The Indigo Vibe


Before We Start – Confession Time:

As you read this section, you may notice that I always use Unconscious Mind, and never use Subconscious Mind, even though it may be more technically correct in many cases.

This is because I don’t like the implications of the word Subconscious.

Which to me implies, lower than the Conscious Mind… while Unconscious implies equal to… but hidden… and, to me, that is far more appropriate. And that’s why I always use the word Unconscious… and avoid Subconscious.

Just thought you should know.

Now, let’s get started…


Indigo Insight No. 1:

OK, we’re going to start our exploration of the Indigo Vibe with an idea that may be a little… uncomfortable… for us to think.

The 20th Century mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff used to say to his followers:

A Man isn’t born with a Soul, a Man creates their Soul through how they live their life, how they grow and expand their inner consciousness. Doing that… if done correctly… gives birth to their Soul. But don’t assume you start out with a Soul.

Which when you stop to think about it… if correct… goes against 99.9% of standard religious thought and teachings.

The majority of religious teaching goes something like:

Worship X, believe Y… and your Soul will go to Heaven… or obtain Nirvana… i.e. the nice place after death, as opposed to the other, not-nice place… the really bad place.

But that is based upon the whole assumption that you have a Soul to begin with.

But if Gurdjieff is correct… and no one starts out with a Soul… then all the believingall the good works… might just amount to nothingzilchnada… and most conventional religion is a con-job, whether knowingly or not.

So to go to Heaven… not only do you have to a) be a good person, do good works, and b) follow your particular chosen religious scripture to the letter… BUT ALSO… c) you have to build yourself a Soul.

Whoever told you that part of the equation… (plus, when creating a Soul… where do you start?)

If true… there will be a lot of people turning up at the Gates of Heaven, demanding entry, listing all the good works they have done, only to be told… “Sorry, you can’t get in, you didn’t create yourself a Soul while down on Earth.”

Maybe that’s what Purgatory is really for… all the good people, who didn’t create themselves a Soul during their lifetime. Can’t send them to Hell… but they can’t get into Heaven, they haven’t got a Soul… it would be unfair to those who do… or did create themselves one. Have to put them somewhere… can’t have them hanging around the Gates of Heaven for all eternity, looking miserable and disappointed… and demanding to speak to God.

Now… to be fair… Gurdjieff was a bit of a wind-up merchant… he would say something outrageous, to stir-up his followers… to provoke them into thinking for themselves… so he might have said this thing about no one automatically having a Soul in order to jolt his followers out of a sense of their spiritual complacency.


Or he might also have been speaking a profound truth… because when it came to the inner world of Man, Gurdjieff wasn’t just an interested amateur, he did know a thing or two.

He was one of those Divine Tricksters.

So is he right, or is he wrong?

Well… we will be exploring that very question as this particular section unfolds… but for now… I would just like to point out a very interesting fact.

If the Blue Vibe is connected with the creation of an Inner Space / Consciousness in which we can cultivate a distinct and individual Self

And if the Blue Vibe is connected with the upper 4 Chakras in some way, then we find that:

Heart Chakra = Green = Yellow + Blue

Throat Chakra = Blue

Brow Chakra = Indigo = Blue + Red (i.e. to make make the Indigo color you have to mix 2/3 Blue and 1/3 Red, and depending on color formula may need to add a little Black)

Crown Chakra = Purple = Red + Blue

Therefore… From the Throat Chakra upwards, the dominant color is Blue.

So as an individual grows and expands up into the Upper Chakras (hopefully), the ability to build consciousness… literally to create and grow into a distinct Soul, becomes more and more important for any Human… whether they know it or not… because our subtle anatomy is literally engineered that way.

For the moment, let us move on… but we will be coming back to this later… promise… it’s important.


Indigo Insight No. 2:

Imagine you had a time machine, and could go back in time to the 18th Century… and once you got there, you found one of the more well-educated citizens, and someone who was seriously into the new Enlightenment movement, and asked them the following question:

How does the Universe work?

And as you listened to their reply, you suddenly realize that they are referring to…


Because, for them, they believed that they lived in a clockwork, mechanistic Universe… which God had literally wound-up at the beginning of time, and set going.

Which kind of makes sense…

Because for them, clockwork was their cutting edge science and technology… which peaked in the form of Babbage’s Analytical Machine… the earliest computer.

And Humans do tend to use their most advanced technology and science to describe the world around them, and to explain how everything is supposed to work.

And if their society is pre-science… they will just observe Nature around them, and base their spiritual beliefs on that.

And if they can’t even do that… they will probably just eat some psychedelic mushrooms on a full Moon night, and let their imagination run wild… (I think quite a few Creation Myths came into being that way).

Now, next, if you get back into your time-machine, and travel back… sorry, forwards… to the present (… OK, back to our present, to be precise… because throughout time everyone has a present moment…. you have to be so precise with language when it comes to time-travel)… and asked that same question to a University Professor say:

How does the Universe work?

Their answer would probably include:

Quantum physicsHologramsComputers

Because that is our most advanced technology and science… our latest and most powerful magic… so that’s what we use to describe the world around us… especially as metaphors for how things work.

For example, the Human Mind… pick up any 21st Century book on the Mind, and a good proportion of them will use the metaphor of computers to help explain how the Mind works at some place in among the pages.

And the thing is, it is a handy metaphor to use… the Human Mind does work like a computer in some ways… and most people will have used a computer in the Western world, so will understand what the writer is referring too.

But in some ways, it is a red herring, sends us off in the wrong direction entirely.

In some ways computers function like the Human Mind… and in other ways… most definitely not.

But it is a convenient metaphor for a writer to use… because we all understand how a computer works.

What a minute… is that correct?

Do the majority of people who use a computer know how it really works?

Let’s see, as we use this whole Mind = computer analogy, once more, for our own purposes here.

Because one of the ways in which the Human MindConscious to Unconscious… is definitely like a computer is in the use of levels… and different kinds of programming language woven into those levels.

I feel a real-life story coming on…

Back in the 1990s, when I first got into the world of I.T., the company I worked for took on a group of computer graduates, fresh out of University, whose brains were full of the latest coding languages… and back then Java was the coolest thing to get into.

But they were set to work on the antiquated 1960s mainframe, writing code in Assembler, which is one of the earliest computer languages, a little bit above rock-bottom base code (i.e. 0011100101000111100001010001110010101001010010001111100001010001… and for anyone who cares to believe me… just typed the true meaning of life out, hidden in binary… possibly).

Because from the point of view of the company accountants, what was the point of spending money upgrading the mainframe when it still did the job of sending out the daily invoices perfectly well.

Now, what was interesting is that, apart from the general disappointment those young graduates felt at not working on the cutting edge of computer science… and having to move to Plymouth from Birmingham, Manchester or London… their brains found it hard to work with Assembler code.

To them, it was like asking an English student to start writing in Egyptian hieroglyphics… completely different mindset.

