The Yellow Vibe

About ten years ago now, I was sitting in the restaurant / bar area of a Motel in a nearby town… and while myself and my friend had our meal, we were also watching the mounted television set above the bar.

And the television was tuned to the BBC News Channel… and while the News Reader was going through the Main Headlines, there was one of those ticker tape displays running across the bottom of the screen… showing random news items.

And in the particular moment that I happened to look up at the screen, it was running a story about a recent survey of Young People… about their likes, dislikes and opinions…

And as I looked up, the sentence which was rolling across the bottom of the screen read… “The majority of young people surveyed said their favorite color is Yellow“.

So… the majority of young people alive right now say that their favorite color is Yellow.

That’s actually a lot more interesting then you first might initially think… and big time relevant.

Let me explain.

It is normally believed that when someone says that their favorite color is X or Y… then this is a good indication that their Unconscious Mind needs that color more then most… and so goes out of its way to try to bring in that particular color vibe whenever and wherever it can.

So when someone says their favorite color is X… it’s an indication that their Unconscious Mind is in (perhaps desperate) search for that vibrational fuel to keep their Mind running. Hence, it is their favorite color, and so they often surround themselves with it… pulling it into their life in abundance. Each time they look at it, their Unconscious Mind benefits and gets a extra shot of that particular vibrational fuel.

As the 20th Century mystic G.I.Gurdjief would perhaps say, color is a form of subtle food, which we take into our system to energize it. Our favorite color is a big indication of what we need the most.

When I was small my favorite color was Purple… and so I wanted my bedroom to be decked out in PurplePurple bedclothes, Purple curtains… Purple cushions on the chair… there was a lot of Purple… so wherever I looked my eyes got a shot of the Purple Vibe… And as we shall see, Purple is all about, among other things, balancing the spiritual and physicalRed + Blue… which makes sense in regard to be my early years.

My great-nephews favorite color is Red… which makes sense, because he is a very active boy, very, very active… why walk when you can run… and so needs to pull in a lot of the Red Vibe to keep the momentum going.

Now… if most young people say that Yellow is their favorite color… then there will be a deeper meaning to this… they will be pulling in Yellow above other colors because they need it for some reason… deciding to surround themselves with Yellow more then any other color because their Unconscious Mind needs it more then other colors.

As a vibrational fuel, they must be using it up in greater quantities then any other color, and so need to replenish it.

So what exactly is going on?

Why are Young People alive now burning through a lot of Yellow?

Well, in traditional color therapy, Yellow is considered to be a Mind color, a color which helps the Mind process data / information.

Now, as we shall see soon, that is true for a lot of the colors, which help different levels of our Mind function… so several different colors can all be categorized as Mind colors

So if Yellow helps our Mind function on some level… and it is the favorite color of many young people… then they must be trying to pull it in because they are in need of it… their Minds need it.

And if you have ever spent the odd afternoon with modern 21st Century kids… they are so in need of the Yellow Vibe.

In fact, we all are in need of more Yellow Vibe… but kids and teenagers more then most.

If you had a time machine, and you went back in time 150 years say… and walked up and down the high street of your local town, I guarantee that you might see:

  1. The odd person reading a book
  2. A few people reading newspapers or periodicals
  3. A few posters advertising products in shop windows
  4. A poster or two on the side of walls, buildings, advertising local events say

And that would be about it in terms of media saturation.

For your average person living in the 19th Century, going about their day, that would be about the limit of the media information they would be exposed too, that their brains would need to process.

Now, jump back in the time machine and come forwards to our present…

What do you see?

Mobiles, smart phones, tablets, huge television screens, posters on buildings and moving vehicles, signs everywhere, televisions in multiple shop windows displaying programmes and adverts, books, magazines, newspapers… in print and online… and we mustn’t forget radio, music from multiple sources… people walking around plugged into their own different virtual worlds… perhaps 1000 different personal worlds, all walking down the same street, but listening to different individual playlists… and our online newspapers now have videos, and other interactive forms… so we are no longer just passive readers… but are plugged in and active on many different levels…

And I haven’t even mentioned Facebook or other social platforms which hugely influence and shape how we interact with each other…

You didn’t have any of that in the 19th Century… but the basic Human brain is the same, then and now… and the way we process information is the same… just there’s a lot more of it.

Scratch that… the amount of data which a Human Mind is required to process has gone stratospheric.

