The Green Vibe

You could argue that the 20th Century got off to a proper start with the introduction of mass production into our factories.

And there is that famous quote from Henry Ford… “You can have any color you like… as long as it is black.”

I always imagine the scene, several years later, when a young company exec bursts into the boardroom, saying… “Mr Ford, our competitors are eating into our market share! They have started to offer cars in other colors!” To which Henry Ford replies… “Forget what I said earlier about only making black cars… start making whatever colors the Customer wants! And start doing it yesterday!

But the thing is… in comparison… the Universe doesn’t mass produceanything.

Even if you lined up all 8 billion people alive today, in a row… we would all be different, in Mind, Body and Soul.

Ours is a bespoke snowflake kind of Universe… where everything is original and unique… there is always some slight variation… and often much more then that.

And if each snowflake that has ever fallen is different… the Universe has gone to town with the number and levels of difference woven into your average Human.

And it is these slight variations which has fueled Evolution for the past 1 billion years… and also fuels Human creativity to a large degree. The fact we look differently, and think differently, and have different dominant emotions and feelings, different personalities, different ways of expressing ourselves, and different interests and passions… born into different times, places and cultures.

That all adds up to a heap load of uniqueness.

So no two Humans look alike… and also no two Humans are ever alike in their heads (which, admittedly, can be a problem when you are sat around the negotiating table, and you haven’t a clue what the other guy is thinking).

Our personalities are just as individual and unique as the faces which express those personalities.

Which is how God, the Universe, and the Tao likes it.

Remember, Mesiter Eckhart said:

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

Now… imagine you went to any window in the world, and always saw the same view.

That would be pretty boring.

Even more so if the view itself was also pretty boring.

Well, it’s the same for God… or Universal Consciousness if you prefer… if God was to look through any pair of Human eyes, and witness the same personality, doing the same thing… 8 billion times…

… That would also be pretty boring for the Divine.

And if there is one thing you can say about the Divineit has infinite patiencebut doesn’t like to repeat itself.

So if, as Meister Eckhart says, the Divine is looking through each pair of eyes on the planet…then the Divine has a vested interest in making each Human individual to be as different as possible.

What is the point in watching the same TV show over and over… unless you are a total fanatic.

And if you are God, then it would be a bit sad to create an infinite and eternal Universe which you found boring in the extreme… if I was such an unfortunate God, I would have pressed the delete button long before now.

But we’re still here… so we must be doing something right.

The thing is… the Universe wants drama… and comedy… and romance… likes a good cliffhangera plot twist or two… it’s into any story which Human beings can come up with… and knowing Humans… we do so love to push the limits of what is possible… in all directions.

So with the exception of purchasing the fan merchandise, God loves watching all those 8 billion Human stories as they unfold across the planet.

Now… get prepared… the subject of co-creation is about to come over the horizon… any second… now.

Because the thing is… what is the point of watching a show if you know what is coming next… unless you are a total fanatic.

A lot of the enjoyment comes from the not knowing, the unpredictability of the story… especially if it is character driven.

But how can God not know?

It kind of goes against the whole omnipotent + omniscient thing for God not to know what happens next.

Well, there is a way… through bestowing Humans with a degree of consciousness (the Blue Vibe which we shall explore next)… and giving them a degree of free-will

Humans = self-reflective consciousness + free-will… that goes to the core of what really makes Humans different.

That way, the Divine has a good idea of what is meant to happen… but Humans can always choose to go down a different path… and take everyone by surprise… including the Divine.

Bit like the ending of Scooby Doo… nothing is 100% certain because of those pesky Humans… (Gosh, the Ghost was Mr Chambers all the time! Who saw that coming?)

Because Humans have this self-reflective consciousness thing… we’re the spanner in the worksthe ghost in the machine… we can do the Right thing, the Wrong thing, the thing no one saw coming, the thing that ends the story, the thing that starts a whole new story… we can choose to go to war, or make the peace… we can choose to behave predictably… or throw the script right out of the window… and improvise for the rest of our life-movie.

Hey guys, let’s just wing it from this point on.

And God sits back, with the celestial popcorn, going… “Wow, didn’t see that one coming… wonder what they’ll do nextI do hope she doesn’t marry that loser… look, her true Soul-mate is only standing 3 feet away… and she can’t see it!!!

