The Blue Vibe

Now, in this Color Dancing System… yep, I have now given in… we are developing a unique and standalone energy development system here.

I have benefited from using these Color Vibrations myself, so it would be wrong to hold them back from other people.

So in this Color Dancing Energy System, the Blue Vibe represents, and fuels, our Conscious Mind… our Conscious Self.

Which begs the question…

What’s the point of having a part of our Self which is conscious of itself and the world around it?

From the Universe’s perspective, what’s the point of making Human Beings conscious?

To our knowledge, the Universe got along well enough for 15 billion years without any other Conscious creature in the mix.

So why now?

What’s the reason behind the Universe creating us Homo Sapiens as self-aware?

And for the last 100 years, you could argue that an Ape that is conscious of itself has kind of messed up the Earth big time.

Plastic choking up the oceans… carbon-dioxide building up in the atmosphere… a massive loss of bio-diversity…

Is an Ape that can recognize itself in the mirror really worth all that?

So why risk it?

What’s the big payoff for God that is worth the risk of making Humans conscious?

And when you think about it…

Our Conscious Mind can process 40 bytes of data per second… while our Unconscious Mind can process between 11 to 20 million bytes of data per second.

When you do the maths, our Conscious Mind looks totally puny when you put it up against our Unconscious Mind, and for most people it’s really their Unconscious Mind which is running their lives anyway.

So the question remains… From the Universe’s perspective, what’s the point of making Human Beings conscious?

What’s the benefit?

What’s the payoff?

Because there has to be one… God / the Universe / the Tao wouldn’t have gone to all this effort to raise mankind up, over a billion years of Evolution, given us unique abilities… imbued us with the precious gift of Consciousness… a gift of the Gods indeed… allowed us to think and develop languagecivilization… if there wasn’t some really BIG prize to be won at the end of it all.

What is the Universal hope behind this great experiment called Humanity?

Well, if we can understand the Blue Vibe… then we can perhaps get closer to answering that question… even if we only get a little way towards a viable answer… better then nothing.

So you ready? Good, here goes…


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 1:

OK, what does a Human have that no other creature has (least, not that we currently know about)?

Easy… Self-awareness.

And what does that allow?

Simple… Self-reflection.

And what does Self-reflection give us… individually and as a species?

Well… several things… but probably most important is that it speeds up self-learning and our personal evolution and self-growth.

Now, it is probably wrong to say that Humans are the only creatures which can learn… several different species, other animal, have been shown to have that ability… and have demonstrated quite complex problem solving skills. Humans are not unique in that regard.

And it is also wrong to say that Humans are the only creature to communicate… to have developed a language to enhance our communication.

But that is in relation to the external worldself-learning is the ability to look at ourselves, and decide to change within… and we have developed a language for self-expression, just as much as to better manipulate the world around us.

To my knowledge, and I could be wrong, but I am not aware of any research which shows that any animal is capable of changing its own behavior… it’s own internal programming.

As far as I know, Humans are the only creatures on the planet that can be aware of its own past-behavior… analyse it… and decide to change within… which results in a change without.

Which means that Humans are the only creature that can potentially change how it responds to any given situation.

A dog will always bark at a disturbance… it is programmed by Nature to do so.

But a Human individual can choose to change how it responds to a given situation… responding with love instead of anger say.

This is an important development… because it shifts Evolution down from the species level to the individual.

Potentially, each Human is in charge of their own self-evolution… (or devolution, if that is the path they choose instead… falling down from their Angel potential and into the Pit).

Before Humans, God had to wait thousands, even millions of years, for slow-moving Evolution to create sufficient change to modify how a creature behaved and interacted with the world around it.

Now, I am not saying that many Humans do decide to walk down the path of self-evolution… currently, it is very few who decide to better themselves… to evolve.

But… the fact that a few do… and that the process of the evolution of consciousness overall speeds up when it happens… is worth the risk from the Universe’s point of view.

A new and fresh Buddha walks through the Gates of Enlightenment… and the whole Universe blossoms into a new beginning.

So in Color Dancing, the Blue Vibe is connected to self-awareness and self-reflection.