Yes, the multi-media experience of the 21st Century is rich, diverse, amazing… especially when compared to what was on offer only a few decades ago…

For example, I am writing this on my laptop, while also listening to YouTube playing David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes, and the television on the other side of room is showing the Local News… No, we have just changed over to Pointless.

Talk about multi-tasking… And remember “My momma said, to get things done, you’d better not mess with Mr Tom“.

But what this has done is put our Brains under a great deal more internal pressure… because the amount of information it is required to process has increased tremendously.

And we must remember that there is data processing on the Conscious Level… and information processing on the Unconscious Level.

Our Conscious Mind can only process about 40 bytes of information per second second, maximum… so as it walks down your average street… it sees and hears very little of what is going on around it. Especially if it is wrapped up in its own internal dialogue.

But now, walk down that street again, exploring it from the perspective of your Unconscious Mind, which sees everything… can process  between 11 to 20 million bytes of data per second (scientists can’t agree, but it’s a lot)… which sees all the posters, all the adverts on the smart boards, hears all the broadcasts from all the IPods, sees all the adverts and programmes playing on all the television screens in the shop windows… AND each time it registers a new piece of external information it also has to process it to understand… is it a threat… is it important… is it relevant?

While we walk down the average street, our Unconscious Mind is doing a huge amount of data processing on our behalf.

But then, it is doing the same in every moment of our life.

The Unconscious Mind doesn’t switch off. Not even while we sleep… in fact, that’s often when it is at its busiest.

What has changed is that the world around us has changed, and is now awash with media information which our Unconscious Mind cannot help but process… putting more stress on its systems… and burning up more Yellow Vibe then if we were just taking a walk in Nature.

And when you look at it from that point of view… no wonder kids today are saying that Yellow is their favorite color.

The information / data processing which an Unconscious Mind in the Western World has to do on a daily basis is immense… positively Mind-blowing.

No wonder Yellow is the favorite color of most Young People today.

Anyone alive today needs a large amount of the Yellow Vibe just to make it through from dawn to dusk mentally intact.

But the next question on our Yellow list must be…

What exactly is the Yellow Vibe doing?

Well… we have covered some of this with the Orange Vibe… and so will weave that information in again.

But… put as simply as possible… Yellow is the torch in Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Warehouse of All Knowledge.

Let me explain.

The spiritual master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, who brought Sufism to the West from India in the early 20th Century, used to say that the universal source of knowledge was a bit like a warehouse filled to the roof with different objects, artwork, scientific equipment and discoveries, and literary texts… all waiting to be discovered. But the warehouse itself is completely dark… no light whatsoever… you have to bring your own light (and this light is based on your level of consciousness). So, to find whatever you want, you had to bring your own torch.

Let’s imagine that four men go into this dark warehouse, each armed with a small, hand-held torch. One man is a painter, another man is a scientist, another is a writer, and the last man is a musician. What do they find as they move around this warehouse, stuffed to the roof with all the potential discoveries of human civilisation?


• The painter finds a painting by Rembrandt, another by Picasso, and another by Monet.

• The scientist finds an electron microscope, a revolutionary overlooked invention by Nikolai Tesla, and the large hadron collider (it’s a big warehouse).

• The writer finds an original portfolio of Shakespeare’s plays, a first edition of Mark Twain, and a complete edition of the plays of George Bernard Shaw.

• The musician finds a violin by Stradivarius, a piano used by Chopin, and a guitar used by Jimmy Hendrix.

So… what is the point of this story? Well, according to Hazrat Inayat Khan, we only pull out of this ‘warehouse of all knowledge’ that which interests us, that which we are attracted to, that which we are inspired by.

The warehouse is stuffed full of musical instruments, or literary texts, but the scientists doesn’t see them, they’re invisible to him, because his consciousness is only focused on scientific pursuits (and even that can be broken down into sub-categories – physics, chemistry, biology…) Likewise, the musician walks past all the scientific equipment, without noticing them, because his awareness is totally focused on all the musical instruments he can see around him. (OK, I am sure there are a few scientists out there shouting ‘But I play the piano as well, I’m a well-rounded individual!’ And likewise, I am sure there are a few indignant musicians saying ‘But I studied mathematics at college!’) Hopefully you get the point I am trying to make here.

But the other important point for us here… the torch… the hand-held torch we carry to help us see the inside of the warehouse.

