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The Taoist writer and teacher, Stephen Yudelove, one of Mantak Chia’s tribe, often says about the Human energy system

That if you sat on a rock, trying to think up weird stuff, not in a thousand years could you come up with some of the really weird stuff actually going on inside our Subtle Anatomy.

And this next post in our series on the Vibration Of The Wish Fulfilled is a case in point.

Because, in terms of the Physical Plane, and our Physical Bodywhere exactly is the best place to anchor a vibration you want to manifest?

The Base Chakra perhaps?

… Nope.

One of the 12 Meridians?

… Nope.

A Tan Tien maybe?

… Nope.

All good answers… but not the one which turns out to be the most critical to the equation of manifesting.

…Give up?

The best place to ground a vibration… is…

Into our bones.

Into our Skeletal system.

Which makes a whole lot of sense… honestly, it does.

Because, our bones are the most crystalline structures within our Physical Body

And our bones run along our core… whether along our trunk or limbs… especially our Spine… so if you wanted to send a vibration deep inside… so that it can expand out… send it to your bones

And in Traditional Astrology, Saturn is the planet linked to our bones, and also to the learning of our life lessons, and our ability manifest… once we have grounded in our issues and learnt them fully and successfully.

Our bones provide us… not only with our physical support… which is crucial to our ability to move and manipulate the world around us… but also with our energetic foundation and support too… which provides us with vibrational manipulation

Grounding in new energies… so that we can literally feel them in our bones.

In many ways… this was the missing element… the key… I was waiting for… that, for successful manifestation, we need to ground a new vibration into our bones themselves.

Although, not saying it is a straightforward process.

It is possible to place a crystal on a chakra say… or on a meridian point… or tan tien.

But getting the correct vibration into our skeletal system?

That’s a lot harder… and maybe that’s why it’s not included in the conventional New Age teaching list.

Although… not impossible… if you know how.

Plus to be honest… people are more squeamish around the subjects of bones and skeletons… so the subject tends to be overlooked in the New Age arena for that reason also.

But if it works… it works… regardless of whether we are squeamish or not about the subject.

And in Taoist energy practices, there is a series of meditations and processes… known as bone breathing… designed to bring additional, fresh chi directly into the bones themselves.

Although, the truth is, every Human Being is bone breathing all the time… to a greater or lesser extent… it is part of what maintains our vitality… and it is what keeps us connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Which is super… super… super important.

According to Taoist energy workers, bones take in chi through their ends… as well as being able to radiate it out… which means our Hands and Feet… with their mass of small bones… are important not only for our physical movement… but also for our ability to connect with the energy of the world around us.

From what I can discern… our bones… our Skeletal system… generates chi as it passes through the Earth’s own electromagnetic field

Like how electricity is generated along a copper wire… if you pass that copper wire through a magnetic field.

Which requires us to move about… so that our bones get a chance to pass through the Earth’s field.

And maybe also why our overall vitality suffers if we are are unable to move much… because our bones can no longer pass through the Earth’s energy field… which is a bit Catch-22, unfortunately.

And I believe this bone connection also links through to this important, but little known, experiment below…

The following is an extract from my ebook, Energy Boundaries, available to purchase and download from Amazon:

Recently, modern science has had to admit that the human body does produce an electro-magnetic aura, just as the ancients said it did, but scientists now argue that it is not integral to the continuation of life itself. They argue that this electromagnetic field is not used by life in any positive way, and is little more than a by-product of life, just as petrol fumes are a by-product of a car engine.

Personally, I do not believe this is correct, because there has been one scientific experiment, little known, which does indicate a) the existence of subtle energy, and b) its importance to our continued health and well-being.

The experiment is discussed in Valerie V. Hunt’s book Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness.

While a professor at the Physics department at University of California (Los Angeles), her team conducted an experiment, using volunteers who were placed inside a Mu field generator.

This is a human shaped box inside which the researchers could control and manipulate the electro-magnetic field within, either increasing / decreasing the electricity present, the magnetism, or both. This is the electro-magnetic field which the volunteers would then be exposed to while they were inside the box. The researchers were even able to completely cancel out the electro-magnetic field within the Mu space entirely, which would mean the volunteers would be inside a space with no electro-magnetic field. However, the researchers were also able to increase the intensity of the field if they so desired, allowing the volunteers to experience a denser electro-magnetic field.

Now, if our ‘physical’ bodies do not use electro-magnetic fields in any positive way, as conventional science currently suggests, then being placed inside a box where electro-magnetism has been ‘cancelled out’ should have no detrimental effect upon us. Neither should increasing the levels of electro-magnetism above the norm have any effect either.