And working with the Blue Vibe allows us to stand back, look at ourselves anew, and see what needs to be changed.

An animal cannot see what it should change about itself to better fit in with its surroundings… what behavior modifications will lead it to greater happiness… it has to do the best with the internal programming it is born with.

… But a Human can change themselves within… that is the gift of the Blue Vibeour self-reflecting nature.


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 2:

Actually… conscious self-reflection gives us Humans another massive extra dimension… which is not shared by any other creature under the Sun to our knowledge.

OK, to explain… imagine taking two full-length mirrors, and set-them up either side of you… so that you are standing in between each mirror.

What happens?

Well, simple… you have a life-size self-reflection on either side of you… and beyond that… each mirror starts reflecting the image in the other mirror… so on either side you can view a set of reflections, moving on out into infinity.

Now, this metaphor gives us a small glimpse of what self-reflective consciousness is all about from God’s perspective.

Because… what happens when God gets involved? Or the Tao if you prefer.

Remember that saying by the 14th Century German mystic Meister Ekhart:

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

Well… when God looks through the eyes of any other animal on the planet… God simply sees what that animal is seeing… and nothing else… because that creature has not been blessed with self-reflective consciousness.

But when God gazes through the eyes of any self-reflective Human… it is a whole different experience.

It’s a bit like… and only a metaphor can help us understand this… like as if God was to join you, standing between the two mirrors, standing beside you… so along with you, God too would see it’s own reflection, stretching off into infinity.

Wow… even double wow.

So after 15 billion years… for the Divine to experience its own true nature… must be a whole new opening indeed… and well worth keeping those self-destructive Humans around for as long as possible, even if they keep messing up the planet the Divine spent 1 billion years getting just right.

In Irene Tweedie’s book The Chasm of Fire, which is the story of her time with her Sufi Master in India back in the 1960s…

A poor and lonely widow goes to see the Master… asking “I suffer each day… why did God create me?

And he replied, “Because God is so immensely lonely, he created you to keep him company“.

And with those words, the widow’s whole life was transformed.

And once again… all that is a gift of the Blue Vibe.

(Imagine… 15 billion years without ever seeing your face in the mirror… and then you suddenly catch a glimpse? Intoxicating?)


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 3:

Now, have you ever watched any Interior Design shows on the Documentary TV Channel… where they teach about how, placing a large mirror on a wall, can make the room look bigger… because the mirror reflects the room back… and so tricks the eye into thinking the whole space is much larger then it is?

Well… there is an odd thing about self-reflective consciousness… it not only makes the inside of our heads feel a whole lot larger… it also gives us an interior space to explorean inner landscape.

So, as you are reading this, there is a whole Universe in front of your eyes, but also, there is a whole Universe behind your eyesyour internal world… which the majority people only really access during sleep and dreaming… the more imaginative among us during their Alpha and Theta moments… and those who seriously meditate… well, they just jump off the high board and dive right in.

Going back to the metaphor of the two mirrors again.

If you place two large mirrors either side of you… what do you create, along with the infinite number of reflecting images?

You create space.

OK, with the two mirror analogy, it is the illusion of space, true… just as a wall mirror creates the illusion of a larger room for those into interior design.

When consciousness is reflecting itself, then the inner space which is created within has a far more tangible reality… and the important thing is… it is within this tangible reality that we Humans each build our internal world… we build our sense of Self.

And if there is any illusion going… it is that our sense of Self is distinct, and separate.

Because it isn’t… our consciousness isn’t really separate from the Universal consciousness, it just looks that way from our perspective… it’s just a trick of the light… a trick of the folding… it arises from self-reflective consciousness.

Actually, our consciousness is part of an infinite ocean.

It is only the fact that, within each Human, that our consciousness is folded within, that creates such a unique space… a feeling of being of being set apart.

A separate pocket of consciousness… just like if you were to take a large roll of fabric, and then fold part of that fabric over, and with needle and thread, seem the edges, creating a pocket within the larger roll of cloth.

The space within the pocket is both separate from the rest of the roll of fabric, through the folding and stitching… and also it is still part of the large roll of fabric… still connected. In fact, the separateness is really just an illusion.