There would be no point in going into the warehouse if we had no way of seeing… no source of light to illuminate the inside of the dark warehouse.

Yep, yes guessed right… the Yellow Vibe is the torch… Yellow Vibe which we bring into the Warehouse of All Knowledge… which is also called the Universal Mind.

Yellow illuminates the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that you are interested in… that you need perhaps… or are attracted to… so that you can draw them down into your Mental Space, where the Orange Vibe attaches them to an emotion, so that they are securely anchored.

And dare we say, your particular vibration or frequency of Yellow detects those thoughts and ideas which have a similar frequency. So the brighter your Yellow, the brighter the new thoughts you can access.

And the new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs for Humanity coming down from Above are very bright indeed.

So you need a very bright, Yellow Mind to detect them.

But… what is the reality for many people on Earth today?

Well, like we said… the majority of people now live modern lives which require their Minds to process a huge amount of data… which requires that they use up a lot of the Yellow Vibe. Being alive in the 21st Century will demand that each individual has a heavy Yellow fuel need.

If you then want to also think outside the box… you’re going to have to be able to access additional sources of Yellow, to feed your mind… so that it stays… open. Because being open-minded also uses up additional Yellow Vibe.

The phrase… open-minded… implies that you are open to new ideasnew thoughtsnew ways of looking at the world and yourself… but only someone with sufficient levels of Yellow Vibe can afford to remain open-minded… because only they have the levels of energy left to process these new ideas, and incorporate them into their existing mindset.

For those who have closed minds… sometimes it is because they are overly attached to their existing beliefs, and don’t care for them to be challenged… but it can also be that they lack the sufficient Yellow energy required to integrate the new thoughts… and so refuse to think outside their tidy, existing boxes. It’s just too exhausting for them.

But now… there are few more things about the Yellow Vibe which we need to consider… because for our Minds, the Yellow Vibe is a very versatile fuel indeed, it is used in a lot of ways.

Take this simple the Children’s Nursery Rhyme as an example:

Mary had a little lamb

It’s fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go

So what is happening with those words?

Well, it is also a series of individual sentences… which reflect individual thoughts… which have been strung together… to create a more complex structure… in this case a Nursery Rhyme.

Now, that’s a simple complex mental structure… while at the other extreme, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, one of the longest novels in Human world culture, is an example of a far more complicated complex mental structure… a novel created from a mass of inter-connected thoughts.

You see… individually, thoughts are interesting… but their real power comes when they are grouped… they form alliances… come togetherinter-act… are linked up within our Mind Space.

And then that more complex structure is expressed into the world in some way… either as a Nursery Rhyme… a novel like War and Peace… or your cities Telephone Directory.

The what doesn’t really matter… but the fact that we all live in a highly technological civilization now, which is built upon our ability to organize and link thought… that’s what is important.

And it is the Yellow Vibe which also does the linking, connecting and organisation of our thoughts.

Without Yellow, all our beautifully created thought castles would fall apart… no subtle glue to hold them together.

It is the Yellow Vibe which sets-up and creates this stream of consciousness thing we Humans have got going inside our heads… where when one thought follows another thought, which is then followed by even more thoughts… which follows a whole lot more thoughts…

Otherwise known as the process of thinking.

It is the Yellow Vibe which creates and fuels our ability to link thoughts together… our ability to think about and around situations… maybe coming up with a brand new insight or discovery entirely.

Which is often what a major breakthrough in science, technology or the arts is really all about.

We always assume it occurs when someone thinks a brand new thought, and that thought leads to a new discovery… and this can indeed happen (Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a good example of this)… although, that new, original new thought will go nowhere if it cannot link up with other thoughts, and existing forms out in the world… or find people who are capable of processing it (it is said, that upon its first publication, there were only six people alive who really understood Theory of Relativity, who got what Einstein was saying).

But another way in which newness and invention comes into our world is when someone takes two existing thoughts… brings them together… but in a new and unexpected way in which no one has never done before… and the revolution comes from that unexpected union.

For example… when you stop to think about it…

Mobile phones = telephones, which are small enough to hold in your hand, and wireless.

Before the invention of the 1st mobile back in the 1980s, which were quite large admittedly, all of the above technology was in existence… all the separate ideas where present… to create the revolution in mobile telecommunications we have now.

But it took someone with sufficient Yellow Vibe running through their Mind to see how all these elements could be brought together in a way that could and would work.

