The White Vibe

Now, to understand the White Vibe, and what it is all about, we need to mix a little bit of real-world physics… with a little bit of spiritual physics… and so come to a better understanding of how light works… across the board… physical and spiritual light.


So what exactly is White Light?

Well, as we know… the color White contains within it all the colors of the visible spectrum… Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet

So when a beam of light strikes an object which is Blue in color… what happens is that all other colors within the spectrum are absorbed… and the Blue part of the spectrum is reflected out from the object… and it is that Blue which hits our eye… and so our Brain registers that the object is Blue… because the rods which register Blue within our eye are activated, and send the correct signals to our Brain for processing… and that information is woven into our understanding of the ever-changing world around us (i.e. that object over there is Blue). This process of seeing is happening all the time our eyes are open, processing sensory data from the world around us, but below the level of our Conscious Mind.

Ditto for any other color within the visible spectrum… one particular part of the spectrum is reflected… while all other colors are absorbed.

Except when it comes to White and Black.

When White hits our eye, after being reflected by an object, it appears White because all parts of the visible color spectrum are being reflected… and nothing is being absorbed and withheld (which would be Black).

White occurs when all parts of the color spectrum is reflected from an object.

Which ties in with a spiritual concept found within Light Body teachings… that of choosing to express.

You see…

Each individual is the line which separates two infinite Universes… the Universe within us… and the Universe without… out there.

And each of us sits on the exact point between these two Universes… the internal and the external.

We therefore have access to an infinite inner world within, which opens up into ever expanding and infinite dimensions…

And also… the infinite world all around us… withoutout there… which also has an infinite number of dimensions.

As above, so below… as within, so without… with Human beings in the middle.

Which is not to say that we are God’s chosen creatures… but it is to say that the Universe has chosen to place us in this unique position for a reason.

Bottom-line, there is a lot more within us then we realize… and a lot more outside of us then we know… or can ever experience in a million lifetimes… and each individual sits in the space between these two infinities and eternities.

And how we choose to blend the two… walk the narrow path between the two… determines the success of our unique lifetime to a large degree.

Now, the majority of us Humans tend to be externally focused… especially if we are one of those creatures known as extroverts… who pay more attention to their outer world then the inner (and it is the introverts who are the reverse… who are more internally focused).

And our Western culture, on the whole, tends to put more emphasis on the external world then the innerlook at all the shiny stuff around you… that you could buy and own… watch this television show… visit this new online store… travel to this new exotic tourist destination…

Bit like when your Mother said… stop staring into space… why, don’t you go outside and play?

Well, having a physical body on the Earth plane is the ultimate going outside and playing.

Plus, to maintain a physical presence on the Earth plane, to continue to survive… our bodies need to constantly scan the outer world for danger… because all the dangerous stuff comes from the outer world (“Hey… sabre tooth tiger… run!“).

So, for several reasons, there are whole sections of our Brain dedicated to paying close attention to the outer world, to keep us safe and alive.

But… the thing is…

Human civilization would not be possible if we were 100% externally focused… because a lot of the good stuff we like and need comes to us from the other direction.

If you are too externally focused… then you loose sight of the other side of the equation… the other dimension.

All the good stuff which arises from our inner world.

Ideas, thoughts, beliefs… for good or bad… imagination, inspiration, spiritual experiences… and love… all that is sourced from our inner world.

All that is what makes us Human.

And as a Human… everyone of us sits on the point between these two Universes… we are the Gateway between the inner and the outer… the internal and the external.

We are the Gateway through which the inner can express itself out into the outer… and the outer can enter into the inner.

Think about it…

Which other creature can go…

“I have had a great new idea for a different flavor of ice cream… I will make up a batch this afternoon… and if people like it, then I will set myself up in business… and make a fortune!!!”


“I am going to forgive my brother for what he said… it will be poisonous for the family if I let this situation continue.”


“I have just had an amazing insight into how that particular disease works… I think I finally know how to cure it… which will make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people around the world.”

In all of these above examples, an idea or thought from the inner world of that individual… is expressed through them… and has the potential to go out into the external world… and create changeshake things upmake a difference.

And it is just not thoughts… it’s all those feelings… emotions…

LoveUnconditional LovePeaceGratitude… all reside on the inner side of each Human Gateway… and there are 8 billion individual Gateways on the planet at this time, remember… energies waiting to be expressed through each individual… through a Human Heart… out into the external world.