So if Humans really are co-creators… it’s not because we’re equal to God… honest, when it comes to manifestation, we’re just not in the same league as Universal Consciousness, who does most of the heavy lifting when we want something anyway. To think otherwise is a self-deluded Ego trip.

But through our having self-reflective consciousness… from which the possibility of co-creation arises… we Humans have been given the potential to re-write our own life-script… so it means we introduce a degree of unpredictability into the show which God is observing through our pair of eyes.

That’s why Humans are co-creators.

To make things more interesting.

Not because God needs a hand in creating stuff… but because Humans give the Universal script a degree of unpredictability and excitement as each of those 8 billion stories unfold.

That’s why the Divine gives us a certain level of freedom when it comes to manifesting the elements of our life… it’s situations, its relationships, the stuff we fill our homes with… and the homes too.

… But not galaxies, or stars, planets, or whole new Universes.

The Divine doesn’t trust Humans with any of the big stuff (except in our outright delusions)… or even the medium stuff for that matter.

Which is OK by me… creating a new Universe, I just wouldn’t know where to begin (and I wasn’t very good at physics, chemistry or biology either… so it would be a Universe which would a bit wonky, lopsided, and where I’d be trying to skip a lot of the fundamentals and get to the good stuff as fast as possible… “What do you mean I have to wait 15 billion years before I can create my first hominoid? That’s so unfair!!!“).

But for a Human to create stuff which is different… they need to be able to think differently.

And to think differently… they need to have something called… individuality.

Or as C.J.Jung would have expressed it… they need to have achieved a level of individuation.

Without individuality, we would all be doing and thinking the same as everyone else… which is a pretty boring story line, when you think about it.

So to make the story interesting… not only do those 8 billion Humans all need to be different in some way (or ways)… they need to be prepared to act and think differently.

So at this point, to understand further, we need to appreciate the difference between a Green Heart and a Yellow Solar Plexus.

Or as I put it… the YellowNeed to fit inMind… and our GreenLife’s not worth a damn, until you can say, I am what I amMind.

Let me explain.

The Yellow Vibe is responsible for running the part of our Mind which is takes all the information from our tribe, our family, our culture, our religion, or our national identity… information which many have been passed down for generations, maybe even millennia… and out of this information, it fashions a personality that can function well within that society… within our social context… while also having a fairly good idea about how to make fire and generally survive until the next day.

And it is this information which also forms our Comfort Zone.

So if being able to make fire is essential to our continued survival… then the Yellow Mind, as expressed through our Solar Plexus, is responsible for ensuring that this knowledge is retained, learned, and not extinguished.

That’s why we have this thing called civilization.

If knowing which fork to use for main course, and which fork is reserved for starters, is essential for our continued social acceptability, then the Yellow Mind is responsible for ensuring that we learn and express the niceties of social etiquette, and don’t make a total fool of ourselves in front of the people we are trying to impress.

In this context functioning well means:

  • Not rocking the collective boat
  • Doing what people expect of you, following the tribal / social / family path laid out for you
  • Thinking how others think, not wandering beyond the shared, collective belief system, and never thinking anything heretical or downright dangerous
  • Taking great pains to fit in with others
  • Worshiping the communal Gods in the correct, prescribed way… and paying your taxes on time

In a sense, Yellow Mind is about surviving, functioning well in the world, and fitting in.

But someone who is an individual may choose not do any of the above… because they will always consider their own needs, in relation to the social needs, and they may decide that their own needs come first… and they are not afraid of thinking for themselves, and forming their own opinions.

Although they may also do a Mr Spock if they feel it’s appropriate… putting the needs of the many before the needs of the one (Star Trek 2 – The Wrath of Khan).

Bottom-line, individuals think for themselves… they follow the calling of their individual Heart… and not the internal voice of pre-programmed social pressure.

So in the above polite dinner party, they might turn around and say “Look, which fork you use, and when you use it, might be important to you… but that is your social-game… not mine… and I am choosing not to play. I will decide for myself which fork to use for which dish… and if that means you think less of me… that is your loss, not mine… and I really don’t care. I am not lessened by it, because I do not derive my self-value from your continued good opinion of me.

Although, in saying that… they might upset their hosts, and so not be invited to the next high-stakes dinner party… and be quietly dropped from polite society.

But true individuals don’t usually care about that kind of thing. They don’t build their lasting happiness upon it.

True, often to get on in life, you do need to know how to be social, make friends, form alliances, and help people to get what they want so they will return the favor.