Sometimes the genius comes through someone looking at what is already there, and re-arranging it in their head, and so coming up with something different and revolutionary but workable.

They have the ability to see what was always there… it’s just no one else could see the potential.

And that is also what we need in our life sometimes.

The answer to our problems is often literally staring us in the face… but we can’t see it… because we cannot re-arrange the existing forms / ideas in our head to come up with the new, workable answer.

And why is that?

Because we lack sufficient Yellow Vibe to power the mental re-arranging.

We’re like someone in their late 80s who lacks the strength to re-arrange the furniture in their living room… so we’re stuck with the layout.

Same with our mental layout if we are low on Yellow.

Someone else can sometimes look at our life, and see what is obvious, while we cannot.

Why is that?

Because even though both of us have the same facts, the same ideas about the situation… they have sufficient Yellow Vibe running through their mental aura to re-arrange those same ideas into a new and viable solution… while we lack sufficient Yellow juice to jump start our mental processing… and so cannot see what they see.

Sometimes, if we are that low on Yellow… even if they tell us the solution… we still still cannot see it… because we cannot re-arrange the ideas internally into a pattern which allows us to see it… like they have done. We literally cannot think how they are thinkingwe just don’t have the juice to match it.

Often, success in life comes down to the ability to play with the ideas in our head… re-arranging them into a different pattern that works better for us.

But when someone doesn’t have the mental juice left to do this… it’s like their inner computer is functioning of the lowest power level… and certain sub-systems get closed down, because they are not considered necessary or essential, and are only draining the battery of power.

And when that happens in the Human Mindwe tend to get stuck in small, repeating mental loops.

If you ever work with someone who is seriously stuck… because they are going through a personal crisis say… or in the grips of anxiety… and you ask them to write down their thoughts on paper… as these thoughts occur… then you will find something quite weird.

Most often, they will be thinking the same thoughts, over and over again, stuck in a repeating mental loop.

Say six or seven thoughts… repeated… over and over again… and over again.

OK, there may be slight variations in those thoughts… but basically they are the same… and the order of these thoughts in the loop might change… but those same six or seven thoughts keep coming around, again and again.

But because they are thinking… it appears to the Conscious Self that they are at least trying to figure out a solution to their problem… because they are thinking about it, and trying to come with a solution to their problem.

But if you are stuck in a repeating thought loop… where you are only thinking the same six and seven thoughts, over and over again, and you still haven’t found a solution… then chances are you won’t.

Chances are you are stuck.

Chances are if none of those six or seven thoughts have led you to a breakthrough the first time they went around the loop… then that means they won’t, no matter how many times they go around the inside of your brain.

You are trapped inside a mental thought loop… and your only chance at freedom… is to somehow break the loop, so you are able to think a new thoughtone that possibly might bring you a workable solution to your problem.

Because the six or seven existing thoughts… constantly set to repeat in your head… ain’t going to do it for you.

But why do people get stuck in these repeating mental loops anyway?

Because they lack sufficient Yellow Vibe to think bigger.

Simple as that.

OK, the types of dominant thoughts in a person’s personality will play a big role here, so if they are pessimistic say, then their head will be full of pessimistic or negative thoughts… that has to be taken into consideration here… and those kinds of thought don’t tend to lead to constructive and realistic solutions.

But also…

The Yellow Vibe can only work with the thoughts which are already present in someone’s head… until they actively go looking for better thought replacements.

But if the Yellow Vibe is all about linking thoughts together… and you don’t have enough of it… your Mind switches down to minimum power setting… bit like how some laptops are designed to switch off low priority applications when the battery power gets low.

And one way to conserve Yellow fuel, especially when you are low on it to begin with…. is to… think smaller.

And that’s what a mental thought loop is all about, really… conserving mental energy by re-cycling the same thoughts, over and over again.

Actually… it’s a Catch-22 situation… because it rarely leads you to a solution to your problem… but it does help conserve mental Yellow Vibe initially… but the longer it lasts, the more you feel mentally tired and drained.

But if you know what is going on then you can easily step out of it… and the best way to do that is to re-charge your mental battery with new Yellow Vibe… replenish your stock of Yellow fuel.

Because once you can do that… then your Mind gets a boost of optimism and openness, and it feels able to go out looking for those all-important new ideas… and all you need is for one of these new ideas to be the answer you need, and then automatically:

Freedom… Escape… Release !!!