Because Assembler was written for a time when computer hardware was expensive, and memory storage was severely limited, so each piece of code had to be ultra efficient in terms of data storage. But the younger programmers from the 1990s were never raised in such an environment… so didn’t understand why Assembler works as it does… because they were used to writing higher levels of computer code, designed to run on machines where data storage just wasn’t an issue.

The only way the company found to make the situation with the young graduates work… was by temporarily re-employing all the retired computer programmers from the 1970s and 80s to educate the new guys into the old way of thinking.

So… what this example shows us… every time we use a computer programme… such as right now, as I type this into Word, there are other deeper levels of programming, which are converting my words and ideas down through the levels… and finally into machine code.

Silicon chips do not think in words or language… although they may give the illusion that they do… the reality is they process in binary (i.e. 001110010100011110000101).

From memory, binary code is a 1st Generation Programming Language, Assembler was defined as a 2nd Generation Language… and today… we’re probably into 6th or 7th Generation Computer Languages.

Each time a new level is introduced to make life easier for the End User, the result has been the introduction of another level separating the End User from the computer base code itself.

Hence we have people using computers today with no knowledge of how they work… but they don’t need to know if all they want to do is use a spreadsheet, or send a tweet, or post on Facebook.

And a similar thing is true for our Unconscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind doesn’t need to know what keeps the physical Heart beating… or how oxygen is transferred from our lungs and into our bloodstream… our Unconscious Mind handles all that for us… and to be honest, the Conscious Mind would probably get in the way if it did have a vague involvement in the process.

Put simply… we just wouldn’t be here if our Unconscious Mind didn’t handle all the base code stuff… leaving us to enjoy all the higher level virtual, high-tech simulation worlds… very much like enjoying computer-generated virtual worlds today… “Hey, this Brontosaurus looks so real… check out that T-Rex coming our way… Wait a minute… Run!

The Conscious Mind is quite a way removed from the Human base code, and there are several different levels of processing between the two.

From everything I have seen, read, and experienced, the Unconscious Mind processes data using:

  • Language
  • Images
  • Feelings
  • Vibrations

And… different levels of the Unconscious Mind processes data using one of these four, just as different levels… or Generations… of computer language process data in different ways.

But often our Conscious Self expects all levels of our Unconscious Mind to use language when processing experience.

Just as your average English tourist will, when abroad, expect everyone they meet to be able to speak English… even in the remotest part of the globe (sorry about that… as a people we are trying to improve our linguistic skills… but we’re going to need time to turn it around… only a few generations say).

Hence NLP, otherwise known as Neurolinguistic Programming, puts the emphasis on the linguistic element in altering our inner experience.

And for our Conscious Self, the use of language… it’s home-turf admittedly… is what it prefers when communicating.

But not all parts of the Human Mind respond best to language. They are set-up to think using visuals, feelings, or even vibrations.

When dealing with these other parts of our Mind, what we are lacking is a NVisP… or Neurovisual Programming

Or a NFP… or Neurofeeling Programming

Or even a NVibP… or Neurovibrational Programming

Note: Wait… just off to trademark those names… I am already seeing dollar signs in front of my eyes… OK, back now… where were we?

We need visuals, feelings and vibration to help us better communicate with the other sections of the Unconscious Mind, the parts that don’t think or process in language.

And this difference in communication styles can result in some very odd things indeed… and on occasion… a total mismatch and lack of clear direction… and undermine the success of our efforts at inner re-programming.

For example… suppose you were working with the affirmation “I am successfully earning $40,000 per year.”

It’s worded correctly, in the present tense… and seems doable.

If there were no other blocks and barriers, this would probably work for the NLP part of our Mind… that part that uses language.

But the NVisP part… that uses visuals… will probably remain untouched… and may still contain energized images picturing you struggling in a dirt poor job.

And the NFP part… does it really feel prosperous and successful, just because you are repeating the words… maybe yes, maybe no… and if no, then you need to raise the right feelings to be in alignment with those same words for the magic to work… and if you have never felt those feelings, or they are shut off to you… could be a problem there.

And finally… the NVibP Part that ties in the correct vibrations that you need when manifesting what you want… (remember back to the importance of Red Vibe to vibrate that plate)… it doesn’t tend to easily respond to words.

We tend to manifest successfully when at least two of the above are aligned… when words are aligned to inner visuals say… or feeling… even vibrations.

And the more alignment we get among all 4… the more powerful and effective we become.

Laser-focused… or a true Dharana head, to use Yoga speak.

Note: More on this in my book series on Lucid Manifestation… there is indeed a way / process to make all these levels line-up and work together.

This is probably why a Manifestation Master like the late Neville Goddard, who broadcast on US TV in the 1950s and 60s, put equal emphasis on the feeling of the wish fulfilled… and the visuals of it being real in your imagination… along with the words in your head or affirmations.

A car engine works best when it is firing on all pistons.

Our Unconscious Mind manifests best when all areas are aligned and coordinated.

Because such an approach brings in the other levels of the Unconscious Mind… which think and process differently… and not just in language.

And just as a computer won’t work unless all the different levels of code… all the different Generations of computer code… are set-up to work together… so the Human Mind becomes more effective if these different levels are also in alignment.

And to achieve that, the Conscious Mind most often needs to change how it communicates to the Unconscious Mind

If you are in Germany, it’s better to speak German then hope you will find someone who also speaks English.

So your Conscious Mind needs to learn to speak a few more foreign tongues… spoken in visualsfeelings… and vibration.

And all of this is sourced / housed within our Unconscious Mind.


Indigo Insight No. 3:

There is another way in which the Human Mind, especially the Unconscious part, is like a computer.

And I am probably going to upset one or two energy healers out there with this… but hey, just following my truth-bliss thing here.

Introducing the concept of Seed Frequencies… and their implications.

One of the cool things you can do on a computer, with a word processor, say is the whole Copy & Paste function.

So I can write up the sentence… “Every day, in every way, I am more and more prosperous and successful.”

And then… what I can do is… with a word processor… highlight that whole sentence, press Copy, and then:

Every day, in every way, I am more and more prosperous and successful.”

Every day, in every way, I am more and more prosperous and successful.”

Every day, in every way, I am more and more prosperous and successful.”

Every day, in every way, I am more and more prosperous and successful.”

Yep… press Paste 4 times… and the computer repeats what has been copied 4 times on to the page… which saves me a whole lot of time and effort.

One of the great things about our computers, the ability to save a piece of data, and then copy it exactly, but in a new situation or format.

Makes life a whole lot easier… quicker… and removes the human errors which arise through manual typing.

And our Unconscious Mind has a similar function… on the vibrational level… within our subtle anatomy.

Overall, I think it is also designed to speed things up… make things quicker and more efficient… and it uses something I have come to call Seed Frequencies.

Let’s take a frequency like Love as an example.

