really want to get my astrological chart done. ☺️

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