And the boost of new Yellow also helps to keep the mental anxiety at bay, while you are in search of that new idea.

And that is why I think Yellow is generally associated with optimism… and a sunny and relaxed personality.

Because the person feels much more comfortable in their own Head-Space, more mentally relaxed, because if you have sufficient Yellow Vibe, you have the confidence to say… “OK, it’s a troubling situation… but I am sure I will be able to figure it out in time. So I am not going to panic about it right now.”

In contrast, when you have low Yellow Vibe, your basic approach is to panic, “I have these all thoughts going around and around in my head, and I still can’t come up with a solution… and it is really starting to worry me… what am I going to do!

When you are doing that, worrying and panicking, you are burning up what little Yellow fuel you have left… and still not finding your way out of the mental maze.

And it just doesn’t feel good either… anxiety never does.

But where is the one area where our Ego finds the use of Yellow Vibe absolutely essential.

In the creation of our inner, mental stories.

Because once again, the power doesn’t lie in any individual thought.. but in how we string those thoughts together to create a personal, internal narrativean inner story about who we are… and how we relate to the world around us.

For example, in your head… are you are winner… or a loser… in the game of life?

And if you consider yourself to be a winner… what are the events, circumstances, decision-points, and people that have lead to your success… as someone who feels that they are a winner?

And if you consider yourself to be a loser… once again… what are the events, circumstances, decision-points, and people that have led to you failing over and over again… to the point where you now define yourself as a loser in the game of life?

Now, as you thought about either of those questions… perhaps coming up with a different answer entirely, because we all have different life journeys and experiences… and winner / loser is very black and white classification… and some people decide not to even play the game to begin with…

With Neurolingustic Programming, there is the understanding that the past only has power over us because we cling on to it continually inside of our heads… we keep choosing to tell ourselves the same story, in each moment. No is ever locked into being a winner or loser… unless they choose.

But for the majority of us… as we considered those questions… we will have started to engage with our inner story… as a way to evaluate our situation and compare.

OK, perhaps not from the very beginning…

Hi, my name is Tabitha, and I was born in 1958 into a family of five kids, in New York, and my mother was from Ireland and my father was from Italy… and the first thing I remember as a child…

No, fortunately, the great thing is we can pop in and out of our story at various points along the plot line… we don’t have to start from the beginning each time… we can scroll ahead… we can do this because we know it so well.

But the important thing here:

  • Each of us has an inner story, which is unique to us
  • It helps to give our life meaning, structure, and hopefully purpose
  • And our story is woven together from our personal thoughts, using the Yellow Vibe

We need our internal story to help us know and decide who we arewhat we valuewhat we stand for… and how we relate to the world around us… and to ourselves internally.

And our internal story is often what makes us interesting and unique… not only to other people… but also to ourselves.

But a very important thing to consider… is this internal story the total truth… or is it a fabrication or construct, woven from imaginary events…or a mixture of both?

For example, going back to Tabitha and her story… everything she said in her Intro statement can be considered the truth… because they are external and verifiable facts.

But now, consider this incident from Tabitha’s early childhood.

When I was 2 years old, I was in the garden, our dog started barking, very loudly and aggressively, I got scared, it was barking as it ran around the garden… that’s why I am always a little afraid of dogs, because I think they are going to attack me.”

According to Tabitha, that’s what happened in the garden, with the family pet, when she was 2 years old.

But is it the total, objective truth?

Was the dog barking at her, and could possibly have attacked her… which is why she is now scared of dogs?

Or perhaps…

Was the dog barking at a stranger at the bottom of the garden, who Tabitha couldn’t see… and so the dog was actually barking to protect her?

Both scenarios are possible.

But the important point to consider here… Tabitha took her thoughts about that situation, from the perspective of being 2 years old, and wove them together into a personal internal story, which made sense to her then… and influenced her life going forwards.

Dogs are scary… keep your distance from dogs.

It’s similar to the Ancient Teaching Story of a man who is walking along a path at night, sees a snake on the path, is scared and runs away back down the path. In the morning, in the clear light of day, he discovers the snake was nothing more then an old piece of rope, dropped and forgotten on the path. His reaction was real, his initial assessment was valid… but the overall story he told himself was fundamentally untrue. there was no poisonous snake… only an old piece of rope.