But… to do all that, an individual is not prepared to sell their very Soul. If a Soul-payment is required, they will simply walk away… no deal… and they will find another way.

So in contrast to Yellow Mind, the Green Mind is all about expanding beyond your Comfort Zone, it’s social conditioning, and walking beyond the social norms of your tribe and culture when you must… along with:

  • Following the calling of your Heart
  • Being a unique individual, being prepared to do your own thing
  • Thinking thoughts which are different to most people, having a different way of looking at the world around you
  • Thinking for yourself

Green Vibe is the color of the independent thinker, the maverick, the revolutionary, the social misfit, the go-it-aloner… anyone who is prepared, in life to follow the path less traveled.

And for anyone walking such a path… a strong connection to the Green Vibe… maybe even a daily dose when under pressure… is vital for their continued mental health and well-being.

Because… probably from our earliest caveman days… when anyone steps out from tribal thinking, from the crowd… shows themselves to be different within their familyodd, strange… likes and thinks differently… starts to be seen as a mavericka free-thinker perhaps… their very difference makes the rest of the tribe uneasy.

Their very thinking differently is a threat to the social cohesion… a danger to the family dynamic.

I think it’s because, long ago, in the tribe… the majority wasn’t sure if they could continue to trust or rely on those individuals who thought differently… because social cohesion and shared beliefs was perceived as ultra important to the tribe’s continued survival… so anyone who started to think differently… could they really be trusted in times of crisis? Would they say or do the right thing… or something weird and unpredictable like usual?

In a crisis, there are times when the original thinkers are the right ones to listen to… but there are also times when the standard survival response, passed down across the generations, is the best solution… and the powers that be tend to stick to the known, because it has worked in the past… should work againhopefully.

And anyone who says differently… is a dangerous liability when crisis time comes a knocking.

But the Universe has created the maverick thinkers for a reason… they often see what the majority cannot seeor are not willing to see for some reason.

The original maverick thinker was probably Cassandra, a princess in the story of the fall of Troy… who had been given the gift of prophecy… but cursed because even though she could see the future… no one would ever believe her. So she was destined to watch her family and friends commit acts that she knew would lead to the destruction of her beloved family and city… and nothing she said or did could stop it.

And whenever she tried to warn them… “Don’t worry, that’s just Cassandra acting up again… just ignore her… we all do… Now, that big wooden Horse looks interesting… let’s bring it inside the city walls for a closer look.”

Basically, the maverick thinkers often think in ways that the collective cannot understand or comprehend. But that doesn’t mean they are wrong, and shouldn’t be listened to… because there are times when their thinking is 100% correct and the most appropriate course of action for the evolving situation.

For example… it used to be common sense for fire-fighters to try to outrun the forest fire if it started to run them down… until a group of fire-fighters were burned alive doing just that… But one survived, because they started a new fire ahead of them… which used up all the wood and combustible material ahead of the main forest fire… so the fireman was able to step into the newly burnt area, and the main fire couldn’t touch them, because there was nothing left to burn. That strategy is now part of basic training. But before that 1st maverick fireman did it… the whole idea probably appeared ludicrous.

For example… in the Glenville Tower Fire in London 2017, the people who followed the conventional wisdom are the ones who died, sadly… which was to stay in their flats, wait for rescue by the fire services, because the building was designed to withstand the fire. What they didn’t know was the cheap, inferior cladding attached on the side of the building had seriously undermined the safety of the building, to the extent that the conventional wisdom to stay put was no longer valid. When the fire took hold, it used the combustible cladding to climb the side of the building, and took hold far too quickly for the emergency services to handle. The people who followed the conventional wisdom, and stayed put in their flats, believing that they were safe, died… and those who followed their intuition, and disobeyed the guidelines, got out… and survived.

For example, in the army… or the emergency services… which are other kinds of tribe… they don’t want people who continually question or argue… they want people who will respond correctly, follow orders, follow their training… because it is the training which is seen as the best chance for survival and success. Anyone who is different, who does question and argue… will be seen as a threat to the effectiveness and survival of the group… their thinking will interfere with the training… and so they will be quickly removed. Anyone who has watched the movie A Bridge Too Far, will have seen the truth of this… were the few free-thinkers in the British Army couldn’t stop a disastrous operation during World War 2, because the top Generals had the mist of glory in their eyes, and disregarded what the intelligence information were showing.

