The Pink Vibe

Imagine a large Dance Hall… which is full of 1,000 male and female Ballroom dancers.

And all of these Ballroom dancers are dressed completely in White.

And all of these dancers are also sat around the edge of the Dance Hallno one is up and dancing… there is no action, no activity…

Everyone is just sat around… quietly waiting… for something to happen.

And then something does indeed happen… the doors are flung open, and 1,000 male and female Salsa dancers, all dressed in Red burst into the room… there is an explosion of motion and energy as these new dancers take to the floor in the center of the Dance Hall.

And as the Red Salsa dancers move, they start to pull the White Ballroom dancers up from their seats… they start to pull the White dancers on to the dance floor.. into motion… into the dance.

And as the White Ballroom dancers stand and enter into the dance… White merges with RedBallroom merges with Salsa… a mixing of colors… a mixing of dance styles

New possibilities… new moves… new forms…

And the excitement builds… the enthusiasm for what is being created as their shared dance proceeds…

The DancersWhite and Red dancing faster and faster… movingspinning

Until… if you were to look down from above… there would no longer be Red or White

Everyone would be moving so fast, that both colors… Red and White have mixed and merged completely…

There would only be Pink.

A merging of color… a merging of forms

There would only be Pink.

And that Dance Hall metaphor can give us a real glimpse of what the Pink Vibe is all about.

Because, fundamentally, Pink is all about mixing it up on all possible levels.

Which is another way of explaining what Unconditional Love is all about as well.

Now, Pink is another of those combination colors, where:

Pink Vibe = White Vibe + Red Vibe

Which also means it is another of those colors which includes the Red Vibe in its mix… so there is energy there… and the potential to shift things on the Earth plane… the power to shift things, right down to the physical.

That’s one of the reasons why Pink is such a powerful vibe… it can reach right down to the roots of the planet… down into the darkest of places… and it also has the energy to kick-butt,

But Pink is also an interesting color for another reason. In terms of what people believe it is for… and what it is actually for.

Because when you set aside all the Birthday Cards, and Valentine Cards… which are the invention of the Human imagination anyway… it becomes possible to identify the function of this color on the Universal level.

And you can’t get more Universal then Pink and Unconditional Love.

If you were to ask people what Pink is all about, then they would probably say… Love.

Or Unconditional Love maybe.

Perhaps Love and Self-Worth.

But from the individual perspective, Pink is most often perceived as a warm comfy blanket that will keep us warm, and soothe all our troubles and pains.

Kind of… not really… sort of… not quite… sorry.

The reality is… even if we want Pink to be that… warm and comfy… something which soothes all our pains and inner aches… when you stand back and look at what makes up Pink… that’s just not it at all.

Pink has the energy to shift things… our life will move in a positive direction, yes… but that experience may not be the warm and soothing one we are looking for.

Pink is the Doctor who gives you what you need, and not necessarily what you want.

And any color that has Red in the mix is not going to be relaxing… about as relaxing as dynamite in a thunderstorm.

So if you want another metaphor to help get your head around the true nature of Pink… imagine a Canadian Ice Hockey player, dressed all in Pink.

Don’t let the surface fool you, underneath Pink can be seriously assertive, and is prepared to kick butt if needed (or maybe that should be kick putt?)

Pink Vibe = White Vibe + Red Vibe

So when we look at it in this way…

White is everything… it is the Whole 7 Color Spectrum combined

And Red is the energy-mover and shaker

So our Dance metaphor is a good way of comprehending what the true purpose of the Pink Vibe is at the Universal Level.

White is usually seen as including everything… or as the Ancient Taoists would put it, the Tao holds within it the 10,000 Things.

But as our Dance Hall metaphor shows… White may hold / contain a lot of stuff within it… but that doesn’t mean any of that stuff is moving… it may all be static… just like the Ballroom Dancers are initially sat around the edge of the Dance Hall.

It’s not until you add the Red Vibe… the Red Salsa Dancers, with their energy and passion… that the White everything starts to move and mix…

White includes everything within it… and Red mixes that everything up

And out of that combination… new potential and possibilities emerge.

And as anyone who has ever watched Dancing With The Stars (Strictly Come Dancing in the UK) will know, each dance form has its form and rules… Waltz, Tango, Pasodoble…  but sometimes the most exciting sets come right at the end… the Show Dances… when there are no rules, and the dancers can mix and merge the different forms to create something new, brilliant and exciting.

Well… that’s what the Universe has been doing… mixing things up, coming up with new forms… new expressions… ever since the Big Bang 15 odd billion years ago.

First as molecules inside Giant Star furnaces… later with Evolution on the surface of our planet (and probably a few others scattered around the immensity of our Universe)…

Trying new things… mixing it up… coming up with new forms… new expressions…

Ours is essentially a Pink Universea mixing bowl of infinite size and depth.