Not as a feeling say, but as a Universal vibration, which you can tune into… usually in a grounded and physical way.

Remember… like we said earlier, one level uses feeling, but a deeper level of our Unconscious Mind works with vibration… and although the two are linked… they are also distinct and separate.

And this love vibration is normally programmed into us by our parents… if a successful love-bond is achieved between us and our primary caregivers when young.

The reality is… a lot of these Nurturing Frequencies are literally passed from Older Human to Young Human… we are literally given the frequencies when we also experience the feelings, from our parents, who love and care for us… in fact, the aura frequencies source the emotions / feelings… which our Unconscious Mind then stores as Seed Frequencies, and these vibrations are used to power our emotional nature as we grow.

Bit like how immunity can be passed from a Mother to her child… so can Seed Frequencies, like Nurturing, and Love, also be passed across the generations. As long as there is a loving Mother or Father, the Seed Frequencies cannot be extinguished… although the Gay Nurturing Seed Frequency almost went extinct… when after the openness of Shamanic cultures… the tribal priests in the first civilizations and large population areas decided to persecute Gay people to help enhance their own power-base… and so the ability to pass on the correct vibrations was put under serious attack. Fortunately, that may be about to undergo a sea change soon.

But… a Human can only pass on what they have been given themselves, or sourced as adults… what Seed Frequencies they have already stored in their aura. And in that fact is encapsulated a huge chunk of Human misery… if your parents don’t first have it stored in them, they can’t pass it on to you. But that is fixable, no one should ever be doomed by their childhood… because there are other ways you can pick up the Seed Frequencies you need… other sources… so you can indeed fill in the Big Black Holes within.

Once the Unconscious Mind had experienced genuine Love, then it is able to capture and identify it as a vibration… which is then placed in vibrational memory as what I call a Seed Frequency.

And then, whenever that individual needs to experience Love… that Love vibration is brought out of vibrational memory… and the Seed Frequency is copied, expanded… over and over again… and turned into feelings, and words, and gestures…

So that individual can feel it.

But feelings which are all 100% genuine.

Because they arose from the real vibration of Love within… and the Seed Frequency cannot be corrupted, or used up, because it is a frequency and not a thing… bit like data on a computer hard-drive, which can be copied and pasted ad infinitum.

The Seed Frequency can even be used to make even more Seed Frequency… which can then be passed on to other Humans… if they are open and receptive (like a small child… which is probably what Jesus was hinting at when he said “suffer the little children to come unto me“… because he could plant the Seed Frequencies of Unconditional Love in their auras… and at the time, there probably was no better source).

And in that way… each time the individual experiences the feeling… the feeling being experienced internally is backed up by the subtle vibration itself, the Seed Frequency… and so the feeling is connected out it to the larger Universal vibration beyond that individual. Because all Love… anywhere in the Universe… is connected through being on the same wavelength.

Unconditional Love within connects out to Unconditional Love in the true Universal sense.

Bit like when, back in the early 20th Century, the world’s currencies ran on the Gold Standard… for every dollar in circulation, somewhere, there was a real piece of Gold backing it up, giving it real value.

So whenever we experience a feeling within us which is authentic it is because it is backed up by the resonant Seed Frequency stored in our aura. Ditto thoughts.

And… important point now… it is this Seed Frequency which the Universe reads when we are asking for something to manifest which is related to that frequency in some way.

That way you cannot manifest something which does not resonate with the Seed Frequencies within you… if you are asking for Love… and there is no resonant Seed Frequency for Love within your aura… the Universe cannot give it to you.

It may want to… God may be desperate to lead you to true and lasting Love… may be rooting for you to find it… but the Law of Free-will says these things cannot be forced on you… you have to choose to invite Love into your aura of your own free-will… ditto any other frequency.

The Universe will always manifest what is in alignment with your Core Vibration… which is created from all the Seed Frequencies which you have accumulated in your life-to-date.

That way you cannot fake the whole Manifestation and Law of Attraction process.

The Universe will always give you what you haveor have not… integrated within your aura in terms of your Seed Frequencies… which are equivalent to subtle bar codes, which the Universe reads to determine what you can attract.

Which can be both positive and negative… but whatever… you get what these subtle bar codes say.

But… as I always say… Humans can be weird… and Humans can try and fake it.

And the weirdest thing of all?

Even when they are faking it… they can convince themselves that they are experiencing the real thing!

To some extent the Human Mind can create a fake feeling… a kind of “OK, if I was experiencing love it would probably feel something like this“.

The emotional equivalent of artificial crab, when the real thing is fresh caught sea-crab… i.e. just doesn’t taste the same.

But the important thing… any artificial feeling… conjured up by the Human Mind… just doesn’t taste the same for the Universe, the vibration is all wrong.

You can be faking Love for all you are worth… even convincing yourself it’s the real thing… to try and make Neville Goddard’s manifestation equation… the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled work… to get that Soul-Mate relationship you are desperate for.

But it will never work.

Because your feeling is fake… it’s been conjured up by your Mind… it has no roots deep down into your subtle anatomy.

It is not vibrationally connected with any genuine Seed Frequency within you.

No matter how many times you try to pass it under the Celestial bar code reader… the system will always come back with…

Fake – Rejected.

Bottom-line… the Universe always and only manifests the real thing.

The system cannot be fooled with fake feelings and conjured-up vibrations.

And genuine Seed Frequencies need to be given… or earned… not imagined.

Which may sound like bad news to some people… but when you sit down and really think about it… it’s the best possible news going… Who would really want to live in a Universe were such things could be faked?


Final Word: The reason why I am going to upset some energy healers with this… goes something like this:

Sometimes you come across energy healers who say:

I don’t need to buy or acquire this crystal, or plant vibration… all I need to do is write it on a piece of paper, and summon it in from the Universe.”

My reply… “But that means… you have never integrated that vibration in your own aura.. and you are not giving yourself the chance to do so.”

And then they say something like… “I don’t need to… I just summon what I need from the Universal Aura… which contains all vibrations and frequencies.”

Indeed it does.

But if you don’t already have the Seed Frequency stored in your aura, how will you know if whatever you are calling in is the real thing vibrationally?

And if you don’t have the Seed Frequency already stored in your aura, how will you know you are not blocking the vibration you want… have an issue with that frequency… are deluding yourself about the whole thing? The Human Mind is very good at deluding itself on the vibrational level… that’s one of the problems with having a multi-layered Unconscious Mind… like I said earlier… we can magic up a feeling… claiming it to be a much-longed for frequency… which is not connected or resonant with anything which has real roots.

In the antique world, people become experts on fakes through comparing the fakes to the real thing.

But when we venture into our inner world, things become far more tricky… 99% of the time, we need to have experienced the real vibration first so that we can tell the real thing in future… and tell what is a fake, mentally conjured vibration.

The possibility of summoning vibrations from the Universe exists… but you need to be very clear and grounded to make it work.

