The Sea Is Bubbling… What Next?


Back in the early 2000s, when the tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, there was a story of one beach where everyone was saved

… Because a young girl had studied all about tsunamis at school, only a month before, and so knew that when the sea started to bubble and boil… it was a sign that a tsunami was on the way…

She warned her family… who managed to get everyone else to higher ground in time.

People took the right action… people were saved.

You see, the Universe often sends us signswarning signs

But the question is firstly… can we interpret those signs correctly, like the young girl did

And then secondly… will we take those warnings seriously and do something about it

Throughout history, there have been many people, living on the sides of volcanoes because of the fertile soil, who ignored the warning tremorsstayed… and then got trapped and killed by the red hot pumice raining down from above

And if the pumice and toxic fumes didn’t get them… the pyroclastic flow, charging down the side of the volcano, most certainly would finish off anything, or anyone, standing in its way.

Although, to be fair, the majority of Humans alive now, living in our modern cities, are so out of sync with the Natural World, that we wouldn’t be able to identify an environmental warning sign… even if it came up and slapped us in the face.

“The ocean is boiling… the sky is on fire… the mountain’s are melting… the Internet is down… and the television is not responding… what do you think it can all mean?”

But the thing is… warning signs also happen in an individuals life

And also… with organisationslarge companies… even whole industries.

If only we are paying attention, and can read the signs correctly.

The Universe… or the Tao… is always trying to bring things back into balance… and is always sending warning signals, especially for those who are letting their egos run riot… and treating others unfairly.

Yep, Big Business is not immune… even when they are run by Masters of the Universe who think they are invincible… that they can get away with anything.

If they are doing something wrongsomething dodgy… then the Universe gives them a warning shot or two…

And if they misread the signs… or choose to ignore them

Then they are totally unprepared when the avalanchevolcanotsunami… finally arrives.

Choose whatever metaphor you want… they are all pretty devastating if you are caught up in them… and your life will never be the same again.

Only the ones who heed the warning signs get to walk away relatively unscathed.

For those who have good memories… this very scenario was played out back in and around 2008, and the World Banking Crisis.

There were warnings that something was wrong before that date… and the majority of Financiers simply chose to ignore those warnings… or were completely blind to them… usually because they were too wrapped up in their egos… or in love with the money… because they really were on mega-bucks… in terms of salary and bonuses.

Then the financial tsunami arrived in 2008, and swept away and shook a lot of these institutions (and even countries) to their core… and some haven’t recovered even now.

And if you have the eyes to see… and the ears to hear… you may detect the first warning shots being fired, right now, across the bow of the Internet Giants… especially in relation to Facebook, and how it has been using other people’s data

Now, putting aside the question of whether people have actually agreed to this, in that the agreement might be buried deep down inside the mammoth Terms & Conditions which no one ever reads, but everyone ticks…

The fact is that people are slowly waking up to the true situation… and are not liking what they see… in relation to how the Internet Giants use their personal data… and so manipulate the world around them.

I believe the first Universal warning shot has been fired across their bows…

And to be honest, Facebook’s re-action to date hasn’t been that impressive… bit like the dodgy bankers… they hope that if they keep their heads down, they’ll get away with it, and so continue to play their lucrative, secretive and dodgy game… for evermore…

And they may get away with it…

Unless this is one of those bubbling water moments… with the tsunami set to turn up in 2 or 4 years time…

And one day, we’ll all look back and say… “Honestly, why didn’t they do something back in 2018?

My money is on the tsunami.

And my guess is that, when it hits, it will hit all of the large Internet companies full on… because it will be a scandal of epic proportions… and the ones who will survive will be the ones who took action, when they saw the sea bubble, and cleaned up their act in time.

I have no idea what that scandal may be… not that good a Nostradamus… but I am old enough to know how the Universe works…

And even large businesses and whole industries are not immune from the need to develop and evolve.

The ones who don’t… the ones who continue to try to play the game in the old way… they’re the ones who will be badly hit… and some will crash and burn.

And at the moment… I am putting Facebook top of that list… because they have their eyes shut and ears stuffed with cotton wool… and they are sending out the press releases that their marketing consultants believe will placate the masses.

Which poses an interesting question for any small business… especially for those who are reliant on Facebook.

There is a saying doing the rounds of online and TV studios… in relation to the Facebook crisis… “If someone isn’t selling you something… then you are the product.”

Which is true… but there is another popular saying, which I think is important for small businesses going forwards online…

Use them… but don’t be used by them.”

So it’s a question of contingency planning

If you use Facebook, then keep doing so…

But also start to ask the question… “If Facebook is 90% of my business… and they went down… how would I continue to trade?

And as you explore that question… you may find other ways and areas you may want to develop going forwards… so that you are not putting all your eggs into a single online basket.

So playing a kind of Nostradamus here… but from everything I have experienced in the past… Facebook and the other Internet Giants have been served notice by the ethical Universe… their cosy world will be forced to change… they probably have 2 to 4 years max… and the clock is ticking.

Just some thoughts to consider…

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018.




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