The Purple Vibe

The Purple Vibe is a combination of two primary colors.

Purple Vibe = Red Vibe + Blue Vibe

OK, if there is more Red in the mix then the eventual color is more Violet… and if there is a more Blue / Indigo then the color turns to Purple.

But fundamentally, Red + Blue = Purple / Violet.

And in traditional color therapy circles, Purple is the color of Ceremonial Magic… and the definition of Ceremonial Magic on Wikipedia is:

Ceremonial magic or ritual magic, also referred to as high magic and as learned magic in some cases, is a broad term used in the context of Hermeticism or Western esotericism to encompass a wide variety of long, elaborate, and complex rituals of magic.

And this is the point where I am going to commit color heresy and ditch the whole Ceremonial part… and suggest that Purple is just about Magic… and just work with that.


Well… firstly, the original people who crafted the traditional understanding of color therapy, the definitions which have been passed down to us, were also mostly into ceremonial / high magic… and so they tended to be blind to all other options. So if there wasn’t a complex ritual involved… it just wasn’t magic for them.

However, that doesn’t mean that magic has to involve ritual / ceremony… as we shall see, there are many kinds which don’t… and I would argue that they all fall under the virtual umbrella of Purple.

Ceremony… whether within the context of magic… or conventional religion… is primarily designed to focus the Mind on a required outcome… but if the Mind doesn’t need any external support to help with focusing… or if it has found other ways to support and focus itself… then you don’t need the elaborate and complex rituals and ceremony. And most of these ceremonies date back to times when there weren’t other options easily available.

But more importantly for me… if Purple is the color of Ceremonial Magic… what is the color for non-Ceremonial Magic?

Those ancient color workers never explained what color is associated with non-Ceremonial Magic… because, to them, magic was about ceremony and ritual… and so anything else just wasn’t on their mental radar.

And I have found that by ditching the whole Ceremonial part, the explanation of what Purple is about, and what it does, becomes a whole lot simpler and easier to understand.

So from now on… Purple is the color of Magic.

Which brings us to the next question… What is Magic?

Well, if you looked up the word Magic in most dictionaries, you would arrive at a definition similar to:

The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Which hints at why traditional scientists hate the whole concept of Magic.

Because it is hidden, it is behind the scenes… there is no obvious cause and effect at play…

It’s all as if by magic.

In contrast, traditional scientists work through the process of repeatable experimentation, known as the scientific method… where an experiment can be repeated by different scientists, in different locations, and at at different times… over and over again… producing the same results.

Or at least, that used to be the case until Quantum Physics came on the scene and gave all those traditional scientists severe migraines… but that’s another post entirely. Quark, Strangeness and Charm indeed.

To be fair… we owe a lot to the scientific method… and without it, we’d probably still be living in the Dark Ages. The scientific method, and it’s focus on repeatable results, forced humanity to focus on what really works… as opposed to what we think works… or what we believe works… or what we have been told is the truth.

When sailors were afraid of falling off the edge of the world, because they had been told the world was flat… that had never been proved… but the belief had been repeated enough times, for a millennia, that people believed it to be the true, all the people in power believed it to be true… and it wasn’t until Christopher Columbus set sail… and came back alive… that the flat earth theory was put to the test and proved wrong.

Although, I bet there were still a few naysayers, who went… “His voyage doesn’t prove anything… the reason he didn’t fall off the edge of the world… he didn’t sail far enough… that’s why!

And also, to be fair, from my reading, I don’t believe the Chinese or Ancient Indian cultures ever suffered from the flat earth belief… and they were great maritime explorers. Flat earth was only prevalent in the Mediterranean world.

Without the flat earth belief, you can sail further, and for longer… because you are not afraid that the edge of the world is just over the next horizon… and the same is basically true for any limiting or ceiling belief.

Belief is most often a cultural thing… what our culture will allow us to see… which also influences our particular kind of scientific method.

As the science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said, any science will appear as magic to an inferior culture… because they lack the understanding of what is really going on.

They can’t see the play of cause and effect… they can’t see who or what is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

And that has been the counter-argument, from the New Age scientists to the traditional scientists who tend to dismiss stuff they can’t explain…

Your mental concepts aren’t broad enough to allow you to see what is going… (and the traditional scientists hate that argument… because, basically they are accused of being narrow-minded).

Just because you can’t see the strings, just because the cause and effect is beyond your current understanding, doesn’t mean something real isn’t occurring here.