But it is not a beginners approach… and you always need to be open to the possibility of self-delusion… even if you are very experienced, self-delusion always remains a possibility.

And a pinch of humility also never goes amiss at these times.

Plus, because of the energy pollution in some locations, some higher vibrations just cannot manifest pure from the ether in such locations… they become too distorted by all the background noise… human and electromagnetic. Sometimes the location for energy work is as important as the work itself.

Personally, I have always found that it is better to find that vibration on the physical if you can, and integrate and ground it on that level. Once it is a Seed Frequency in your aura… correctly identified and stored… then you can pass it on to others… then you can make the magic work for yourself and others.

That’s why I work with crystals… and why 99.9% of the Audio Essences contain a specific crystal pattern that encapsulates that energy, frequency or vibration.

To try anything else… taking vibrational short-cuts… has risk, especially for anyone who is inexperienced at working with subtle energy. So please don’t be tempted.

And even people who claim to be experienced energy workers are often deluding themselves over what they are picking up.

There said it… react how you will, up to you… but I am posting this to protect the newbies… not to massage the egos of people who should know better.


Indigo Insight No. 4:

Recently, I have come to a much better… clearer… understanding of Frustration… and now see that it is a much bigger and deeper problem then I once thought.

Let me explain.

One of the things which I always find fascinating is when you track a feeling / emotion back to its source… through entomology say (i.e. the study of words)… or back through different energy healing systems… and you discover that the feeling / emotion is different… works or is expressed differently… then how you would first have thought or figured.

And this is exactly what happened with Frustration.

The Dictionary definition of Frustration is usually something like:

The feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

And if you take that as your starting point, which would be many people’s definition of what it is like to be frustrated, and apply it to the Chinese Element system… then you would be looking at the Wood Element… and the Liver or Gallbladder Meridians

Which are all about having a direction in life… being able to move forwards… and feeling stuck / unhappy when your way is blocked.

And there is a certain truth in this… In fact, many energy healing systems, track Depression to the Wood Element and being blocked when you want to move forwards in some area of your life which is super-important to you.

But the problem with Frustration… in many of these same energy healing systems… it is associated with the Water Element… and the Bladder Meridian (and with the positive energy / feeling of Peace).

So how does that work then… what has Frustration got to do with moving forwards?

How do we square this particular circle?

OK… well… if we move some of our mental furniture around a little… it does indeed work. We just need to step back… and re-look.

Now, one of the things which I have found is that, to function well, to function at its optimum, our Conscious Mind needs the vibe of Love… and our Unconscious Mind needs the vibe of Peace… and Harmony helps too.

These are the two energy fuels which our two levels of Mind need to work at their best… and do the best for us.

And this is important… because our Conscious Mind sets our direction, steers the wheel on the car… but it’s the Unconscious Mind that really does all the work… it’s the engine for our life… providing the motion and momentum.

So we really want it working for us… in the best way possible.

So when our Unconscious Mind is Peaceful and has overall inner Harmony… it literally purrs

And is like a car engine… running nicely… because it has been given the right fuel… the right vibration.

Warning… bad news coming up now…

But what do most people… especially when they are small kids and don’t know better… or have any better solutions at hand… what do Humans do?

How do we treat our Unconscious Mind… like a precious friend… or a dumping ground?

Well… We dump stuff in our Unconscious Minds… especially stuff we don’t want to face, or deal with…

So our Unconscious Mind becomes the graveyard of bad and unpleasant memories, bad thoughts and feelings… which can all be lots of good stuff too (i.e. creativity, confidence, self-expression) but for some reason we have defined them as being bad for us… so need to suppress them… often because an adult has told us they are bad for some reason… (i.e. speaking your mind will get you into trouble… being Gay is unacceptable and totally sinful… expressing your feelings is not what we do in our family… people who are kind get nowhere in life, you have to be tough and unfeeling to survive).

But… and here is the BIG problem… the more we dump stuff into our Unconscious Mind… the more cluttered and unstable it becomes… and the more it loses any Peace / Harmony

Because it is like a waiter trying to carry far too many plates… or a car engine which is being run on the wrong type of fuel (i.e. diesel and not high-grade petrol)…

It means our Unconscious Mind becomes more and more Frustrated (… which, remember, is the opposite of Peace and Harmony).

Now, you could say that Frustration is the way that our Unconscious Mind signals up to our Conscious Mindthat… “Hey, we got a real problem down here… and we need to do something about it.”

Bit like a luxury liner, where the Engine Room signals up to the Captain that there is big hole in the ship, and so they had better change course quick… do something about it fast.

But the question then becomes… is the Captain… or the rest of the 1st Class passengers up above… going to do anything about it… because as far as they are concerned the problem is down-below… so there is no reason why they can’t carry on partying… no need to get their hands dirty… not when you are drinking a nice martini.

And that really is the central problem which many people alive now face…

The Conscious Mind has overloaded the Unconscious Mind with stuff that the Conscious Mind doesn’t want to face…

Eventually the Unconscious Mind can no longer cope, and switches into Frustrated Mode… and starts generating the feeling of Frustration… partly in the hope that the Conscious Mind will take note and do something… (because the Unconscious Mind can only act on the orders given to it by the Conscious Mind… only the Conscious Mind can change course).

From a Law of Attraction perspective… that’s what a blocked and frustrating external situation is really all about… it’s reflecting externally what is going on within you… internally. But even knowing that can also be frustrating… (i.e. How do I fix it… what do I need to do!!!)

But in the majority of cases… the Conscious Mind does nothing

Either because it really doesn’t know what is going on… has no idea that there is an Unconscious Mind (and to be fair… until Sigmund Freud… for most of Human history, Humanity has struggled along without the notion of a deeper part to the human mind… which literally does all the heavy lifting).

Or… because the Conscious Mind really doesn’t want to deal with the stuff which it has suppressed from earlier in life… far too painful… especially if it means reliving some bad memories or unplesent thoughts…

Bit like a 1920s rich person really wouldn’t want to go down into the ship’s engine room and shovel coal… far too messy.

But sometimes… and dropping the ship metaphor now… that’s exactly what you need to do to fix your head.

Unfortunately, and sadly, most people choose to live with Frustration throughout their lives. rather then look withinaddress the issues, and heal themselves.

Personally.. I have a strong intuitive feeling that it is the healing of the Unconscious Mind… the transformation from Frustration back to Peace… which is really what changes an individual’s core vibration… and lifts them up and into true spiritual enlightenment.

It’s not really the Conscious Mind going on a 2 day Yoga retreat… or visiting a scared site… although they are nice.

What really makes the difference it appears… going down into the engine room… shoveling the coal, getting your hands dirty… healing your Unconscious Mind

But that has to be something which the Conscious Mind chooses to do.

But that’s not what most people choose

They choose to live with the Frustration, rather then heal and grow… because for them, to change… to even consider the possibility of changing… is far too painful.

So do most people live with constant… 24/7… Frustration…?

