The Vibration Of The Wish Fulfilled… 9… Focusing Attention


One of the latter steps along the path of manifesting new form… and one which is often overlooked…

Focusing your positive attention on it.

Which is another way of saying… you need to pay attention to what you want to manifest… especially when it starts to show up as faint glimmers in your life… like the early morning Sun starting come over the horizon.

Otherwise you are sending out mixed messages to your Unconscious Mind… and indeed, the rest of the Universe.

Let me explain…

If you study mythology… you often come across a Creation story or two which says that mankind was created when God took some soil, or clay, or mud… something earthy… and then breathed life into it.

So that mankind is the union of earth and sky… the physical and spirit.

So what exactly is this magic spirit thing which we need to breath into whatever we want to create?

Easy… Consciousness.

I would say our Consciousness… but then we don’t own Consciousness… no more then the fish owns the water it swims in.

More like… we learn to focus the Consciousness which is currently flowing through us, currently animating us.

More coming soon.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018.

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