The Importance of Being Level Appropriate… Issues 8


The spiritual teacher Duane Packer has this saying…

On the spiritual path… as we grow and expand… we need to be level appropriate.

And when we really start to engage with the issues we uncover as we start to move along our spiritual path… the importance of being level appropriate can and will only increase…

Remembering to be level appropriate can save us from a lot of wasted effort… as well as emotional and mental pain and frustration.

Once you understand what it means… and remember to heed its wisdom.

Let me explain.

Take a crystal… a piece of Amethyst say… it has a physical form like we do… but it doesn’t move, internally or externally… it has no internal organs or limbs… no emotions… no thoughts… but it does have a fixed and constant vibration…

A plant… one level up say… doesn’t move, once it has become rooted to the spot… but it does change and grow throughout its life-cycle… it does feel and respond to the world around it, to some degree… but it doesn’t think like we do… but because it is alive, it is meant to have a more fluid vibration…

Animals come in various shapes and sizes… they can move… swim, crawl, walk, run, climb, some can even fly… but the debate is still out on how much they think and feel like we do…

And Humans… well, we’re meant to have a Soul… so our abilities and vibration run all the way from the Earth plane up to the celestial heavens…

Unlike crystals, whose vibration is fixed and constant… Humans can span a whole spectrum of different vibrations… from the very low to the high and downright spiritual…

Our species can express everything from Krishnamurti reading an Agatha Christie novel on a plane… to a Serial Killer reciting from the Bhagavad Gita.

High… Low… and every degree and possibility in between.

And this very fluidity and flexibility, when it comes to vibrations, can lead us into getting trapped, confused, and lost… and so being very level inappropriate.

For example, two people… Boris and Thomas… where Boris is struggling with the issue of low self-worth… and Thomas has been on the spiritual path for a decade plus now, quite successfully, and is learning to let-go of his Ego, and allow in and express¬†Unconditional Love.

Boris and Thomas know each other, through a shared friend, and meet-up for a coffee, one Saturday afternoon, chatting, telling each other about their lives, and where they are currently at.

More coming very soon!

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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