That would be a life unbearable.

So what the majority of people do… the only thing they can do… the counter-weight to Frustration

Forget… find a way to numb their mind… they literally take the Unconscious Mind to the psychic dentist and choose to have the injection to dull the inner pain…

So the Frustration remains… but they choose to push the Frustration deep down inside as well.

We Human beings (me included) are so weird at times.

Fortunately, we can also be wyrd… and that’s what saves us.

I have come to see that Peace / Frustration is the primary energy dynamic for our Unconscious Mind… and if we really want to get healed and whole at the deeper levels of our Being… then we are going to have to face and deal with it at some point.


Indigo Insight No. 5:

The other negative / limiting emotion which has a big, detrimental effect on our Unconscious Mind is…


Let me explain.

The normal Dictionary definition for Doubt is usually something along the lines of:

A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

Which can also be a good thing… in the right context.

Suppose I am asked if I can jump over a six foot brick wall in one go.

Well… my Unconscious Mind looks at the brick wall in question… it’s height… considers my current athletic ability… along with my own inner confidence in my own physical skills… and concludes.

I doubt I could achieve that.

Concludes that this is a reality that is just never going to manifest in a positive outcome… So my three week stay in hospital after trying to jump the wall is pleasantly avoided.

And when our Unconscious Mind decides that it’s not a good plan to try, it switches on the Doubt feeling to demotivate me from ever trying.

In such situations, Doubt is designed to protect us… doubt undermines our motivation to even try.

It’s the psychic water you pour over the fire to extinguish the flames.

It is our Unconscious Minds way of saying… better give up now, will be foolish to try.

Doubt is a self-protection mechanism, which the Unconscious Mind uses to power down the expectations of our Conscious Self… a way of letting us down gently.

However, the problem with Doubt comes when it gets totally out of control… and we start to doubt things that we could indeed potentially achieve… even things which we may secretly desire or want.

I doubt I could be successful in that job.

I doubt that that person would be interested in someone like me… so no point in going over to ask them out.

I doubt I am the kind of person who will ever earn such serious money.

Now, the thing is… if there are solid, valid reasons for our Mind to come to that conclusion… then fair enough.

But a lot of the time, especially for people with low self-worth, they put the Doubt before the reasoning… and the Doubt has taken over control of their Mind.

When the default setting for our Mind overall becomes Doubt we can never achieve anything positive… because the outcome is always seen as Doubtfulso we give up before trying.

So our internal mechanism… which is meant to protect us from harm… gets turned against our better interests.

And we can always mentally justify our Doubt by backing it up with examples of past experience, where things didn’t work out, we failed, we got hurt… which is our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

And this happens when our Mind is full of too many negative or limiting beliefs… so that the objectivity of our Unconscious Mind is undermined

I have all the qualifications to apply for that job AND I have done similar jobs before AND I know several of the people who already work there, and they believe I could do the job BUT my poor self-image + my family always putting me down = I doubt I could be successful in that job.

In that example… all the solid externals are being overturned by the limiting internals… and on balance the Unconscious Mind has to conclude a negative ending, because it’s duty is to protect the Conscious Self from harm… so it switches on the Doubt feeling to demotivate the Conscious Self even further, protect it from further harm.

And the sad irony, when the Conscious Self starts to feel the Doubtthat all too familiar feeling… it takes it as another confirmation of its low self-image… and that the Unconscious Mind has evaluated the situation… and come to a negative conclusion… once again.

I doubt I could be successful in that job… once again.

One of a long list of “Not possible… so please lower your expectations… that kind of thing isn’t meant for you… so don’t get your hopes up… just won’t happen for you.”

So it’s 3-D Catch 22. Doubt undermines the Hope which is needed to keep to motivated and moving in life.

When it gets out of control, Doubt… especially Self-Doubt can become a very corrosive force.

The BIG problem is… when Doubt really gets out of control in our psyche… it seriously undermines our Unconscious Mind’s ability to run our life… it locks in all those negative beliefs… along with any attempt to change those beliefs… because the success of any such attempt becomes Doubtful… so what is the point.

It warps each outcome to:

Not Possible… Best… Not… Try.

So it is a curse when you trying to manifest a new life, turn your life towards a more positive direction.

Until you cut it at the root… and free your Unconscious Mind.. which in turn… frees your Conscious Mind.


Indigo Insight No. 6:

The 3rd negative / limiting emotion which has a big, detrimental effect on our Unconscious Mind is…


Yep, let me explain about this one too.

The normal Dictionary definition for Apathy is usually something along the lines of:

Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern

The modern study of Apathy is what gave birth to the Psychology of Happiness, and the most well-known proponent for this approach is Professor Martin Seligman.

And the most famous experiment, which helped to define the whole concept of learned helplessness, which is fundamental to this particular School of Psychology, was when a group of research scientists set about torturing a group of lab dogs… inside an electrified cage.

Condensing the experiment down to the essential elements… the research scientists designed a research cage where they could electrify different areas of the cage floor, into which the lab dogs were then set loose… one at a time.

So when the dogs lied down for a rest, the research scientists would give them an electric shock via the floor, and the dogs would get up and move to a different part of the cage… trying to find a safe place to rest… one where they wouldn’t receive electric shocks. Only after lying in the new place for a while, guess what would happen. Yep… another electric shock.

But a point came when the dogs just failed to get up when it happened. They stayed put, and allowed themselves to be shocked with electricity… over and over again.


Well, what the scientists found was that initially the dogs would move… but a point would come when the dogs decided… “What’s the point in moving… we might as well give-up… whatever we try to do fails… so we might as well stay put and endure the pain.”

Note: At times like this, I always wonder it the Law of Karma applies to research scientists… and whether they realize it or not. How many research scientists are reborn as lab dogs? We will probably never know.

And this state of Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern) the scientists called learned helplessness… and they have found that it exists in Humans as well as lab dogs, and other creatures.

People will naturally try to improve their situation… but if they are kicked down by life enough times… if they feel there is no way out or forward… a point will eventually come when even the strongest among us will say:

What’s the point … I might as well give-up… whatever I try to do fails… so I might as well stay put and endure the pain and disappointment of lost dreams.”

This is probably why the Ancient Greeks believed that they only thing which stayed in Pandora’s box… after all the bad stuff had been left loose… was Hope… because it is often Hope which helps us endure and persevere.

As TV presenter Oprah Winfrey said during her Golden Globes 2018 acceptance speech… she had interviewed many people in her career, who had suffered some of the worst things imaginable… and the one common thing they shared… Hope… and that it was their Hope which had helped them endure.

When we lose Hope… when it is extinguished… then we can quickly slide into Apathy and learned helplessness… and that is what Dictators try to do in their societies… destroy all hope of another way.

And this state, thinking and approach of Apathy and learned helplessness is also discussed by David Hawkins in his books on the Map of Consciousness, where he concludes that Apathy is one of the most dangerous vibrations which a Human can encounter… a bit like vibrational quicksand… it is very hard to escape from.