I think something like that has been operating for millennia in Human tribal cultures… so much so that it has become integrated into our collective unconscious response to those who decide to be and think differently.

In times of crisis, there are times when the original thinkers are the right ones to listen to… but there are also times when the standard survival response, passed down across the generations, is the best solution.

But our Human tribe is now programmed, after millennia, to follow the standard survival response… and be wary of the original thinkers, the mavericks… even to the point of ostracizing them in some way… maybe even persecuting them… because their approach is seen as destabilizingdangerous… especially if there is an emergency… they will simply get in the way (least, that’s what we assume).

But none of that makes them wrong… and the collective often ignores them at its peril.

So… if you are reading this… chances are you are one those mavericksoriginal thinkers… who have gone through life being put down in some way for who you are, or how you think, or approach to life.

As the Mafia would say… it’s nothing personal… just that your family / tribe thinks it knows best… better then you about your own life and happiness… if you would only listen to them, then you could fit in and be happydon’t you want that, why not give it a try… and there is only one of you… so they have greater numbers on their side… so toe the linefit in.

OK, if you give up and give in to family pressure, then probably the family demons… the stuff which has been pushed aside for generations, which haunts and pains the family-line… and which you were born to bring to the surface and heal… will stay unacknowledged for another generation or four… until the next black sheep is born… the next circuit breaker arrives who is brave enough to try and heal the family wound.

Hands up anyone who can see themselves in that paragraph?

Trust me, you are not alone.

So in any of those difficult tribal or family situations… where you are the maverick… the odd one out… whose vision or approach just doesn’t fit in… although to you your vision and truth is totally right and valid, something you need to honor and express.

What helps you survive?


The Green Vibe.

It is the Green Vibe which allows you to maintain your sense of Self… your sense of Individuality… your sense of a distinct Life-Purpose… your sense of “It’s OK to be Me and Different“.

Why? How?

Because for anyone who is under extreme pressure to conform by other people, the Green Vibe allows them to maintain the integrity and shape of their own Heart Space.

The Green Heart Space is where our sense of being an individual resides.

You see Green is the Color Vibe associated with all things original and individual… especially when it comes to the Human Energy System.

So what is Green?

Well Green is Yellow + Blue… and Green is most often associated with our Heart Chakra… especially in the Rainbow Chakra System.

And one way of approaching it, from a Color Dancing perspective, to create Green we need to pull up Yellow from the Solar Plexus chakra… and pull down Blue from the Throat chakra… and mix them together to create Green for and at the Heart Chakra.

So an understanding of Yellow and Blue, and where those colors have been drawn from, helps us better understand Green and what it is really about.

So peeking ahead now… the Blue Vibe helps us create the Inner Space in which our thoughts can reside, and be explored… it is space that creates our Mind Space.

And Yellow is the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we choose to occupy that space.

In a sense, the mental furniture that we choose to bring into the Blue Room.

And your average maverick automatically chooses thoughts which are in resonance with the vibe of their Green Heart Space… which then automatically puts them outside of the social norm… because those ideas usually appear wild and crazy to their family and your typical man on the street.

Each individual has a different vibration to their Green Heart Space… and certain thoughts will be in resonance with it… will fit right in… and certain thoughts will not.

Your average maverick has a Green Heart Space vibration which is ahead of their time usually… which means they end up attracting thoughts which put them outside of the mainstream.

But if your average maverick does try to fit in… it hurtsbadly… because they are trying to force more normal thoughts into their Heart Space with which they are not in resonance.

Like when you try to push the same ends of two magnets together… not possible… the magnetic force keeps pushing them apart the more you try to get them to touch.

Same with trying to populate a truly maverick Heart with conventional thinking.

Trust me… such an attempt to fit in… doesn’t work. Just hurts inside… the mis-match of vibration.

What benefits a man if they gain the whole world, but lose their own Soul?

So when we put them together… Yellow and Blue… we get the Green Vibe… the Green Mind you could say… which is completely different to the Yellow Mind we explored earlier.

Because within the Green Mind you are allowed to form an individual sense of Self… think our own thoughts… it is the place where you are allowed to be different.

Remember, the Universe likes it when we are different.

And within that Green Space… we have the opportunity to weave those thoughts, ideas and beliefs which make us differentindividual… and unique. You are allowed to bedifferentindividual… and the Universal Consciousness enjoys and appreciates you all the more for exploring your individuality and uniqueness.