And that is what we all do to some extent… we take internal thoughts… which relate to external events usually… and whether true or not… we weave them into our internal story… the story of we are.

Scratch that… the story of who we think we are.

And if we think we are a Hero… because we always got to be picked as captain for all the teams at school… then we will most easily play the part of the Hero in later life… it will come naturally to us, because we are used to it… it’s woven into our story.

And if we think we are Stupid… because that’s what all our teachers told us in school… then we are living that kind of story… and will play out that same role in later life… perhaps ending up in a low-wage job, because that’s all we think we are worth… it’s woven into our story.

Our inner stories are some of the powerful things in our psyche.

So… important point… yes, Mind is the Builder, as Edgar Cayce said… but a Mind can only build using the construction material it is given… and some of us are better at mental quality control then others.

As the Sufi teacher Idries Shah perhaps would have said… some of us learn how to think correctly and with ease, and so learn to navigate reality better then others, who are never trained in the correct use of their Mind.

But it’s not just the thoughts in our head… it’s how those thoughts are arranged, the pattern they form collectively… it’s the stories that they form.

That’s often where their true power lies.

I often come across people who say… “I worked with this affirmation… for a week… and nothing has changed. Why hasn’t my life changed?

Well, to answer that fully, there are a lot of things to consider… such as… were you doing it rightwas it the right belief to work with first outdid you repeat the affirmation for long enough?

But one of the important things to consider…

OK, you might have struck lucky first time out… but often real external change comes after working on a host of inter-connected thoughts… because your external reality is created from many thoughts, not just one… and so you often need to change several inner beliefs before your external reality shifts for the better.”

Bottom-line… we are not just the creation / expression of one or two thoughts… but a whole mass of thoughtswoven together to form a coherent story.

And when we are working to change ourselves, we need to recognize that fact… it took the many years of our childhood to create our current personality… so to reverse some of those mental patterns isn’t going to happen over night… no matter how badly we want or need the change to happen (… although that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to give up either… some changes can indeed turnaround quite quickly… so there is always hope).

Which is another thing to remember… coherence… almost forgot about the importance of coherence when weaving our story. We must mention coherence.

Trust me… it’s very important… and often gets forgotten about.

But if you factor in the need for coherence, change can happen a lot faster, and more smoothly.

Because our Unconscious Mind will always opt to move from one coherent state to another coherent state.

But it will never vote to jump from a coherent state into one it considers to be incoherent.

Our Mind will always strive to create… or maintain… a story which is coherentwhich makes sense… and totally hates a story which is incoherentwhich makes no sense.

To understand this, let’s go back to Tabitha and her dog barking story.

She was 2 years old, the dog was barking… the only story which made sense was that the dog was barking at her… so that is what she took to be the truth… and assuming that creates a coherent story. It makes sense, even if it leaves her in a weaker position… with a fear of dogs.

The personal development coach, Ted McGrath, relates the story in his stage show of how, when he was a small kid, he was told by his parents that they were getting divorced… and the only coherent story he could tell himself to make sense of what was happening… It’s my fault.

He was too young to weave any other story which would make sense… the only way he could process the information… to maintain the coherence of his story… assume that it was all his fault in some way.

And this is where a lot of shame, guilt and blame comes from… something happens to us when young, and the only way our Unconscious Mind can maintain the coherence of our story… is to take the shame, guilt, or blame into ourselves.

It’s my all fault… don’t know how or why… maybe it’s because I yelled at mummy before breakfast… that must be it… that’s why she left / got super-ill / died… It’s all my own fault… and so I must be punished… or work forever to try and correct it.

Ted McGrath lived and struggled under the weight of his particular coherent story for the next 20 years plus (go see his stage show for what happened next)… don’t worry… happy ending… eventually.

The Unconscious Mind will always go for a story which makes sense, which is coherent, even if it means the Conscious Self gets crucified for the next 20 years as a result… even if it results in a lifetime of guilt, shame, and pain.

Now the problem is that… when someone wants to change… and they use affirmations say… start programming their Unconscious Mind… they are feeding their Unconscious Mind with new statements and beliefs about their reality.

Fair enough. Nothing wrong with that.

And if the Conscious Self is boxing clever, and introducing the inner changes in a steady way… not going too fast… so that the changes make sense… and start to weave a new coherent story within… then the Unconscious Mind doesn’t have a problem with it.