But if we go back to the two Colors at work here… Purple = Indigo and Red… then we can perhaps start to see what is at work here in the arena of Magic.

And… focusing on the Purple Vibe here, as opposed to the Violet… because I have found it to be the most potent in many ways… although Violet works too.

As we have seen, Indigo is the Color of the Unconscious Mind… and the Indigo Vibe is the fuel which allows the Unconscious Mind to work at its optimum.

Now, the Conscious / Unconscious Mind dynamic is very much like the driver of a car and the car itself.

The driver steers the car… but it is the car, especially the engine, which gets the driver to where he / she wants to go.

In previous millennia, spiritual teachers used a different metaphor to describe this same relationship.

They likened it to a charioteer and a chariot, pulled by 4 horses.

OK, different image, but the principle is the same.

Essentially, each metaphor suggests that the Conscious Mind sets the direction… and the Unconscious Mind arranges for it to happen.

The Conscious Mind wants to exist on the Earth plane… and so the Unconscious Mind maintains and runs the physical body which the Conscious Mind resides in… the lungs breathing… the heart beating… the intake and processing of fuel to keep the whole system running…

The Conscious Mind wants to explore the physical world around it… and so the Unconscious Mind takes in and interprets millions of pieces of sense data every second… and then puts it altogether to create a picture of the external world… which it passes across to the Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind wants to interact with its fellow humans… and so the Unconscious Mind learns a language from birth, social customs, cultural norms, family traditions and rules… so that the Conscious Mind can communicate… and most importantly… fit in

And also the Unconscious Mind has to deal with all the stuff which the Conscious Mind doesn’t want to face… all the beliefs and emotions… feelings… which it wants to forgetsuppresshidepush down into the deepest dungeon… the Unconscious Mind has to deal with all that as well.

The thing which our Conscious Ego can’t always get its head around is the fact… it’s really our Unconscious Mind that runs 99.9% of our life… the heavy lifting which allows us to successfully be in this world.

And… this is now the point where we step on to the spooky train, and all those traditional scientists start looking for the next stop, so they can get off…

… Literally, throwing themselves off the train, in case their careers get ruined, and their research grants get cancelled because of their association with the weird stuff… (i.e. Professor Webster has started to think in a New Age way… he’s no longer a reliable person… and a danger to the impressionable undergraduates in his academic care… Unfortunately, we can’t fire him, because he has tenure… But we can reduce his funding… and I for one am not going to support the publication of his research papers anymore… I am all in favor of openness… and free-speech… but not for his sort.“)

Not making this up… the late Idries Shah used to comment on the number of scientists who approached him with books they had written in support of New Age Science, wanting him to support their publication… just as long as the books were published using a pseudonym… in case their scientific careers were tarnished or damaged.

It would be really ironic if 90% of the scientific community are in fact quite open-minded… but are all holding their tongues… toeing the line… because they are afraid of what the remaining, traditional 10% might do to their careers.

But moving on now…

If Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is a real phenomena, then it probably isn’t our Conscious Mind which interacts with the Universal Field of Manifestation

Any guessess?

Yes… it’s the Unconscious Mind which sends out the signals into the Universal Field about what it is or is not to be manifest…

It’s the Unconscious Mind which pulls towards us what we want or need… and pushes away what is not good for us… but all in line with the beliefs it has been given… which we discussed in our post about Indigo.

Indigo is the color which allows the Unconscious Mind to function at its optimum.

But to follow through on a lot of the wishes of the Conscious Self… it needs a little extra muscle… especially when it needs to vibrate that big Universal plate. (as discussed in our Red Vibe section).

So what happens when we throw the Red Vibe into the mix?

Well, as we have seen, the Red Vibe is all about energy… and the energy needed to get things moving… and vibrating…

And it’s this vibration which has the power to re-arrange the furniture… even throw out the old and worn out furniture, and replace it with stuff which is new and more appropriateto re-decorate… and even re-wire and upgrade when necessary.


There are times when everything in our inner Mental realm is perfect… everything is in harmony… and no mental spring-cleaning is required… and the Indigo Vibe is the perfect color to keep things up and running…


There are also times… when things have gotten too messed-up and cluttered in our heads… conflicted and confused

Like one of those TV documentaries where a compulsive hoarder has filled their home, to the brim, with stuff they don’t want, don’t use… but can’t let go off. So every room is piled high with junk… and they are living in a small corner of one room… literally prisoners of all the stuff they have hoarded around them and just can’t let-go of.