Because you become a lot more interesting.

You see… from the Universe’s perspective… it is not enough to have unusual thoughts and ideas… to be an individual you need to have your own individual inner spaceyour own individual consciousness… within which those distinct thoughts can blossom… thoughts and ideas which can help you expand overall.

Now, that is not to say that you go out and try to be the wackiest person possible… no, that’s not it.

What it does mean is that you take on and become a personality which is in alignment with your unique Green Space vibration.

And that’s what the external and negative collective… those in any kind of authority… hates and fears the most.

Not your original thoughts, although they do often dislike those as well… but what they hate the most is the separate Green consciousness in which those thoughts reside… that you have a consciousness that is capable of being differentstanding apart… being an individual.

They hate the different thoughts, true… but they hate your Green Mind, and your sense of inner mental freedom, even more… that’s the part of you they cannot control.

And that’s what they are trying to silence the most when they set out to control / silence you.

It is very interesting that when a maverick is opposing the BIG social order… it is not just enough for the collective to say…

Sorry, you are wrong… and let’s leave it at that. We respect each others differences.

Now… as they often say… we need to silence the message and the messenger.

No, they go all out to crush that individual’s unique Green Mind… their aim to crush itflatten itsqueeze all the life and space out of it.

Because if the Green Mind is flat… then it no longer has the inner space necessary to house an individual sense of Self… the ability to think original and different thoughts.

So Soviet dissidents were drugged to a zombie state on psychiatric wards… and Giordano Bruno was sent to the stake, by the Catholic Inquisition, with his tongue held fast by iron, so he was burnt alive without the ability to speak. The Catholic Church didn’t want him to die with the ability to speak his heresy of there being more then one sun in the sky… they didn’t want his last words to be him speaking His Truth.

They needed to silence the message and the messenger.

Which is often why maverick thinkers are humiliated in some way.

Not just as an example to others… but to destroy the independence of their inner Mental Space.

So that they will back downcollapse insidetoe the collective line.

To choose not to listen to what someone is saying is one thing… but to take away their ability to speak, because you don’t like what they may say… that’s a different level of cruelty altogether.


But now… in the final part of this section… let’s move on to something more uplifting.

Because to fully understand the Green Vibe… and how it relates to the Heart Chakra… and beyond… we must finally explore the three concepts which are:




So… let us start this exploration with this ancient question about the nature of God and Creation.

How did God create the Universe?

Although for some traditions… the question is more:

How does God create the Universe?

Because for some spiritual traditions, God hasn’t finished… and the process of creation is still ongoing… until God gets tired… or bored perhaps…

(As long as there are 8 billion Humans living interesting lives… we’re in with a chance.)

Because if you explore different ancient and modern Religions, from around the world, there are basically two types of Creation Myths on offer.


Creation Myth Type 1: The Painting Metaphor

With this 1st first kind of Creation Myth, the Creator God creates the Universe out of primeval matter, or whatever else is to hand… in the same way a painter creates a painting… or a potter spins a pot on the wheel.

But, fundamentally, the important point is that God and their Creation are separatedistinct… which is the approach adopted by all the religious traditions descendant from the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

God creates the World which is separate to and from himself / herself.

Creation is set apart from God, located in time and space… while God exists upstairs in Heaven, which is a place beyond time and space.

God stands back and observes his / her Creation… and chooses whether he / she wants to get further involved or not… (mostly not).

Whether Creation could continue if God where to cease to exist or not… in the same way a Picasso painting is still around long after Picasso has died… is never discussed much in the religious scriptures.

But… for this 1st Creation MythGod gave birth to Creation… but at no point where they ever One.


Creation Myth Type 2: The Dance Metaphor

With the 2nd Type of Creation Myth, God brings the Universe into being in the same way a Dancer creates their dance.

God dances… and the Universe is God dancing.

This is a profoundly different approach to the whole Creation process… because:

a) There can be no separation between God and his / her Creation. The Universe is God’s body in motion… dancing.

b) If the Universe is God dancing, then it is hard to impossible for God to pull back from their Creation, and go to reside in some far away Heaven. God has to be totally committed to his Creation for it to continue.

c) When God stops dancing, then the Universe will come to an abrupt end… and when God starts dancing again… a whole new Universe will spring into existence.

d) If the Universe is God dancing… then all the Universe is Divine… because everything is a part of the Divine dancing. Everything… including You and Me… is Holy… even if we have forgotten (or have become lost in the Divine Dance).

