The Meaning to Life is…?


OK… why we are we so attracted to crystals?

Any ideas?

Well, here’s a possible explanation… from the great myth-man, Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)… who said many times:

Man isn’t looking for a meaning to life… mankind is really looking for a feeling which will give life meaning… a feeling so rich and deep, a feeling so powerful and uplifting… that we can wrap ourselves up in it for the rest of lives…

Not a belief, not a thought or fancy equation written on a University blackboard…

No, our life-purpose revolves finding a high and vibrant feeling that will give meaning to our life.

And so what do we seek in crystals?

Nice shapes… pretty colours? Well, yes… up to a point… their inherent beauty…

But we also sense that they can help us to change our vibration, lift our feelings…

We sense, we know somehow, that crystals can help us access those real and true feelings which will give our life its meaning.

I believe, that at heart, all Crystal Hearts know that crystals can help us feel those all important, all consuming feelings which give our lives the meaning we seek…

Remember… at the end of the movie Ghost, Patrick Swayzee’s character shouts back:

All the love… you take it with you!

In the end, it’s all about the love we find and feel throughout our life… and crystals are the most loving material forms on Planet Earth.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2017

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