And unpick the stitching… the pocket unfolds… and the separation disappears in a moment.

And once again… all that is a gift of the Blue Vibe… which the Ancients referred to as Akashathe element of space.

The Blue Vibe creates for us a space within which to develop our sense of Self… out of which our expansion, growth, and creativity arises.

Now, you could say that shape of a pocket, the stitching which allows the form to remain, is equivalent to our Ego… and that it does add some spice to the whole Evolution thing, something else for the Tao to explore and observe.

And enlightenment… well that is when the person is still alive… and the makeshift Ego pocket, the seems, the stitching unravels… but the completeness of the cloth remains.


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 4:

Next… a very important question:

How many people can you fit inside a lift… inside an elevator?

When you are riding in an elevator, have you seen that little sign over by the controls… “Maximum Capacity – 12 People“… or words and numbers to that effect?

Have you ever been inside a lift where 12 or more people have tried to all cram in? Maximum capacity and a few more?

If you have, you will know that it can feel very weird and uncomfortable… “All these people are invading my personal space… too close!!!… to close!!!“… and you can’t wait to get out.

We Human Beings do like our personal space… and please, don’t stand too close to me… but the same is also true when it comes to our Mental Space… the space within our Minds.

Because what we often fail to appreciate… yes, our Minds work because of all the thoughts zinging about inside… thoughts connecting with thoughts… but our Minds just wouldn’t function if there was no internal space within which those thoughts could zing.

Self-reflective consciousness creates our internal space… and our thoughts and ideas then inhabit that space… and from those thoughts, we weave our sense of Self.

But that would not be possible without Akasha, the element of space, an inner space within which we can weave our Self into being.

But… big, important question now… Mental Space… is it the same size for everyone?

The inside of your Mind… is it more the size of a two bedroom apartmenta luxurious mansion… or a one room hut?

Now, of course, it is impossible for anyone to really answer that question… because we have never been inside anyone’s head other then our own.

But for each individual, there are indeed times when our Mind feels expanded, and we seem to have all the space within we need to stand back and observe ourselves, and so we can observe our thoughts objectively.

When you have space within, you are less tied down by your thought processes. The greater feeling of internal space gives you more control… and a greater sense of inner freedom.

But there are also times when our Mind feels tiny, shrinking, imploding… when we feel crowded out of our own heads by all the thoughts that are trying to push in… and we have no way to close the door on these crowding thoughts… they just keep coming… and our internal Mental Space just gets less and less.

During these times, our head can feel like it is being crushed out of existence by too many ideas… and there is no mental off switch (… least, I have never found one).

So it’s not just how many thoughts in our head that counts, but the size of the Mental Space within which those thoughts exist.

In many ways, our mental happiness is linked to the size of our Mental Space.

And the size of our Mental Space is linked to the the Blue Vibe.

Because your Mind is expandable… just like you can blow up a kids balloon with air to increase the space within.

If we pop back to our two mirror analogy… if you increase the size of each mirror, you will also greatly increase the size of the virtual reflected space created between those two mirrors.

And that seems to be what Meditation… or Mindfulness if you prefer… is all about… and is connected with the Blue Vibe.

In the Ancient Tantric Meditation texts you can across practices such as:

“In summer when you see the entire sky endlessly clear, enter such clarity.” Vigyan Bhairav Tantra – Sutra 73

This was a favorite metaphor for all those Tantric MastersYour Inner Space is like the Blue Sky above your head… with White Clouds floating across… from horizon to horizon.

The White Clouds are your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs… and the Blue Sky is your Mind Space… your Internal Consciousness.

You can choose… to either focus your Consciousness… your Inner Torch… on the Blue Sky

Or you can choose to focus instead on the White Clouds… “See… that one looks like a Camal… with two humps… and that one looks like a Plane… and that one, a Doughnut…

Focusing on the White Clouds… same as focusing on our thoughts.

Focusing on the Blue Sky… same as focusing on our Inner Spacethe gap between our thoughts as some would say.

And the thing is… there is nothing wrong with thinking thoughts… with exploring the ideas which float through our Mental Space.

We’re Human after all… thinking is one of our defining characteristics… and it certainly helps us navigate the external world… and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this without thought and language.