To create change… shake things up… make a difference.

If we choose to allow it that is.

Because that is the big problem… if each Human is a Gateway… then they are also a Dam… the closed and locked Door… the No to a life worth living.

Open or Closed… our choice.

We can allow an emotion or idea to be expressed… or slam the door shut on it.

You can give voice to the thoughts in your head… or remain silent.

Love can be standing at the door, ready to flood out into our external world… touch people… make our life better… but we can say No to it… refuse to express the love which is within us.

Maybe that is the ultimate gift from God… our free-will to choose what we express through our individuality… or close the door on it.

“If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you… if you don’t, then it will destroy you.”

Jesus said that in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, around 2,000 years ago.

Took me two decades to understand what that Sutra means… and when I finally got it… I also realized that it means several things… Jesus was teaching in Aramaic after all, a very poetic language… with multiple meanings and interpretations in a simple sentence.

But… what I think Jesus was getting at…

Human beings… we’re the Universe’s bringing forth machines… who can express what is within us and make the external world richer and more beautiful… and also gather up a harvest from the external world… and take it back with us to Source.

If we choose… if we choose to express… that is.

As it states in the well-known Native American teaching story, we can choose which wolf we feed… the love-wolf or the anger-wolf within us… and how do we feed it… by focusing on it and expressing it.

We can choose to bring forth the positive within us… all the love, and grace, and peace, and gratitude… and enrich our life and the lives of those around us… those we touch… and don’t forget intuition and wisdom… that needs to be expressed too.

But if we don’t… if we choose not to express any of the good stuff within us…

Or just choose to express the negative, low vibe stuff… the anger, the hate, the shame, the guilt, the fear, the anxiety to name a few…

If we don’t choose to bring forth the positive which could and would counter-act all the negativity within and around us…

Then the negativity will destroy us in the end… on so many different levels.

But we always have a choice… a choice of what we focus our consciousness on… a choice of what we express through our individuality.

And after death, if someone whose Heart is packed full of hate, and fear, and anger… weighted down with low vibe emotions… tries to get back through the Light Portal and into the Unconditional Love of Heaven… what do you think is going to happen?

Yep… massive vibrational / resonance mis-match.

From everything I have ever witnessed or experienced… Heaven never blocks a Human Soul from coming back to their Spiritual Home… it is the vibration of their own Heart which blocks and bars the way.

Only a Heart which is light as a feather, lifted up by all the cool and positive vibes they have harvested during their lifetime, gets to pass through the Heavenly Light Portal.

See… those Ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two, and certainly more then just how to stack big blocks of stone, one on top the other.

And there’s always another chance to make good… turn things around… that’s one of the things Re-incarnation is for… an eternity of time to re-sit your life lessons.

Oh… and need to mention… one of my big leanings, which I am passing on… not all spiritual energies are meant to be expressed… some or given to us, gifts from the Universe, for us alone… to experience… to enjoy… and that’s it… not meant to go any further. Not every profound spiritual experience requires you to rush out and found a new religion. As in many things, discernment, intuition and being grounded helps to identify what you need to express… from what is totally yours, no need to share or pass on.

And something else… for all those people out there, who are trying to express Love and Joy and Gratitude… while everyone around them is on a total downer… being all fearful, and angry, and negative… and it feels like you are swimming against the tide… and other people’s negative energies are starting to drag you down… Yep, those kind of situations are hard… trust me, been there… but thing is… as well as a Loving Heart, the Universe also gave you effective energy boundaries… walls and shields, built into your aura and energy field… so you don’t need to take on those lower vibes if you don’t want… What do you mean, no one ever told you that before? … It’s true… you can be loving, spiritual, while not taking on other people’s low vibe shit… or putting up with other people’s shit too! Do you really think the Universe would have sent you down on to the Earth plane without some way of protecting your own energy-field? Just need to locate the On switch.

Now… where were we? Oh, yes…

So what has any of this got to do with the White Vibe?

Well… to put it simply…

Just as White Light pours down to us from the Sun from above… (OK… the light from our Sun leans more towards the Yellow part of the visible spectrum then other Stars admittedly. Other Stars are more Blue, and some more Red… all primary colors… interesting).

Just as White Light pours down to us from the Sun from above… So the Spiritual White Light pours through us… to be expressed out into the external world.

