The Vibration Of The Wish Fulfilled… 2


OK… jumping in the Vibrational Doorways time machine again… and going back to the mid 1990s… when Sue & Simon Lilly first introduced me to their Subtle Body diagram… their way of understanding and explaining how our Subtle Bodies are organised and structured… and I have also found that this diagram is very useful when explaining, or when trying to understand, how the process of manifestation works… or more often, doesn’t.


Diagram 1:

Now, the first thing to notice, that I am just using a 4 body division… to make our exploration of the many Subtle Bodies easier.

I could have used 5, or 7, or even 8… and different systems… such as Ayurveda, Tibetan, or Taoist… often quote different levels within our Subtle Bodies… which can get quite confusing.

But for the purposes of this discussion, a simple Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual division is all we need to understand what is going on.

Second, notice how the sides of the bodies increase the higher up they go… Spiritual is larger then Mental, Mental is larger then Emotional, Emotional is larger then Physical.

And when we reach the Spiritual Body… we do still have a Body… but, in a sense, it has no boundaries, and is limitless.

The mystic Osho, in his early book Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy, also made this point… that the higher up your consciousness reaches through your Subtle Bodies, the more they expand… not only in terms of Space, but also in terms of Time as well.

Hence, the more you reach upwards… or inwards… the more you encounter a sense of Infinity and Eternity.

And the reverse, the more you travel down towards the Physical Body, the more you take on various kinds of limitation… in terms of Space and Time… you can only be one Here, and one Now at a time.


Diagram 2:

At this point, I am hijacking the Subtle Body model… and taking it in a slightly different direction… to help better explain how manifestation works… from a higher energy perspective.

In this diagram, it is important to realize that up in the Spiritual Level, there are all these Waves… and if we want to be all scientific, we could call them Quantum Waves… which in the Spiritual Level exist as pure potential… but can come down into manifest form in some way… if someone collapses them… which is the Quantum Physics way of saying grounding them all the way down into the Physical realm.

In our diagram to the right, the different coloured lines represent these different waves of potential…  different frequencies… such as Love, or Prosperity, or Happiness… although on this Spiritual Level they are not really thoughts or feelings, they are vast and beyond words… and they definitely do not have a form attached to them… yet… not on that level.


Diagram 3:

Now, when someone is able to bring a Quantum Wave down from the Spiritual Level and into the Mental Level… as shown in our diagram to the right… then it will manifest in our Mind as a thought.

But only a thought… because it has only reached our Mental Body… and hasn’t gone lower yet…

Which is quite handy in a way… because it allows us to think about thingsconsider situationswithout them automatically manifesting in our life… which could be a total pain.

For example, think of an alligator… now you wouldn’t want one of those magically appearing in your home each time you thought about it, would you?

So this manifestation delay is crucial… it allows us to seriously consider and evaluate if we really want something… and to change our Minds, before the process goes any further, if we decide not.

Plus, we have all probably said something in anger, that a moment later we regretted. Well, the Mental Level is like a firebreak, which prevents our thoughts from going further… so that the potential damage stays at that level…

But the problem is that, for a lot of people, the Quantum Wave gets stuck on the Mental Level, for some reason, and never goes lower… so that their dreams remain that… only dreams in their head.

And also… if you do decide to press on with your negative thinking… the Universe cannot stop you… because you have this thing called free-will… so you really have to learn to use your manifestation power wisely.

But for a fortunate few…


Diagram 4:

… The Quantum Wave goes lower… down into the Emotional Body… activating the emotions and feelings needed to bring it into Physical Form.

And this is often a very important step… because it is often our emotions which motivate us to take action… especially when going after what we desire… which can be a very important stage in manifesting something.

It’s not always about something magically appearing in our life… sometimes we have to go out and get it… sometimes we have to make it happen… and the right emotions propel us forwards to achieving this… or just make us magnetic to what we want. So if you are feeling Sexy… then chances are, others will pick up on that, and things can happen. Ditto Love, Happiness, Gratitude.

But we need to mention two important points at this stage:

One… that the Quantum Wave can get stuck on the Emotional Level just as easily as on the Mental Level… so we desire something, but it never seems to manifest in our lives for some reason. That’s a recipe for continual frustration.

Two… it’s not always about an individual pulling down positive and empowering Quantum Waves… people pull down negative and limiting Waves as well… all the time… and so trap themselves in a prison of their own making… the Quantum Ocean is full of all kinds of potentialpositive or negative…  so it’s up to us what we choose to play with and manifest down… But, fortunately, we can always change our Mind if we don’t like how something has turned out.


Diagram 5:

Celebrations… the Quantum Wave has successful come down through the levels, and has taken on shape and form on the Earth plane… as a Physical presence, of some kind, in our life… (although there may be a slight delay between the Wave arriving on the Etheric Physical, locking into place… and taking on tangible manifest Physical Form).

However, a word of caution… if we have been paying attention as it progressed down through the levels… thought about it… whether what we wanted was a good fit for our life… then when it finally arrives, it will not only be what we asked for… but also what we really wanted… and need… in our life.


But if we haven’t been paying attention… were only half-minded when we decided to manifest it… then it is possible to manifest something which isn’t really what we wanted… or is only a half-fit… hence the saying… be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.

And when you manifest something you don’t want… sometimes it is easy to walk away from it… and other times, you just can’t… you’re stuck with it for the duration… or it will take lots of time and energy to demanifest it… and you are just stuck with it until the energies shift again…

Like an alcohol-fueled, whirlwind marriage in Las Vegas, that you regret the moment you wake up the next day.

You see, from your Soul’s perspective… we have come to the Earth plane… not to manifest stuff really… although that can be nice when we get it right…

But to get better at the process of manifesting itself.

That’s the key… not the having, but the doingbecoming more skilled in the process.

So something I tell people who are trying to learn this manifestation stuff… you need to focus as much on the process as you do on your desired end result… because your Soul is much more interested in your mastery of the process.

But now the How… and also the Where.

How does someone go about drawing down a Wave… and where do they lock it into the Physical Body?

Both important questions…

And I can almost guarantee that most people won’t be able to guess the answers correctly… because they are kind of… off-the-wall.

Answer coming in the next post.

Note: Another twist in the tale… these Waves can be pulled down through our Conscious efforts… or also through previous Karmic patterns… positive or negative… which the person who you are now can either enjoy, benefit from… or need to spend time correcting and healing.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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