The Vibration Of The Wish Fulfilled… 10… Why Should The Universe Pay Attention?


This is an odd question… but an important one none the less…

Why should the Universe co-operate… why should it agree… and arrange… to manifest what you want or desire?

Why should the Universe co-operate with your requests?

I mean, the Universe is infinitely BIG, and probably eternal… whereas… you are not… you are infinitely small, finite and limited.

Why should the Universe even pay attention?

Basically… what’s in it for the Universe?

Because if manifestation is a real and genuine process… then we need to ask… what does the Universe get out of it… beyond making us happy?

If we can answer that question… then we can go some way to better understanding the process… and so better able to navigate it… successfully… to a conclusion.

You know that movie Avatar, where the hero, Jake Scully, communes with Eywa, via the Tree of Souls… asking for help to defeat the energy… not sure if the Great Mother is even listening… and he is then told that she doesn’t take sides.

Fortunately, later in the movie, we discover that she has been listening… and intervenes, and literally saves the day.

That’s kind of what happens between us and the Universe

Most people don’t see any evidence of someone… up there… intervening to help them…

And so naturally conclude that there is no one even listening…

Of if there is… they don’t care enough to intervene to help them.

As Einstein once said… one of the most important questions faced by Humanity… is ours a friendly Universe?

But the thing is…  to answer those kinds of question… we first need to understand the nature of the game being playedbefore we can understand what the Big Player wants… and how we can best play along.

Because out best chance of getting what we want… is to understand the Nature of the Universal Game being played out… and how we can best play along.

Our best chance to get what we want… is by helping the Universe get what it wants.

More coming soon!

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018.

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