Light which comes direct from the infinite and eternal Universal Source… light which supports us… light which also, to a large degree, creates us.

And this is the really cool part… ready?

If we were to jump into our time-machine once again… and travel back in time to Sir Isaac Newton’s laboratory in the 17th Century, then we would probably find him conducting light experiments with glass prisms (unless he was out in the garden, sitting under an apple tree… he did do some of that under apple tree sitting thing too).

In his laboratory, he spent weeks conducting experiments to discover the true nature of light, the most famous being the one where…

He set up a light source to create a beam of light… placed a glass prism directly in the path of that light-beam (i.e. a piece of triangular glass)… and as the light-beam passed through the glass prism, at an angle, it was split up into the 7 colors of the Rainbow.

Wow… the world’s 1st ever experience of technicolor !!!

Which is exactly the process which occurs in Nature to create a Rainbow… where light passes through the water droplets in clouds, the light is broken down into the 7 colors… and a Rainbow arcs its ways across the sky.

And this same experiment has been re-created in school science labs down through the centuries ever since… (and to be fair, there were scientists in the Middle East and China who may have discovered the same phenomenon, probably using Clear Beryl (also known as Goshenite), centuries before Newton. But Newton was in the right place at the right time… so he gets the discovery credits, and the write-up in the scientific history books).

But Newton had one more trick up his sleeve…

Because if you set-up a 2nd prism, in the path of the Rainbow light, where the Rainbow strikes it at an angle, the spectrum of colors is re-combined back into a single beam of White light.

Wow… squared.

So that is White light… broken into the Rainbow spectrum… and then re-combined into the White light again.

Which is kind of what the Universe does… or has been doing… in different ways, ever since the Big Bang. Or maybe starting with the Big Bang.

It splits itself apart… so the separated elements can play together, create new and more complex, beautiful and intriguing patterns… and those elements then come back together, merge again… only to split again later… giving birth to a new cycle of expansion and contraction, separation and merging.

According to the Ancient Taoists, the Tao is continually breaking itself apart… to create Yin / Yang… to create the 5 Elements… which in turn give birth to the 10,000 Things… to the whole manifest Universe… all vibrations and all possible forms.

That is the cycle of Creation.

But in reverse… the 10,000 Things are also continually merging together… merging back into a state of wholeness… back into the Tao over and over again.

That is the cycle of Destruction.

The eternal Dance of Shiva.

And as the Upanishads put it… Infinity comes out of infinity… and infinity still remains.

The Tao is big enough to create an infinite Universe… and still have an infinity left over… so who is to say that the Tao hasn’t created an infinite number of infinite Universes… and then some.

So… the Spiritual White light is expressed through us… the Humans on Planet Earth.

Which… according to Meister Eckhart allows God to take a front-row seat on the whole manifest Universe show… experiencing what we experience… seeing what we see… feeling what we feel.

And what do we do… us Humans… what do we add to this Divine Game of Creation?

Well… in God’s laboratory… where God is playing the part of Sir Isaac Newton

Human beings are God’s prisms.

We help to step Spiritual White Light down… and separate it out into all the colors of the Spiritual Rainbow.

There is a Spiritual White Light which the Universe expresses through each Human being.

But as this White Light is expressed through us… Human Consciousness and our physical body acts like a prism… and we convert it into the full range of Spiritual Rainbow ColorsDivine RedDivine OrangeDivine YellowDivine GreenDivine BlueDivine IndigoDivine Violet… and all other combinations… which include… last but not least… Divine Pink.

But… now the $1 billion question.

Where exactly is this inner prism in all Humans… what is it that allows this to happen?

What splits the Spiritual White Light out into the 7 Spiritual Colors?

Simple… it’s our Human Ego.

Our ability to believe that our Consciousness is separate from the rest of creationthat we are individualsthat we can and do stand apart.

It’s our sense of Ego Separateness which breaks the Spiritual White Light out into the Spiritual Rainbow.

And once again… Meister Eckhart:

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

Maybe God got tired of resting in a Universe of pure Spiritual White Light… maybe God created the fragile and distorting Human Ego for a very good reason… so he could experience 8 billion Spiritual Rainbows.

Maybe God has a lot more invested in the Human Ego then we might think… maybe what Gods sees is worth all the grief and strife of 8 billion Egos running around the planet… maybe the sight of 8 billion Spiritual Rainbows, all arcing across the sky, is a joy to behold.