The 2nd Creation Myth is more, for my money, in line with Meister Eckhart’s saying… because if God is dancing… and everything is God in motion… then that explains why God is the heads of 8 billion Humans, simultaneously, observing everything while they also continue to dance the Universe forwards.


In the 1st Creation Myth, God has to imbue their Creation with all the energy it needs to continue, to function… but in the 2nd Creation Myth, God provides all the energy and motion themselves… through their continued dance.

And if the 2nd Creation Myth is correct… or contains an element of the truth… then:

a) The Divine is literally hard-wired into the Universe it created

b) Any sign of Universal movement is a sign of larger forces at work

Such as…

The expansion of the Universe itself… which is a dance taking place over immense, unimaginable distances… galaxies flying apart at speeds approaching that of light almost.

That’s the BIGGEST kind of movement, or dance, which has ever been observed by science.

But then an interesting becomes… if the Universe is expanding, each and every moment… can the same be said for your average Human?

An as above, so below, kind of thing.

Not really, most Humans are merely coasting… and coasting through life is not the same as living the life you once dreamed of living… or which you have planned out in your imagination.

Why is this? Why do we hold back on our dreams… when life is short and often passing us by…?

Well, there are probably several reasons… but in this section, I am going to put forward one potential reason… and a revelation which hit my life like a lightning bolt out of the darkness a couple of years back.

… In fact, at the right time, this life-perspective came along, at the perfect time really, and gave my life a much needed kick-up the butt.

It is also the main reason why some believe that I am very good at making tough life-decisions quickly.

Which I can do… now… but only thanks to this epiphany which took place while I was working in the I.T. department of a telecommunications company.

Let me explain.

In Duane Packer’s and Sanaya Roman’s light-body teaching system, there is an energy concept called Self-Exciting… and within Self-Exciting there are only 2 possibilities…

The Upward Spiral … and the Downward Spiral.

Or to put it into a Universal context… there is only Expansion… or Contraction.

Or to quote the U.S. spiritual writer and intuitive Alan Searle, there is only Love and Fear.

Because, in life, your life-force is either contracting… or expanding.

And this is a scientific truism… space is indeed expanding all around us… as you read this, galaxies are speeding away from each other out in the Universe, causing space itself to expand… except around black holes, where space is contracting.

We only have two choices around which to base our life… either expansion or contractionlove or fear.

Either riding the up-escalator, which causes our energy to expand… or riding the down-escalator, which causes our life-force to contract.

But the thing is a lot of people go through their life assuming there is a third option… like one of those walk-along escalators you find at airports, where you don’t go up or down… but you are just carried along.

But this is so wrong… Wrong… WRONG….WRONG.

They assume that if they are not following their dreams… then no worries… they can choose the third option… OK, they may not be expanding, but at least they are not contracting.

There is only two options available…expansion or contraction… you are either expanding your life-force, or it is contracting.

Saying it again… there are only two possible settings for your life… expansion or contraction.

Either a life of inspiration or eventual stagnation and close down.

And when that epiphany hit while I was working at this I.T company, I started to see the implications all around me… in how people chose to live their lives… choose to spend this precious currency called their lifetime.

Because up to that point I myself had been playing it safe… and I suddenly realized that in life there is no playing it safe.

It’s one of the biggest illusions in life… because there is no third option… there is only expansion or contraction.

And if you have chosen not to expand, then you have automatically chosen to contract… but so many choose to run away from the expansion potential of their precious life because they are afraid of the consequences, or being visible, or what their family and society might say and think… or whatever particular form their fears take.

They are afraid of stepping out along a different path… of being an individual.

So they play it safe… and start the inevitable contraction process.

But the thing is… this contraction can be slow… is very slow… and take place over years and decades… so you may not even notice that it is happening to you… because your life-force slips through your fingers a little bit each day…

But it is still contracting… slowly and steadily it eats away at who you are, across the years and decades.

In this I.T. office where I was working there was one man, who had chosen not to follow his dream in the music industry, and instead he worked the I.T. Support desk… and over the decade I was there, I watched how contraction / following the downward spiral ate away at his spirit, turned him bitter, and also undermined his physical health.