As he writes:

The level of Apathy is characterized by neglect, indifference, poverty, and in more severe degrees, by despair and hopelessness. The world and the future look bleak, and pathos is the theme of life. It is a state of helplessness, and its victims, needy in every way, lack not only resources but also energy to take advantage of what may be available. (Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment, Veritas Publishing, 2006, page 77)

But, knowing what we know, about the Unconscious Mind and how it runs most of our life… for someone to sink into full-on Apathy is a sign that not only has the Conscious Mind given up… but so has our Unconscious Mind… who is tasked with our continued happiness and well-being. So when our Unconscious Mind can’t find a way forwards, and gives up… then there really isn’t anything left we can Hope for… and Apathy is knocking at the door.

That’s why I believe full-on Apathy is so dangerous, because I feel it is a sign that the Unconscious Mind has given up… whether it is due to external barriers it cannot overcome… or negative beliefs it cannot work with or around… so it finally is pushed into a corner of learned hopelessness:

What’s the point … I might as well give-up… whatever I try to do for the Conscious Self  fails… so we might as well stay put and endure the pain.”

That’s why David Hawkins is 100% correct… Apathy is a very dangerous place to find yourself… because it is telling you that your Unconscious Mind is 100% stuck… and when your Unconscious Mind is stuck… that is not a good state to be in… because movement is not possible.

And… one of the big learnings of my life… a person can be generally optimistic to life… but also be apathetic in regards to one specific area, where they and their Unconscious Mind has given up.

So in many areas of their life they look OK… but in this one area… they have switched off, given up.

So in that one area, the usual approach doesn’t work… and you need to do something extra, even bring extra energy to the table, to lift up that part of their psyche… the part that has shrunk due to Apathy.

Because Apathy can be a serious block to manifesting positive things and situations in life… because what is the point of even trying?

The deadliest of vibrational quicksand.


Indigo Insight No. 7:

Now… we cannot talk about the Indigo Vibe… and our Unconscious Mind… without also touching upon Hypnosis… although from a more alternative perspective perhaps.

Now, the 20th Century spiritual master G.I. Gurdjieff used to say that Hypnosis in the West was still in its infancy compared to the practice and understanding of Hypnosis in the East, and in the Eastern spiritual traditions.

OK, that was almost 100 year ago now… and if he came back today… perhaps he would say that “OK, it’s progressed… it’s a lot more knowledgeable now… Erickson was a cool guy… and NLP has taken it forwards.”

Or maybe he wouldn’t… maybe he would say that we are still missing something fundamental.

And maybe… just throwing out an idea here… it would be an understanding of Hypnosis within the larger context of Mind, Unconscious Mind, and Soul.

Maybe that is what is missing… the spiritual dimension.

Because the Eastern traditions would have developed and worked with Hypnosis within a spiritual context. They would have developed Hypnosis as a way to bring an individual closer to their true Inner Nature and Spiritual Enlightenment.

To them Hypnosis wasn’t just about stopping smoking, or curing a phobia of flying… it could do so much more.

But this spiritual potential is something which is usually not considered or included in the Western approach.

And the problem with something like mainstream Hypnosis now is it’s attempt to fit into conventional Western medical and scientific thinking… because if it wants to be practiced and used in hospitals say, which is were the real funding and big money is… so it has had to divorce itself from anything spiritualit has had to dumb itself down… and the same is true of CBT or NLP to some extent. They have had to adjust themselves, to better fit into the current funding categories… but the process of fitting in means that they end up offering less… because the authorities who authorize the contracts are not prepared to fund any kind of weird sounding stuff. The same is usually the same for any complementary therapy which is enticed into joining the medical mainstream. Dumb down on the weird sounding stuff, or we won’t let you through the door.

In the West, medicine and spirituality went in different directions around the time of Descartes… and apart from a few exceptions, keep each other at arms length… except when one side dumbs-down.

But by dumbing-down… what potentially vanishes in the process?

By taking out the Soul from the Hypnosis equation… what may have been lost?

Maybe what we need is a more Spiritual Hypnosis… and I bet there are many people around the world following that very line of thought… just probably not within mainstream hospitals… (and if they are working in hospitals, bet they walk a careful line about what they really do, and what they tell others they are doing).

So what would a Spiritual Hypnosis look like?

So… a useful analogy… to get us started…

You (the Conscious Self) are a 2 year old boy… and you are being taken out to the park by your 16 year old, Older Brother (your Unconscious Mind).

So as You rush around the park, excited, enjoying yourself… your Brother… is doing two things:

One – Allowing you to get your needs, wants and desires met within reason (Yes, you can go on the swings, and I will push you… no, you can’t have a 3rd ice-cream, you won’t eat your dinner… you need to go to the toilet, don’t you?)

Two – Watching out for you, keeping you safe (Careful how you get on that swing, if you fall you will hurt yourself… when we cross the road, we need to be careful of the fast cars, so we need to look right, left, right and only when there is a safe gap do we cross over… it’s late now, we’d better be heading back home to Mum and Dad, or they will wonder where we are, and we can always come back tomorrow).

And to do both of the above… your Brother is focused on You… listening to you… so you get your needs and wants met… but also he is keeping aware of what is going on around you both… in order to keep You safe.

So he has a split focus… but His priority is always on You. He multi-tasks.

That kind of describes what is happening between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.

I mean, according to science, the Unconscious Mind is processing 11 to 20 million bytes of data per second… so it is probably very well aware of what your sister wants out of life… or your next-door neighbor… especially if our Unconscious Minds do indeed communicate with one another.

But it doesn’t action any of that.

It only actions what You want and need… even what you desire if it can (but your negative programming and limiting beliefs do tend to hinder what is possible).

Those other people… they have their own Unconscious Minds to take care of them.

No, the Cosmic deal is that your Unconscious Mind looks after YouYou are its sole responsibility. Just as down the park, your Older Brother is concerned with looking after his Kid Brother, and no one else.

But… here’s an interesting, and important, question.

Who is your Unconscious Mind ultimately responsible to?

Easy answer.

Your Soul… in our analogy, the Parents who stayed at home while your Brother took You to play in the park.

The Soul tasks the Unconscious Mind with taking care of the Conscious Self during its current lifetime… just as the Parents trust the Older Son to look after his Younger Brother.

And this is an important 3-way relationship… which we will come back to… picking up on it soon.

Bottom-line, the Soul doesn’t allow the Conscious Self to venture down on to the Earth plane without the Unconscious Mind as lifetime chaperone… just like a 2 year kid isn’t allowed outside without an Adult to watch out for it.

OK with this so far… good… let’s take the next step.

Now, here comes the interesting bit.

As we go about our day… your Unconscious Mind is focused on You.

At night, while You are sleep and dream, your Unconscious Mind is still focused on You… supplying You with the dreams You need… and may even enjoy.