Just saying… it’s a thought worth contemplating.

Which then leads us on to our next interesting question.

Maybe that is only half the story.

Because having plunged into profound spiritual disconnection… we need to ask:

What exactly is enlightenment?

Well… one clue… it’s got something to do with light… en-light-enment… so we must be in the right ballpark methinks.

So if… if the Human Ego breaks down Spiritual White Light into the 7 Spiritual Colors so they can be experienced… and witnessed.

Then, one possible explanation of enlightenment… is that enlightenment occurs when a Human consciousness is able to merge all the 7 Divine Spectrum Colors back into the Spiritual White Vibe once again.

And God would probably be all in favor of that… God gets to experience the separation of the Spiritual White Light… the emergence of the 7 Divine Colors… and then… the re-merging.

So God is likely all in favor of more people becoming enlightened.

But to do that… you would need to be able to reverse the processkick it into reverse gear somehow.

So how do you get back to Spiritual White Light again?

Well, using our Newtonian prism experiments as a guide, on the Spiritual level, there are two possibilities.

One, remove the Ego prism… so that the Spiritual White Light is never split apart to begin with… and the White Light of Source comes flooding into the personality of that individual… (although there is no longer an Ego to own it… or think… “What an amazing experience is happening to me!” … although if it is only a Satori, and the next day the Ego is back in charge, thinking it’s the new Messiah… it can get very tricky.)

That’s one way. The Zen Way.

But there is a second possibility, where a 2nd Spiritual Ego is created… which is able to re-merge the 7 Colors back into pure Spiritual White Light once again.

That’s the second way. The Sufi Way.

Maybe that explains why in Human Spirituality there are basically considered to be two paths… Via Negativia… and Via Positivity.

Which the 20th Century mystic Osho referred to as the Path of Awareness… and the Path of Love.

The Path of Awareness seeks to dissolve the Ego Prism.

The Path of Love seeks to create a new 2nd prism to re-merge the Spiritual Colors.

Next… a few other things to consider.

In Ancient Taoism, Human beings were considered to be a creation of Sky or Spirit energy… ShenHuman energyChi… and finally Earth EnergyChing or Jing. Together these were known as The Three Treasures… and together they supported the life of each Human individual. Without them, we could not exist… and so they were considered more valuable then all the Gold in the World.

In the Native American systems, we are said to be the creation of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

You also find similar with Tejas, Ojas and Prana in the Ancient Indian systems… and the different levels of Prana.

Basically… with all of these systems… Humans are a creation of Sky Energy and Earth Energy which combines, weaves together… fashions and supports us.

So the Human aura takes some of the energy it needs from Below… from the Earth’s electromagnetic field… and also from Above… from the Sky… which is another way of saying the Celestial Realm… the Spiritual White Vibe which is being expressed through us each moment of our lives.

So there is an Earth White and a Spiritual White… and we get the White Vibe both from Above and Below.

Although the Spiritual White we get from Above… we do have to break down into all the 7 Spiritual Colors… via our Ego Prism… whereas the energy we get from the Earth is already broken down for us.

Which is one of the reason’s why some people have a problem with Spiritual Stuff… and stay close to the Earth, and an Earth perspective, during their lifetime. Because, they prefer to get the Color Vibes they need from the Earth (which means there is whole chunks of their potential which never gets to be explored or expressed).


Because… when you tune into the Spiritual White Vibe… it reminds you that you are a creation… and most often our Human Ego doesn’t like that… it much prefers the notion that it is its own creation.

But if the Human Ego didn’t have the illusion that it was separate and independent… then the rest of the Rainbow magic just wouldn’t work.

And with this… we encounter another one of the Universe’s design flaws.

Because… and it may not come as a surprise to a few of you… but the Human Ego is not a perfect creation.

So yes, it splits the Spiritual White Light out into the 7 Celestial Colors

But because of individuality… and past-life karma… the Human Ego also accepts certain colors, and rejects others…

So it is a prism with its own personal agenda.

So some colors are expressed… while other colors are discarded… or go unused.

A Human Ego is not like a perfectly formed optical prism… it has flaws and is mis-shapen… and some Egos are more mis-shapen then others… especially if they are distorted by previous life karma.

Which does make things  a lot more interesting for God… spices up the drama… adds a whole different level of variety and complexity to observe.

