The Color Pyramid


OK, what can we learn from the following image of the Color Pyramid, where each level is a different color in the Rainbow Color Sequence?

OK… true… in the picture shown, there are only 6 levels… so the 7th… Violet / Purple is missing… sorry about that.

But for now, let’s assume it is therebecause it still a good image for us to work with.

What does this image tell us?

Especially in relation to how we use Color Vibes on the Earth plane?

Well… firstly… basic pyramid architecture really.

Height is achieved by building on top of each subsequent new level… but as it rises, each new level is smaller then the one below… and through doing that… what the Pyramid design gives you… as any knowledgeable Ancient Egyptian or Mayan would know… is that it allows you to build high… and in the most stable way possible… but with the minimal material requirements.

And when your only building material is wood and stone, those are very important considerations.

Stable because the lowest level is the widest and broadest.

Height because each level reaches higher into the sky.

Minimal resources because you need less material as you go higher… and you can carry them up the sides easier too… and rock is heavy.

It wasn’t until the early 19th Century, with the invention of steel girders, that mankind was able to build skyscrapers which were higher than the Great Pyramid at Giza. The Egyptians and Mayans, and a few other Ancient Cultures built Pyramids because they were the best way to build upwards, with the minimal materials, while also ensuring the stability of your structure. For millennia, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure on the planet… and even now it is still hugely impressive.

Because, with many of these Ancient Cultures, they wanted to get as close to the sky as they could.

Even the Tower of Babel is usually depicted as some kind of Pyramid.

Because all Ancient Peoples shared the same dream, they wanted to reach up and touch the face of God… and a Pyramid was their best chance at getting close… (and the people at the top got to feel more elevated then everyone else down bottom… who had probably built the thing to begin with… which to your average king or leader was another bonus. I bet in those ancient times, there was a strict pecking order as to who was allowed to climb to the top).

Now, in Zen Buddhism there is a phrase used to describe the spiritual journey … Roots & Wings.

But what does that phrase mean?

It means simply that the higher you fly up into the sky, and the more your consciousness soars up to the stars above, then the more your roots must sink and grow down into the earth beneath to keep you stable and safe.

And so to remain safe and stable on your spiritual journey… you need to acquire a pair of wings… anda strong and deep root system.

If you don’t work on your grounding, and you proceed to forge upwards, then you are like a tree without a strong root system.

Without strong and deep roots… well… a strong gust of wind and you topple over. This is why being grounded is so important on any spiritual or personal development path.

And if you are someone who is a total space cadet, who only likes going up, who only likes the flying part… and you can’t be bothered with digging down, either because it is boring and non-glamorous… or because it is messy and you might uncover something which you would rather remain buried and forgotten… then you are not doing yourself any favors, because your experience of the upper levels of consciousness will be incomplete and shaky at best.

Another way to think about this issue is as our above Color Pyramid.

If you create a very tall Pyramid, and you want it to be as stable as possible, then you don’t give it a very small base… because that will only increase the chances of it falling over when something or someone nudges it.

If you want your Pyramid to be as stable as possible then you give it the widest, broadest base possible… so there is then literally no chance of it toppling over.

And the same principle applies to personal and spiritual development as well.

If you do this, if you create your inner Pyramid with a broad base, then when you experience Unconditional Love, or any other higher energy, you will do so from a place of inner stability.

This is true for all the high inner states, such as Unconditional JoyBliss, and Unconditional Peace… if you approach them from a place of inner grounding, then your experience will be deeper and more fulfilling… and there is less chance of your falling down to earth with a big and painful bump.

However, if you don’t do this, if you are not grounded, and you are not internally stable, then there is a greater chance that you will topple over, and so end up crashing down into the lower, negative emotions… such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt… which, paradoxically, are probably the very feelings you have been so desperate to avoid all along.

It is a truth that many people crave the Bliss of the higher spaces in an attempt to escape the pain of their past, the pain which still stalks their Conscious and Unconscious Mind. They believe that if they can only remain in a state of Bliss 24/7, even if that Bliss is mostly fake, then they can keep all their pain securely locked up in their Unconscious wardrobe. They use pseudo-Bliss to block out all their too real pain.

If you want to go up into the higher spaces, and remain stable while doing so, then you want to also be as grounded as possible.

Note: Anyone trained in Jungian psychology will probably put this in different terms, saying that you can’t remain in the light without also digging down into your own Shadow side, and healing and integrating what you find. Same thing… but different terminology.

Now, according to David R Hawkins, who discovered the Map of Consciousness (detailed in his famous book Power vs. Force) anyone who has obtained a level of consciousness Level 540 or higher has a vibration which is able to counter-act the negativity of any and all of the lower vibrations (i.e. Level 199 and below).

But the vibration of Level 540 (i.e. Unconditional Love or higher) has to be real, it cannot be faked or imagined.

But… the crucial point from our Color Dancing perspective.

What colors relate to the lower levels of our Chakra Pyramid?

Red mostly, as the foundation… then Orange is second in importance… followed by Yellow.

So… what do we conclude from that?

Well… three things actually:

One… to be successful on the Earth plane, for our Earth plane life, we need more Red, Orange and Yellow… with Red the most.

Two… of all the Color Vibes… we need a lot of Red to support our whole personality and subtle anatomy.

Three… if we want to go flying up into the Blue Sky… to remain stable… we need our Red Roots firmly planted into the Earth beneath us.

So you need Red especially to ensure that your Inner Pyramid has a broad and stable base.

And in that simple image of a Color Pyramid is woven one of the most profound truths of all.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… only with a bit more color.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.


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