When this kind of situation happens… usually the person who is the hoarder isn’t in a strong enough mental position to de-clutter for themselves… even though they desperately need to learn, and change their ways…

To begin with they lack the inner psychological muscles needed to let-go… and so another person, or team of cleaners, who have no emotional attachment to their junk, comes in and starts clearing the junk out from the house for them…

In that way, the person starts to gain the space they need to reclaim their home, and also their life.

Instead of drowning in stuff… they regain the space they need to live and breath.

Now, if we apply that metaphor to our heads

There are times when our heads are so stuffed with negative, conflicting, and limiting thoughts and beliefs, that we need the extra muscle of the Red Vibe to get things sorted and shifted…

The Unconscious Mind needs the extra Red Vibe, found in Purple, as our team of inner cleaners, to come in, cut through the inner, conflicted mess, and seriously de-clutter our inner psychological space.

And that’s why Purple is sometimes a better energy to use then Indigo, because it has the extra Red Vibe element.

OK, Indigo can do it… kind off… but I have found that Purple works a whole lot faster… and it more effective.

So we can call that the process of De-Manifestation… which can be just as vital as the process of Manifestation.

Throwing out the old, to make space for the new.

So another Purple Vibe scenario / use…

When the Conscious Mind wants to manifest something… flow the other way.

Starts focusing on a particular Affirmation or Afformation… or a Life-dream perhaps…

Then the Purple Vibe (Blue and Red) has the extra Red Vibe included to kick-start the process…

… and vibrate the Universal Plate at the required frequency…

Activating this Law of Attraction thing.

Which is the best and most positive use of the Purple Vibe.

Now, if we return to the original definition that Purple is the color of Ceremonial Magic

Well… back in Ancient Greek and Roman times… the only way you could get any clothes and robes to be Purple was through the use of a particular dye… which was derived from a shell fish found in a certain part of the Mediterranean.

This Purple dye was therefore rare… it was very expensive… and could only be purchased by rich and powerful people.

We have to remember that it was only in the 19th Century that artificial color dyes came along, for the whole rainbow spectrum, and literally re-colored our world.

But back before then, Purple cloth was so rare it was reserved for Roman Emperors and other high-born folks… and no one else could wear it… sometimes under penalty of death.

Just like fake coins… which was often also punished by death… the Emperor took a dim view of con men walking around in Purple… tapping into his authority and power… just because they were wearing the right color.

So Purple was the color associated with power… and for many people power = magic.

In fact, even today… people associate power with money and a particular kind of life-magic… because both rich and powerful people are seen as having the ability to manipulate the world around them to get what they want and desire

That’s why some people want to stand next to the rich and powerful… in the hope or belief… that some of the magic will rub off on them.

And if you literally can’t stand next to them… then next best thing… watch them on TV… especially on a celebrity reality TV show… partly to see how the other 0.01% lives… but also the sense of being able to tune into that empowered wavelength… even if you can’t manifest it yourself.

Basically… one of the reasons why people go after the power and the money… so they can use it to live the life they desire.

The belief that money and power gives them automatic access to their dreams… and to be fair, often it does…. in some ways.

OK, it doesn’t always work out how they expect… because when manifesting… there are often other forces at work… often unconscious desires… and if you don’t take them into account also… you can end up manifesting something else entirely… something you weren’t originally intending.

The downfall of a recent Hollywood producer is a case in point. He had all the money, he had all the power… he could manifest multi-million dollar projects… but spent a lot of his time thrusting his unwanted attentions on to less powerful actresses and other women in hotel rooms… making himself feel powerful by making them feel powerless (allegedly).

One sick puppy… rich, yes… powerful, yes… but still a sick puppy inside… manifesting that inner sickness outside himself… I mean, it’s not as if he couldn’t afford the trips to see a therapist…

Bit like that 1950’s movie, Forbidden Planet, where dark creatures lurking in the Unconscious Mind are given the unlimited powers of a God… and set about wrecking their planet.

That’s is why all spiritual systems worth their salt say… Before we start to expand your Consciousness… we first need to clear out all the negative programming… the sabotaging demons… lurking in your Unconscious Mind… in case your start sabotaging yourself and the work.

So back in Ancient times… using Purple for magic… not only is the vibration right… but wearing it must have been empowering… meant you were plugging into the correct cultural resonance…

If I wear Purple then I must also be stepping into the role and power of an Emperor… and the Universe must and will respond to my every command!