OK, your Unconscious Mind is also aware of the world around it, even when You are asleep… true… but only because it needs to do so to take the best care of You.

But during Hypnosis… whether in a therapy session… or during a stage act… the Unconscious Mind is no longer listening to You… no longer taking orders from You.

The Conscious Self is literally pushed to the side, and its connection to the Unconscious Mind is temporarily severed.

It’s listening to an Outsider… listening to the commands of a total Stranger perhaps.

And often, it is manifesting those commands far quicker then the normal relationship it has with the Conscious Self.

Think about it for a moment.

What is going on here?

Why would your Unconscious Mind, which has taken such good care of you since birth, suddenly push You to one side, and give over the reigns to a total Stranger?

It’s the equivalent of You being in the park with your Older Brother, who is looking after you, tasked by your Parents to take care of You… and then suddenly your Brother forgets all about You… and instead, they start listening to, and looking after, a completely different kid entirely?

With Hypnosis… the connection between the Conscious Self and the Unconscious Mind is broken… and the Unconscious Mind starts to take orders from someone who is outside the realm of Self.

And the Hypnotist may have your best interests at heart… may not… may not even care if you end-up looking a complete fool on stage… trying to bark and howl the song My Way by Frank Sinatra while imagining you are a dog… the Unconscious Mind still lets them in, and doesn’t block their commands.

Why would that happen?

How could that happen?

I mean… the fact that your Mind can be hijacked… that is a serious design flaw… even if it can be used in a positive way (“You no longer crave cigarettes… especially before you are about to board that overnight flight to New York“).

But what if… the design flaw isn’t a design flaw as such.

What if it’s a backdoor into your psyche… which was put there for an important reason.

If we go back to our Brother analogy, who else would and should the Older Brother listen to, in addition to the Smaller Brother?

Simple… His Parents.

And who do the Parents represent in this analogy?

They represent… our Soul?

Yep, in Color Dancing… the Soul enters on to the stage once again.

If you believe we have a Soul then it stands to reason that not only is the Unconscious Mind connected to the Conscious Selfit is also connected up to the Soul level too.

It is designed to listen to the Soul and the Conscious Mind… although the Soul will always have priority on all life-decisions… along with the password to the child-lock.

And when the Unconscious Mind is relating to the Soul, it is an entirely different relationship… just like Younger Brother to Older Brother is a different relationship to Older Brother to Parents.

Because Parents are Authority Figures.

This is why I believe that often the Unconscious Mind actions a Hypnotic command more readily, and effectively, making the Conscious Self totally believe in it…

Because it believes… it has been fooled into thinking… that the command came from the Soul.

The Hypnotist has not only pushed the Conscious Mind out of the way, but they have usurped the position of the Soul… so that the Unconscious Mind believes that they are receiving commands direct from the Soul.

Because a Soul command is truthit has to be actionedit cannot be ignored by the Unconscious Mind.

Also, and there two other important elements to consider.

The first, when the Unconscious Mind deals with the Conscious Self it also has to work within the limiting and negative programming which the Conscious Self has taken on during that lifetime… or may even have brought in from other lifetimes (… if you are OK with that whole lived before thing).

But when dealing directly with the Soul, the Unconscious Mind doesn’t have to deal or contend with any of that limiting stuff, which literally limits what it can do… and so it can be much more effective… which is why you can sometimes witness miracles… because you are witnessing the full magic and power of the Unconscious Mind unchained.

When working with the Conscious Self, often the Unconscious Mind is limited to being a small-time conjurer… but when it gets to work with the Soul… it returns to full-on Merlin mode… and all the limitations are put on temporary hold.

That’s why I believe Hypnosis can sometimes produce some remarkable results.

Because the Unconscious Mind doesn’t have to take the limitations of the Conscious Self into consideration.

That’s the 1st thing.

2nd thing… this whole Soul thing explains why it is far harder for the Conscious Self to hack the system, and do a Self-Hypnosis thing.

I mean, if Self-Hypnosis was easy… then someone would have promoted it as the biggest thing in Self-Development by now… but even though there are probably a million creative visualization CDs out there… they’re not really using Self-Hypnosis… because it is hard to switch off the Conscious Self.

As anyone will tell you who has tried… getting someone else to hypnotize you is easy… when compared to trying to hypnotize yourself… which is freaking impossible!!!

Why is that?

Because how can you switch yourself off… and still give yourself commands?

Well, there have been a number of different theories put out… but this is the Color Dancing one:

The Unconscious Mind does listen to the Conscious Self… but not in the same way as it listens to the Soul… because the Soul is standing in the correct vibrational space… and occupying that space gives it authority… the same authority which is bestowed on the Hypnotist, once they have tricked their way into that same vibrational space.

To take on the voice of the Soul, the Conscious Self would need to shift itself, in relation to the Unconscious Mind, and occupy the correct vibrational space… but it just cannot do that…  on its own, it lacks the ability.

It may pretend to be the Soul… but unless the commands are coming from the correct vibrational location, the correct vibrational space… the Unconscious Mind does not hear them as Soul commands… and so processes them the same way as any request from the Conscious Self.

And the Conscious Self can try using a different voice… use fancy magical-sounding words… even wear a purple cloak… but it won’t work, it doesn’t make any difference.

That’s the problem for the Conscious Self… unless… it has some outside vibrational help… to shift it’s vibrational location in relation to the Unconscious Mind… wait… that is another post entirely.

OK… OK… two clues… the command has to come from / through the Brow Chakra… and it has to be worded in the 3rd person… plus something else… and that 3rd something else is what completes the magic.

Something else to consider… our Soul (i.e. the Parent) could step in and fix 99.9% of the problems / issues in our head / life… very easily.

But then… what would be the point of coming to the Earth Plane in the first place.

In our analogy, a young Child has to learn to walk for itself… and a  point has to come when it stands on its own two legs in all ways.

And in many ways… the same applies for the Conscious Self.


Indigo Insight No. 8:

The next important question… and one which is always an interesting one to consider…

Where does the Unconscious Mind put all the stuff that the Conscious Mind doesn’t want to deal with?

And… another question which is semi-related to it?

Is it possible to ever be 100% conscious of all the psychic material stored in the Unconscious Mind?

Once again… if you took a trip back in your time-machine…

Back to the Western Middle Ages… and further still, back to the time before… the Dark Ages

You would find people and cultures that had no concept of there being an Unconscious Mind.

Yep, they knew they had a Conscious Mind… and scripture told them they had a Soul… but they had no idea of anything in between.

And for all those times when they felt something within was sabotaging them… or holding them back… well, that was just the Devil trying to tempt them from the path of the true believer… yes, the Devil was very active in the Dark and Middle Ages.

Now, if we traveled back further in time… to the Roman and Greek times… they had the concept that each individual had a Guardian Daemon… bit like a Guardian Angel… who watched over them during their lifetime… which could have been their way of interpreting the workings of the Unconscious Mind.