But for a Human individual… it means your life-engine isn’t running on a full tank of fuel… because you are choosing which fuel to work with… depending on personal preference… and not on what is needed… what will actually work, and make your life better.

So in some areas… we are pulling in the right fuel from the Earth & Sky, and have more then enough of it… but in others… we’re basically running on a flat tank.

Once again, it’s a bit like… I don’t like petrol… I am not putting any in my car… but could someone tell me how to get my kids to school, or do the shopping?

Without an acceptance… and utilization of the full Color Spectrum… there is bound to be areas in life where we excel… and others which are work-in-progress and where we struggle.

And every Human individual has an issue somewhere… some Color Vibe that we are learning to better accept… better work with… and that points to where our major life-lessons lie.

But when the Spiritual White Vibe is withdrawn by our Soultime’s up… time to withdraw from the Earth plane… and we ride the Black Vibe back home to Source… back to our true Celestial Home (more on that in our next Section).

So… the last question is basically… What does the White Vibe fuel in us?

Well… in the Color Dancing System, the White Vibe is our primary energy fuel… it fuels us

Whether we get the energy from Above or Belowit is what allows us to continue on the Earth plane… and it is what holds us together as a uniqueness of pattern… allows us to have a sense of I AM… which is more then just being an Ego.

And it is the energy fuel which motives us, pushes us forward to explore, expand… and express.

Wait a minute… there is one final final thing that needs to be said… sorry, forgot about this… and it’s kind of important.

An experience you might want to explore if you have previously awakened your Light Body… and which gives us an interesting image to consider and work with.

Imagine a very long and narrow corridor… and at the far end is an amazing White light… beautiful and unconditionally loving… and it shines down the corridor… down to you… who is standing at the other end.

You might also imagine that this corridor also has a slight slope or incline… so you are standing at the bottom… while the beautiful White Light is higher up… and shines down the corridor to you.

So at one end of the corridor you stand, as a separate and distinct individual… and at the other end of the corridor… is SourceGodthe Taothe White Light of Creation… whatever name you prefer.

And all expressions of your Being and Consciousnesslie somewhere along that corridor of light

So your Light Body is a little way along the corridor… closer to Spirit… but not directly at Source light.

Your Mind is also along the corridor… closer to you… but not as far as Light Body perhaps.

And this corridor is the same Path of Light we all follow after our death… (i.e. Go to the Light… Go to the Light… Follow the Light)… the same Path of Light which takes us back to Source and Spirit.

From what I have seen and experienced in my life to-date, the more conscious you can become of this corridor of light while you are alive… the easier it is to navigate after death.

Bit like driving a car really… the more you drive along a particular road… the more familiar it becomes.

And one final thing about this corridor of light… and the light which shines down the corridor to create us as an individual…

Imagine a Child and its Father… and the Child is creating finger shadows on the wall… and the Father is holding the torch which shines upon the Child’s hands.

This is a good metaphor for the whole co-creation thing

We, as Human individuals, create nothing by ourselves… because we are not the SourceGod / the Tao is…

We are not the Light.

But we are able to choose what unique patterns we hold up into the light… for the Divine to illuminate, for the Divine to manifest for us.

That is the true nature of co-creationwe are all children playing in the spiritual light.

Just like a Child creating patterns on the wall… we hold up our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams… hold them up into the Divine Light to be illuminated and made manifest.

As the spiritual teacher David R Hawkins said…  we manifest that which we hold in Mind… that which is held up to the White Light from Source.

And it is the Spiritual White Light… which flows down through to us… into our Mind… our thoughts and feelings… which illuminate themempower themand allow them to manifest out into the world as our out-there life.

And the more light we can shine into ourselves… know and overcome our own limitations and negativity… so that we are no longer manifesting blocks and barriers… the more successful we become at manifesting the life we want… a life where we get to live out our true potential…

And then bring it all back home with us when our time of separation finally comes to an end… our time of playing on the Earth plane… and the White Light gracefully steps aside for the Black to be our final guide… and the Black illuminates our path back home.

For those who like working with crystals, the White Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are White / Clear, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = Clear Calcite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = Clear Calcite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = Clear or White Fluorite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = Clear Quartz or Goshenite (aka Clear Beryl)
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = Clear Apophyllite
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Clear Danburite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = Clear Petalite
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Clear Ulexite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the White Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field… as well as the Spiritual White Light being expressed from within you. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your White Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the White Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018

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