… Yep, that kind of thinking.

I mean… when setting out to magically manifest something… you tend to call upon any piece of support you can get… and if dressing the part does it… in Purple… then why not.

If dressing the part helps… then do it.

Maybe in the Roman world… there were secret and treasured Purple robes… which Magicians kept hidden… only wearing during secret ceremonies… and they were passed down from Master to Apprentice… secretly…

Whether those hyper-secret Purple robes ever got washed… and hung out to dry in the open air… where the Roman secret police might see them… who knows.

That’s why I think magic came to be all about Ceremony… because back then… to access the Purple vibe… you had to believe… you had to adopt certain roles, and also dress in the colors associated with those roles… which meant you needed to conduct your ceremonies in secret.

And when the line of the Roman Emperors ended… and the Catholic Church took its place… the need for secrecy continued…

The Pope wears Purple too… the Pope is the only person who has a direct link to God… no other form of magic is permitted…

The rise and power of the Catholic Church gave rise to the practice of Alchemy in the Middle Ages… another way of disguising and hiding any spiritual work… behind a facade…

Honest Mr Inquisition Man… we weren’t practicing magic… but turning base Lead into Gold… for your boss, the Pope… honest, check with him if you want… we are perfectly legitimate… got a valid Alchemy (Lead into Gold) certificate and everything.”

And role playing helps in another way too…

If magic is basically about a) focusing the Unconscious Mind, so that it pays attention, and actions what you want… and b) raising sufficient energy to conjure and activate said manifestation or spell…

Purple = Indigo + Red

Back then, ceremony was probably the best way of achieving both needs… it focuses the Mind if done right… (I mean, who wants to attend a boring ceremony)… and it can raise the energy levels… especially in a focused Group…

To be fair… if you were a serious Magician… practicing during the late Egyptian Age… or during the Italian Renaissance… and keeping your head down because you didn’t wish to draw the unwanted attention of the Catholic Inquisition, which prohibited the use of any kind of magic other then their own… then I can understand that you would need to rely on ceremony to a large degree… to get the magical ball rolling.

Because magic is about focus and energy… and ceremony is one way of achieving both.

Now-a-days, we are fortunate to have other ways of achieving the focus and the extra energy

But back then… in a less resource rich age… you used what was most easily to hand… you used what you could get your hands on.

And if that was a few candlesticks… and a hand-me-down Purple robe… then that’s what you used to kick start your magical career.

But today… something like Neurolinguistic Programming, aka NLP, is probably just as Purple Vibe as traditional Ceremonial Magic.

Something else which we need to remember is that in color therapy Purple is also associated with our Imagination… which is a function absolutely essential to making us Humans… and allowing us to reach and fulfill our potential.

I can’t imagine myself doing that…


I mostly definitely can imagine myself doing that…

Those two sentences can mark the difference between a limited life… and a life of joy and fulfillment.

And people who have enough Purple Vibe in their heads, running through their brains, have enough energy to help run and expand their Imaginations… and eventual success starts or abruptly ends with what we can hold in our Imaginations.

Henry Ford said… “If you believe you can… or you believe you can’t… you are right either way.”

He was a Purple Magician of the early 20th century… made lots of money… was Emperor of the motor car industry at its start.

And it is within our Imagination where the believing happens… takes shape… either the believing Yes… or the believing No.

And when your Imagination is up and running… is able to expand… it is able to show you new and different… even exciting life-options and possibilities you hadn’t considered…

Takes you in new directions that before where outside your mental radar…

Show you images and pictures that you can literally step into to see if you like them… to see if you could successfully integrate them into your own life…

Then Imagination is doing what is it meant to do.

And that is all a gift of the Purple Vibe… but there is also a slight twist with all this.

In many spiritual traditions, there is the belief that Imagination is not sourced from within the individual Mind… but is actually part of our Higher Soul.

Bit like how we use a Computer to access the Internet… the Internet isn’t on our Computer, the Internet is bigger and broader then any single machine… but our Computer can allow us to gain access to the Internet and a massive amount of data.

Similarly, our Imagination is not sourced within our Mind… but sits beyond

Which means it is not confined by normal space / time, or physical manifest circumstances… which would be true if it confined within the Human Brain.

But if you are are poor… your Imagination can travel beyond your present circumstances… show you what it is like to be rich… to be living your dream.

Without our Imagination, the practical side of the Law of Attraction would not be possible… because we would not be able to step outside of our current circumstances.

