The Vibration of the Wish Fulfilled 7… The Catch-22 & Your Get Out Of Jail Card

In the 2nd Avengers movie, The Age of Ultron, Captain America says this in response to why Vision is able to lift Thor’s hammer, and none of the other Avenger’s can… because he is an artificial creature…

Nice guy… different rules…

Which kind of sums up the difference between the Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind when it comes to manifesting

Different process… different rules…

We somehow assume that the process of manifestation is the same for the Conscious Mind as it is for the Unconscious Mind.

But what if… that is an incorrect assumption.

What if… the rules… the process… is different between the two.

Let me explain…

OK, going back to the diagram we have been using for this post series… with the 4 different levels of our Subtle Anatomy.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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