The Universal meaning of Pink is therefore… the color vibration which gets things moving and mixing

From his direct and enlightened experience, the spiritual writer David R Hawkins says that after everything else vanishes into the VoidLove remainsLove is the Universal constant.

And if Pink = Love, then we can probably say the same for Pink.

Pink remainsPink is the Universal constant.

Without Pink, the Universe would be a big blob of inactive White.

Maybe the Big Bang itself was… Pink? An explosion of Pink to get things started?

And it is possible to see that Pink / Love is also the equivalent of Cosmic Water.

And if we understand how Water works, and why it is super-important for the existence of life on this planet, we can get some idea of how Pink / Love works too.

Water erodes… it breaks things down… and once things are broken down, then the elements can mix, interact, form and re-form…

Water mixes and merges to create new forms on the chemical level.

And that allowed life to take hold on this planet… turned the Earth from a barren rock in space, to the Blue and Green wonder it is now… allowed Evolution to start and continue… got those Amino acids going… and the rest is planetary history.

Without Water, life would not have been possible… because Water is the Universal solvent.

Eroding the rocks, releasing minerals, allowing those elements to mix and combine was essential.

Because once those amino-acids were in place, then life could start… first as single celled organisms… and then those cells combinedspecialized… then they evolved into fish… who eventually crawled out on to dry land…  becoming insects taking the water with them sealed in their bodies / eggs… later amphibians… became reptiles… big scary dinosaurs… (Watch out for the Asteroid!!!… Ouch)… mammals replaced the dinosaurs… a few dinosaurs became birds… and about 3 million year ago, one big Ape started walking upright… Us!

You and Me!

If you stand-back… and consider… the Earth’s packed a lot into the last 1 billion years.

And none of that would have been possible if Water wasn’t a Universal solvent… breaking things down, and mixing things up.

And that’s also what Love does…

… and even more so Unconditional Love.

If you think about it… the essential quality of Unconditional Love is that there is nothing or no one who is unworthy of being lovedUnconditional Love means just that… Unconditional.

No matter how bad, how evil, how ugly, how guilty, how plain, how boring, how stupid, how shameful… those are all just language labels… and Unconditional Love doesn’t care one jot about man-made concepts… it’s here to do a job, and no one is allowed to stand in its way. Stand back… Unconditional Love is coming through!

Which means that Unconditional Love is a subtle form of Universal Solvent.

No matter what blocks and barriers may be put up to the flow of energy, Unconditional Love is able to break them down, erode them, flow around, over, and under them… eventually the unworthy are touched by Unconditional Love, raised up, made worthy again. They are permitted to see themselves as the Universe sees them.

Love reclaims… it re-builds… it makes new.

And all because Pink Vibe = White Vibe + Red Vibe

All because White is everything… it is the Whole 7 Color Spectrum combined

Red is the energy-mover and shaker

And because of this:

Pink remains… Pink is the Universal constantPink is the Universal solvent.

Now, can you remember that movie Avatar… the one with the tall, cute, blue creatures who lived in the Big Tree (until those naughty alien homo-sapiens blew it up).

Well, their favorite clan saying was:

I see you.”

And that’s what Pink is all about really… “I see who you really are… and I love you anyway.

Despite all our defenses, and our psychological games… what we really want, deep down… to be seen for who we are… and loved anyway… loved regardless.

And that’s what David R Hawkins used to do in his practice, after his own enlightenment.

People would be brought to him, people who had been rejected as incurable by the medical and psychiatric professions, people who other doctors had given up on… they would be brought into his consulting room… and he would look at them with great love, and focus a thought on them… a message of Unconditional Love… passing through all their inner blocks and internal barriers:

I see you… I see who you really are… and I love you regardless… how could you ever not be worthy of love.”

And with that simple message and feeling… miracles happened.

Pink mixes things upPink also weaves things together… and in that bringing together is the true inner healing of Pink.

The spiritual master Farid was once given a bejeweled pair of scissors as a gift, and he rejected them saying…

My task on Earth is not to cut, tear apart, separate… No, the task of Love is join, bring together, heal… So if you want to give me anything… take these Golden Scissors away… and bring me a simple needle and thread. That is more fitting for my work.”

Now, for all of you who want to make this experience a tangible reality…

For those who like working with crystals, the Pink Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Pink, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = either Rose Quartz or Rhodocrocite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = either Rose Quartz or Rhodocrocite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = either Pink Fluorite or Pink Garnet
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = either Pink Tourmaline, Morganite or Pink Sugilite
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = either Tugtupite or Pink Zircon
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = either Pink ThulitePink TopazPink Danburite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = either KunzitePink Clinozeosite, Pink Petalite
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Rhodonite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Pink Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Pink Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Pink Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.

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