But thing is… one of the great psychic laws is the Conservation of Inner Coherence.

Our Unconscious Mind will always work hard to maintain our inner coherence of story… even if it means sabotaging the wishes of the Conscious Self to do so.

Example… a man who earns $25,000 a year, wants to earn more… and their ambition is to be on $1 million by the end of the year.

Now, we live in an infinite Universe, and miracles do happen… everything is possible… so there probably are people out there who have done that very thing… so I don’t want to say it isn’t possible.

But usually, on average, it goes something like this.

At the start of the transformation, the man is living within a coherent, inner story that sees him earning $25,000 as being possible… and that is what his Unconscious Mind manifests.

But as soon as he starts to say affirmations like “I am earning $1 million a year” the coherence of his previous story is called into question… and the new inner story, of him being a millionaire, hasn’t firmed up enough yet to make sense… it cannot be linked to anything which helps to maintains the coherence.

The Unconscious Mind… gathering all the evidence… internal and external… has to come to the conclusion… “Hey dude, this new story we’re trying to spin here… just doesn’t make sense… it’s incoherent… you say you are earning $1 million a year… but you are buying goods at the local $1 shop.”

So he is in a place of limbo, he’s betwixt and between… as is his Unconscious Mind.

And as far his Unconscious Mind is concerned… all the changes it is being asked to implement is only making things more and more unstable. It’s making things less coherent, not more.

Humans beings are like that… we often want to run before we can walk. Every an Olympic athlete who has dreams of winning Gold… even they have to train each day to make it happen… break down their goals into achievable steps.

Earning $1 million a year is a great end goal… and having it as an end goal affirmation is always a sound thing to do.

But to ensure that the Unconscious Mind is also on board, and doesn’t go overboard when things start to become more incoherent within, then perhaps an affirmation like the following might be more useful:

I am earning $1 million a year, and take practical and realistic steps to achieve my goal.”

That’s why Vision boards… or acting As Is… or visualizing empowered images… or the feelings of the wish fulfilled… can and do work… because they help to tip things back towards a more coherent story… through providing the Unconscious Mind with more evidence to support the new coherent story.

And this is also why I believe Noah St. John’s approach with Afformations can sometimes be a better approach, rephrasing it as:

Why am I earning $1 million a year.”

Because through re-phrasing it as a question, not only sets the Unconscious Mind the task of how to get to the end result… the process of moving between the two different states of coherence is also factored in… moving from $25,000 coherence to $1 million coherence.

Sometimes a simple Why can make a world of difference.

But… bottom-line… coherence is powerful force in the Human psyche… and if the Conscious Self tries to swim against it… it will lose… the Unconscious Mind will always try to maintain coherence… even that means ignoring the wishes of the Conscious Self.

Usually, the Unconscious Mind is meant to listen to, and try to achieve the desires and wishes of the Conscious Self… but when it comes to things likes survival, self-preservation, and coherence… the usual rules don’t apply… and deeper programming kicks in.

And overall, coherence is a gift of the Yellow Vibe… because our internal stories are what we use to better navigate our life. We just need to ensure we’re telling ourselves the right kind of internal stories for the life we are choosing to lead.


So how do we re-charge ourselves with fresh Yellow Vibe?

Well, the easiest way is to spend time in Nature… out in natural sunlight, on a bright summer’s day preferably. And that is Nature’s free Yellow gift to us… natural sunlight. A lot of modern light-bulbs are the Blue end of the spectrum, especially if they are energy saving… so they deny us the Yellow we need.

This is also one of the reasons why people from Northern Europe tend to long for their 2 weeks holiday in the Mediterranean sun… not just for the tan… but it allows them to relax… and mentally re-charge… and the mental strains of their normal life seems further away when they are in the sun.

But that is, admittedly, not always possible… especially for those who live in the far Northern latitudes… or who can’t afford to jump on a plane whenever they need.

So for those who like working with crystals, the Yellow Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Yellow, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = either Yellow Calcite or Yellow Jasper
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = either Yellow Calcite or Yellow Jasper
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = either Yellow Fluorite or Pyrite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = either Yellow Apatite or Heliodor
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = either Yellow Vesuviante or Yellow Scapalite
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Yellow Topaz
  • Brow Chakra / Monoclinic = Yellow Jade
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Yellow Amblygonite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Yellow Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Yellow Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Yellow Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.

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