But there is a beauty in also taking the time to be aware of the Blueness of your Inner Sky too.

Note: This has a huge benefit when we come to explore the Indigo Vibe and the Unconscious Mind next.

And that’s why and when the Blue Vibe can be very useful… because it gives you a tangible feeling / vibration on which to focus…

It’s pretty much the same as Consciousness focusing on Consciousness

Which helps to grow and expand your internal Mental Space.

So that you can stand back from your thoughts…

So when you have 12 thoughts all trying to cram into that Mental elevator… just stop… and just make the Mental elevator bigger inside.

When you can do that… it’s really, really cool… and the Blue Vibe is what helps you do that.


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 5:

In the last section, we started with the image of an elevator… and to start this section… an elevator is a useful metaphor too.

Because an elevator helps you to move between different levels

And to understand this next aspect of the Blue Vibe, we first need to consider the different levels which exist within each Human Being.

So our starter question for this section is:

What is love?

Well… on the physical level, love is neurotransmitters in the brain, and hormones surging through our bloodstream.

On the emotional level, love is a feeling.

On the mental level, love is an idea, a thought, a belief.

And on the spiritual level, according to those mystic guys, love is a vibration.

OK, if you are one of the “we’re just a body” brigade, you will have probably switched off after the word hormone, and will give no credence to any of the other levels.

Which is how a lot of people go through their life… they only believe in what they can directly experience… the physical, their feelings, their thoughts… and their consciousness simply does not stretch beyond that… so the spiritual level is beyond their reach… (although there energy still continues to function there).

And yet, we live in a top-down Universe… where the higher levels influence the lower… and not the other way around… and the higher levels have much more power and punch then the physical.

So whatever is experienced on the spiritual level sets the direction for all the other levels below.

And according to Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, everything above Consciousness Level 200 is where the real power lies.

So… next interesting question… if Love is a vibration… then where exactly is it experienced within our Subtle Human Anatomy? Where exactly is it taken in, processed and experienced?

Simple, our Mental Space.

But, once again, we need to change the Gestalt. Because we are so used to experiencing the Mental Space as a place full of thoughts… most people cannot see it in any other way.

Bit like, sometimes we cannot appreciate a beautiful room because it is so full of people, and it is only when the people leave that you can appreciate the furniture, and the beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. Before, the noisy people were too much of a distraction… literally, you couldn’t appreciate the room for the people in it.

Similar with our Mind and thoughts.

Because our Mental Space is so full of thoughts, that we never get to experience it without the thoughts… so we seldom get to see what the Mind Space can do without thought.

As the Great Master of Yoga Patanjali said millennia ago, “Yoga is the cessation of the mind-stuff“.

When thoughts slow and quieten, and the mind-stuff ceases… when you start to see and feel your Mind Space for the 1st time… an inner room without all these thought people… you start to realize that it can do a lot more then just think.

Imagine, the the curved upturned dome of one of those huge space telescopes, pointing up to space, listening for faint transmissions from the far side of the Universe.

Well, our Mental Space, without thought, and powered by the Blue Vibe, is a bit like those huge space telescopes.

Our Mental Space is capable of capturing subtle frequencies… such as Love, and Peace, and Joy… which are literally woven into the fabric of our Universe.

And that’s why I also believe many spiritual traditions around the world make a distinction between mind and Mind… a mind that is dominated by thought… and a Mind where thought is mostly silent, and other mental skills and abilities have come to the fore.

Each Human Being is capable of picking up the most spiritual of vibrations… this is the birthright of every Human who incarnates.

And then the Blue Vibe is also responsible for kicking off the grounding and translation process

Where vibration is converted into thought

Thought is converted into feeling

And eventually it manifests on to the physical in some kind of expression.

Which we covered with the earlier Color Vibes.

So thanks to the Akasha / the space element of our Mind, we are able to tune into the subtle sounds and frequencies of the Universe.

As the spiritual masters have always said… no frequency can be denied to an individual if they sincerely ask… but they need to know how to ask, and they need to know how to listen for the Universe’s reply.

And they need to listen with their Mind… not as a thinking machine… but as a Spiritual Vibration Receiver.