But in the Western world, it wasn’t until the time of Sigmund Freud, in Vienna during the 19th Century, that the existence of the Unconscious Mind started to come to light… although many people had been involved in the search before Freud, and taken significant steps to understanding that there was something else working behind the scenes… such as Mesmer, who discovered / invented an early form of Hypnosis.

And even during, and after, Freud, there were significant developments, as different people looked at the evidence, and come up with different interpretations, different theories… so there was Freud with his Id, Ego, and Super-ego theory of how the Human Mind worked… followed by C.J. Jung and his more spiritual approach of Archetypes and Synchronicity… and then there was Adler and his whole Power approach.

And not forgetting Victor Frankl, who managed to survive through the Nazi concentration camps of WW2, and eventually emerged on the other side with his Theory of Meaning.

But going back to Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Warehouse of All Knowing concept from earlier… when you look at many of these different and conflicting theories, you can perhaps see that they arose out of that individual’s needs to start with… they discovered what they needed for their own healing… and then they attracted clients who had similar needs… and then spun it all out into a more comprehensive theory.

So for Freud… his cigar probably was much more then just a cigar.

But Khan’s analogy of the Warehouse also provides us with an important clue as what the Unconscious Mind does with all the stuff which the Conscious Mind does not want to face.

It literally plunges it into total darkness… and puts it into a place where the Conscious Mind cannot easily reach.


Well… the mystic Kabir had this saying… that the Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty.

Meaning that just as a Fish exists within an Ocean of Water… so Humans exist within an Ocean of Consciousness.

The water supports and allows the Fish to exist… and in a similar way, Consciousness supports and creates each Human individual.

But there is one other thing to note.

By moving it’s fins and tail, the Fish is able to manipulate the water around it… move and shape it to some degree… and some species of fish are able to manipulate and use water in lots of different and amazing ways.

And in a similar way, our Unconscious Mind can also manipulate the fabric of Consciousness within which it is sourced.

So let’s assume that the Unconscious Mind is able to fold the fabric of Consciousnesss over on to itself… thus creating a pocket… a folded over space within the Unconscious Mind

And it puts the something to be forgotten into this closed off, inner pocket-space… so that it can no longer be seen or experienced by the Conscious Mind.

Done and done.

The ultimate magical disappearing act.

And for anyone who is supressing a lot of unwanted psychic material… then they will have a lot of these closed off pockets in their Unconscious Mind.

Basically… the Unconscious Mind is using Consciousness itself to hide what is no longer to be held in consciousness.

In her too short conclusion at the end of her book Collision With the Infinite, Suzanne Seagal… who herself obtained a state of enlightenment in her 20s… made several interesting observations about the nature of enlightenment…

One of which was that even after enlightenment… psychic material could and would suddenly emerge from the Unconscious Mind and soar up into the Conscious Mind… material which was completely new and unknown to the Conscious Self, often long buried memories, and painful experiences.

Memories that had remained buried and forgotten since childhood.

Bottom-line… just because you have become enlightened… it doesn’t mean that you automatically become all-knowing… not even about your own life.

But it does appear that as your enlightenment progresses… and your Consciousness expands… the expansion creates ripples… and it is highly likely that these folded over pockets of Consciousness eventually start to unravel and unfold… thus releasing their hidden contents back into Consciousness.

But it doesn’t take full-on enlightenment for this to happen….

Mind altering drugs…

Astrological transits…

Ilnness and Old Age… where the Unconscious Mind no longer has the same level of psychic energy to keep all the hiden pckets folded and hidden

All of these have the ability to bring buried memories and unwanted events… along with suppressed qualities and emotions… back into the awreness of our Conscious Mind.

The question then becomes… is the Conscious Self ready to receive and integrate this unexpected knowledge and material?



Indigo Insight No. 9:

Finally… and returning to our original question posed in Indigo Insight No. 1.

Does an individual start out with a Soul… or do they have to create one?

My thoughts… it’s both.

Yes, we do start out with a Soul… but we also have to create one at the same time.

Or… put another way… we have to gather all the experiences and vibrations which our Soul would like to take back with us to the Divine.

And if you can achieve that… then it is basically the same as creating yourself a fresh Soul.

What do people report when they come back from a Near-Death Experience?

That they were in a space of Unconditional LoveBlissPeaceEcstasy.

So that is what it is like up there.

But definitely not what it is like down here… not for the majority of the time, not for the majority of people alive, it isn’t.

But what if it could?

What if we dedicated our life to being more loving… growing love in our Heart… to the point that it flourished into Unconditional Love… and the fruit of that Love within us was a blessing to all the people who we met in our life.

And also…

What if… like a fine wine… somehow the Unconditional LoveBlissPeace… and Ecstasy… which grew and originated from the Earth plane… somehow tasted better when it was shipped back Home to Heaven… when it was experienced by the Divine.

Bit like God saying… “OK, I know that I exist in Heaven… surrounded by total Bliss and hosts of Angels… singing in joy for all eternity… and surrounded by an ocean of infinite Love… but truth is… the Love that returns to me from the Earth plane… feels so much better and has a lot more juice. For me… it’s so cool when one of those Earth Souls makes it back to Heaven with their Heart bursting with all that juicy Earth grown Love.”

Scratch that… if Meister Eckhart is right… and the Divine is sat alongside us… each moment of our journey… it gets to experience all the Love as we do. As you feel the Love within you, so does the Divine.

So what is so different about the Earth plane and the Love grown down here?

Along the Rhine, farmers grow wine up the sides of the steep sides of the valley.

Why do they bother? Makes life a lot harder.

Because the soil on the slopes is really good… and makes for finer wine.

It involves a lot more hard work, true… but the taste of the eventual wine, once harvested, makes up for all the hard work involved.

Perhaps something similar is at work here… the spiritual vibrations which are experienced on a plane of separation, are somehow richer, deeper… and are worth all the hard work needed to gather them.

Love grown in the face of separation and adversity must have an extra dimension to it.

And Love which comes from Forgiveness? Bet there is nothing and no one that needs forgiving in Heaven… so that kind of Love is a unique gift of the Earth plane… the finest Love wine you can ever experience perhaps.

Maybe it’s not about growing a Soul… because you already have one… but expanding your Consciousness to gather all these rich spiritual experiences which You and your Soul can then take back with at the end of your Earth journey.

Am I right?

Maybe… Maybe not.

Not yet in a position to say 100% yet.

But what I can say… a life spent trying is bound to be 100% more fulfilling then a life spent ignoring your true, inner potential.

So doesn’t it sound like a cool thing to at least try out?

For those who like working with crystals, the Indigo Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Indigo, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = Blue Afghanite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = Blue Afghanite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = Lapis Lazulli
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = Blue Apatite
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = Blue Scapalite
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Blue Shattuckite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = Azurite
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Blue Kyanite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Indigo Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Indigo Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Indigo Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2018

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