In a sense… we would be land-locked… or perhaps present-moment-locked… unable to envision a different, better future for ourselves.

And it is the Purple Vibe, which allows us to gain access to our Imagination… is the link… is the bridge… is the connection… to our Imagination.

And because our Imagination is sourced at the Soul level… it can go anywheredo anythingbe anything

Which… from a Law of Attraction perspective… is vital… is essential.

Because it is our Imagination’s ability to step outside of our current circumstances, imagine something other, imagine something better… which allows us to Manifest our all and everything.

Imagination maketh the man… and it also maketh our species.

And for anyone who’s job or life-purpose is to dream up the stuff that hasn’t been thought of yet… the new books, art, inventions, or scientific breakthroughs… which is creativity at the cutting edge of reality… then the Purple Vibe is essential to your energy make-up.

Without it, you are Mind-locked.

Now, in our Indigo Vibe section, we said that the Unconscious Mind is able to fold the fabric of Consciousness over on to itself… thus creating a pocket… a folded over space within the Unconscious Mind… and it puts the something to be forgotten into this closed off, inner pocket-space… so that it can no longer be seen or experienced by the Conscious Mind.

But… I do now have a slight confession… because the Unconscious Mind is only fully able to do this… with the aid of the Purple Vibe

Because only the Purple Vibe (Indigo + Red) has sufficient energy to manipulate and bend Consciousness itself…

… and keep it bent… keep all the suppressed psychic material suppressed.

Basically, you need the Blue + Red to be able to do something like this… and this also applies to all the times when the Unconscious Mind is able to manipulate and re-focus Consciousness to some degree.

Because the Unconscious Mind can do a whole lot more then we ever imagine… partly because the Conscious Self never asks it to, and so we never discover what it is capable of… and partly because the Conscious Self doesn’t know what it can do, so never asks… (i.e. Catch-22)… and this also bumps up against our whole belief about what is possible… which varies from person to person… and culture to culture.

But each time an individual suppresses something… bad stuff, good stuff, doesn’t matter… it causes them a problem.

Let’s say each person has sufficient Purple Vibe for their needs… and currently 40% is being used to suppress stuff… hide it all in separate pockets of consciousness… which, if you do the mathematics, means the individual has 60% left over to manifest good stuff for themselves.

OK, that doesn’t seem too bad.

But the more and more they go through life suppressing stuff, the more Purple Vibe they need to suppress their unwanted psychic material… and the less they have left over for manifesting the life they want…

So the amount allocated for suppression, initially at 40%, goes up to 50%… and then 60%… or 70%…

And the amount left over… which can be used on manifesting… goes down to 50%… then 40%… then 30%… or lower…

Now, whether unfairly or not, not every individual has access to the same amount of Purple Vibe in their life, or in any one moment, it can vary depending on several factors… but if whatever they do have access to is used in suppressing psychic material, then the less they have left for positive and creative acts.

It’s simple maths really… and you can’t use it in two places at once.

This is also way… when people start to do serious work on themselves… and start to transform their inner world… releasing blocks and inner barriers… they suddenly find that their life starts to work better… flow better… new opportunities start to turn up.

This is partly because they are planting new and more positive beliefs and ideas…

… But it is also because… the Purple Vibe which is no longer having to suppress stuff, becomes available again, and so can now be re-used in more positive and creative ways.

Basically, for the Purple Vibe you have in any moment, you can either use it in positive and creative ways… or in negative and limiting ways… so the choice is yours (or the choice was yours… and you made it back in childhood say… and now have largely forgotten about it… but hey… you can always choose to unmake it… when you have figured out and remembered what it is.)

However… Big Clueyour outer world is always a reflection of the state of your inner world… so if there is something out there that isn’t working well for you… you need to track it back within… and re-arrange your mental furniture… so that a new and more positive out there can start to form.

And as they say in NLP… which is another form or Purple Vibe Magic… we create our reality with the choices we make in each new moment of our life… so it’s not always about dredging up past memories to discover why we choose to believe something… it is also about choosing to believe something different in this moment, now, and the same in the next moment… and the next… going forwards… for the rest of our lives.

For those who like working with crystals, the Purple Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Purple, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = Purple Stichtite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = Purple Stichtite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = Purple Fluorite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = Purple Sugilite or Purple Amethyst
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = Purple Scapalite
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Purpurite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = Purple Jade or Lepidolite
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Purple Amblygonite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Purple Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Purple Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Purple Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2018

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