However, what Valerie Hunt and her research team found (a team which also included a number of individuals who could ‘see’ the human aura), was that when individuals were placed in the Mu box and then the electric part of the E.M. field was cancelled out:

The findings were amazing. When the electrical aspect of the atmosphere in the room was withdrawn, leaving less energy, the auric fields became randomly disorganised, scattered and incoherent…

When the electromagnetism in the air was depleted, the only other electrical energy available for the subjects to interact with was the fields of other subjects in the room. As they drew upon one another’s field, both fields were weakened. In the absence of an atmospheric source of electromagnetism, the interaction increased between their confused fields. At that stage general disorganisation of both fields increased. The subjects burst into tears and sobbed, an experience unlike these people had ever endured.

In addition to these discoveries, Hunt also reports that:

• The aura reader perceived that, as the room’s electromagnetic field diminished, the individual’s outer aura dissipated, and it was easier to see into the inner layers, which was like a ‘fishnet energy’ that did not correspond to the meridian system, but seemed more aligned to the connective tissue of the physical body.

• The individual’s within the room lost the sense of their own body boundary and body image. As the field within the room weakened, each individual aura reached out for another electro-magnetic field which it could use to fix and validate its own ‘position’. Basically, each individual field had lost its ability to locate itself in space. However, once one aura had located another aura, the stronger one soon tried to draw upon, or cannablise, the weaker field.

• When the electromagnetic field within the room was increased, then people inside the room reported that their thinking became sharper, clearer, and their consciousness expanded. The reader reported that their auras were also restored, and became more vibrant and colourful.

It is possible that the human aura reader was seeing what, in Chinese energy medicine, is known as the Jing Jin, an energy system which lies below the level of the meridian system, and which is believed to be associated with our connective tissues. It is perceived as being the ‘riverbed’ for the qi of our meridian system. More about this can be found in Damo Mitchell’s book The Four Dragons: Clearing the Meridians and Awakening the Spine in Nei Gong (Singing Dragon, 2014).

Now, I would suggest that what the following experiments directly show us is that:

1. The electro-magnetic field all around us does have a direct influence on our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. When we become disconnected from this field, then our ability to function is seriously impaired.

2. The origin of this electro-magnetic field is our Planet Earth itself, and so we are all dependent on the electro-magnetic atmosphere created by the planet beneath us.

3. When the electro-magnetic field falls below a certain level, an individual’s aura will start reaching out to others, desperately trying to ‘cannibalise their energy’ in order to remain stable. This could be the mechanics behind the phenomenon of someone being a psychic or energy vampire (i.e. for some reason they cannot access the E.M. field all around them, or believe that they cannot, so they start ‘zapping’ the other people in their location).

4. Under certain conditions, an individual can lose a sense of their own body image, their distinct boundaries and so a sense of self.

5. If the electro-magnetic field within the room is increased ‘above and beyond’ the norm, individuals start to perform ‘above and beyond’ the norm, and this appears to raise their level of consciousness. This supports the idea that, according to design, position and shape it is possible to create ‘sick’ buildings (i.e. which make people fell unwell), and also buildings which improve and promote health and wellbeing.

But there are also interesting implications here in relation to how human beings live and group themselves together. As we have seen from Valerie Hunt’s Mu Room experiment, the more the electro-magnetic field diminishes, the more strain individuals are put under, the more emotional they become, the more their clarity of thought diminishes, and the more they try to ‘vamp’ their neighbour as the E.M. field starts to diminish.

So what does this tell us?

Well… that our connection to the electric-magnetism of this planet beneath (and around) us is just as important to our continued well-being as eatingdrinking… even breathing.

But if you take the findings of these series of experiments, and use them to look deeper… then you can uncover a whole different way of looking at life on this planet, what it takes to be a successful human being, and our true potential…

And from what I have seen to date, the critical link between our own energy field… and the planet’s electro-magnetic field… runs through our bones.

And that’s where the manifestation magic appears to lie.

And as the Taoist writer and teacher, Stephen Yudelove says about the Human energy system

If you sat on a rock, trying to think up weird stuff, not in a thousand years could you come up with some of the really weird stuff actually going on inside our Subtle Anatomy.

Note: It is not lost on me, that some of the effects described by people in Hunt’s Mu cage are very similar to common symptoms suffered by people suffering from serious bone illnesses… just saying.

More coming soon.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018.





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