Another man I came across recently was also locked into a downward spiral… not by a single conscious decision… but by all the limiting beliefs filling his unconscious mind… planted in childhood, long ago, by a negative father figure… and which prevented him becoming the man he so desperately wanted to be.

There are those who want to control us by keeping us locked to the downward spiral, attached to the down escalator.

But… thing is…

Believe me, there is no middle way… no safe way to avoid the scariness of expansion… no way to play it safe and also avoid failing into contracting.

Each of the above two men thought, in their own way, that they were OK… they may not have been living their dreams… but at least they weren’t contracting.

But there is only expansion or contraction.

Full-stop. No Get Out of Jail Free card. No Let Out clause.

Sorry, this is a fundamental law of the Universe. No Exceptions.

There is only expansion or contraction.

And if you embrace that fact…

… Then it can open up some truly amazing doors.

Because if the safe haven is suddenly taken away from you, and you are left with the stark choice between expansion or contraction… then you suddenly you find the courage to start living the authentic life (or at least that has been my experience).

In our Universe, there are no safe energy havens… no walk-along escalators… but there is expansion and inspiration if you have the courage to embrace it… if you choose to follow the upwards energy escalator.

Now, about an hour ago I received an email which seriously pressed my anxiety buttons… but I am feeling fine about it now… because I used the Green Chakra Layout below, which is so cool… and which is based on this simple premise:

You can’t contract and expand at the same time.

Let me explain…

According to Astrophysicists we live in a Universe which is constantly expanding… and this expansion is felt on all levels of our being.

According to the spiritual writer Alan Searle, there is only Expansion / Love, or Contraction / Fear… we are either expanding or contracting… one or the other.

And according to David R Hawkins, and his book Power ve. Force, emotional states below the Level of 200 on his Map of Consciousness (ShameGuiltApathyGriefFearFake DesireAnger, and Fake Pride) all lead to a contraction of energy…

While all states above Level 200 (CourageNeutralityWillingnessAcceptanceReasonLoveUnconditional LoveJoyPeace etc) create an expansion of your core energy.

But here is the important thing.

If we experience a low vibe emotion like Anxiety or Fear, this will automatically pull us into Contraction Mode

… but if this is the case… then the opposite most also be true

… If we can switch our energy field into Expansion Mode, this will automatically pull us out of all those low vibes, and into… yes, you have guessed it… into the higher emotional states.

So when I read this email, it did press my anxiety buttons, and so pushed me into Contraction Mode.

So what did I do?

Well, there is also a Green Chakra Layout… where all the crystals are Green in color, but their crystal structures are aligned to the different chakras… so overall, the aura is switched into Expansion Mode… and when you are in Expansion Mode… then you are automatically lifted out of all the emotions below Level 200.

Because you can’t be in contraction mode if your energy is… EXPANDING.

Simple. Full stop. The Universe just doesn’t allow it. It’s energetically forbidden.

In any single moment, there can only be contraction or expansion.

Are you interested in the Green crystals used in this Chakra layout… yes?

  • Feet & Base Chakra (trigonal) = Dioptase or Green Aventurine
  • Sacral Chakra (cubic) = Green Fluorite or Green Garnet
  • Solar Plexus chakra (hexagonal) = Green Tourmaline or Emerald
  • Heart chakra (tetragonal) = Green Apophyllite
  • Throat Chakra (orthorhombic) = Peridot
  • Brow Chakra (monoclinic) = Malachite
  • Crown Chakra = Green Vesuvianite, Amazonite or Green Kyanite

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

If you can’t source any of those crystals, you can use Moldavite (i.e. Green Amorphous)… or use any other Green stone which fits the crystal structure for that chakra.

The nice thing about this Green Chakra Layout… the majority of crystals are relatively inexpensive, and can be sourced via the web.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Green Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Green Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Green Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

Finally… One of the things which I have observed about people… if they have been blocked in some way, then they quickly descend into anger. But this isn’t really a Red issue… but a Green issue… because they have no way to express their unique energies and creativity in life… they have no way to expand. Which means they are locked into Contraction Mode… which means their energy is fueling the lower vibes… like anger.

But if you can switch them into Expansion Mode… get the Green energy flowing and expanding… then this lifts them up and out… and very quickly helps turn things around.

This Green Chakra Layout is one of the simplest ways I have found so far to do this.

And like I said earlier… one of the biggest truths out there:

You can’t contract and expand at the same time.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.

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