But what is the problem here then… why aren’t we all tuned into the Celestial Love Music of the Universe?

Simple, it’s our own internal mental static… gets in the way of the Celestial transmission.

Just as a space telescope has to tune out all the man-made transmissions coming from the Earth, if it is ever to pick up the signals from outer space… so we need to turn the whole Gestalt around within our Mind, if we are to stand any hope of sensing the frequency heartbeat of this Universe.

Otherwise our heads are just too full of noisy thoughts to hear anything else.

We need to dial down our own thinking… so that our Mental Space can tune into and pick up these subtle vibrations.

That’s it really.

Meditation 101.

Dial down the loudness of your own thoughts… and the arising inner quiet allows your Mental Space to function in other ways.

OK, not straightforward do-able at first maybe… needs some effort and commitment to get started… but do-able, many humans have, and still do… although being able to sense and feel the Blue Vibe does speed up this process somewhat.

And the payback for persevering is…

Once a vibration is experienced directly by the Mind Space… the Blue Vibe starts the process of grounding it down through all the other levels…

Right down to the physical… so that it becomes a tangible reality.

So Love as a vibration… becomes loving thoughts… becomes that loved-up feeling… becomes the right kind of neurotransmitters buzzing around in your brain.

Ditto Peace.

Ditto Prosperity.

Ditto… a whole basket of abundance and good stuff freely available on the Cosmic Internet (no signups, or monthly fees required).

And in life, that can make all the difference.


What does a Conscious Human add to Evolution 6:

Finally… to end this whole exploration of the Blue Vibe… let’s end with a simple question like:

What is the purpose of life?

Or… put another way… What are we here for?

Well… when the spiritual teacher Duane Packer asked his guide, DaBen, that question… the answer he received was:

OK, if you want the meaning of life put simply… then you are here to a) build consciousness… and b) manifest forms.”

Although, DaBen then went on to say that:

But of the two… building consciousness comes top of the list. That’s the most important.”

Apparently we manifest forms because they are a true reflection of the consciousness which manifested those forms.

A physical form or situation is always a perfect reflection of the thoughts and beliefs in our Mind, both Conscious and Unconscious.

So if physical forms and situations are limited or imperfect in some way, then the consciousness which created them must be limiting itself, or be tied up in some kind of imperfection.

Our manifest form always shows us what we still need to work on within ourselves.

They are a mirror for what is going on deep within us.

They are our truth. We cannot fake it.

So the life-lesson for someone who is continually manifesting co-dependent relationships… is… Why?

And to answer that question, they will need to expand their consciousness… discover the limiting beliefs within themselves which are continually pushing them back into these co-dependent relationships.

And when that grey areathat darkness perhaps… is brought back into the light of consciousness… into the expansion of consciousness… then change is possible.

And if they change within…

Then their consciousness expands… and their external reality must and will change for the better.

They have literally built new consciousness

And the Universal consciousness, who was also looking through their eyes, standing in their inner space between the two mirrors, goes… “Wow, that was so cool! Respect to this incarnate Soul!

Which brings us back into the Mind Space again… with the Blue Vibe.

In his book Healing & Recovery (Veritas Press, 2009), the spiritual teacher David R. Hawkins outlines the process he used to overcome his many physical conditions… and he had a lot.

Now, I am not suggesting that this will work for other people, but it is what he claims worked for him, and it is very interesting for our discussion here.

He used a specific kind of affirmation… as you shall see through the words he used:

I no longer believe in that. I am infinite being, and I am not subject to that. I am only subject to what I hold in mind.”

As Hawkins writes:

What does it mean to be “an infinite being and not subject to that”? It means we are only limited by our belief systems, and if we let them go, what takes their place? If form is removed from consciousness, what is left? The formless is left, and the inner experience of it is infinite, without boundaries, without beginning or end. The formless is the essential nature of consciousness itself and is unlimited. If we place a limitation or introject form, then we subject ourselves to what we are holding in mind. To replace it, we consciously cancel it by saying. “I cancel any beliefs in duodenal ulcers,”  or asthma, or whatever the illness might be. We then say, “I’m subject only to that which I hold in mind. I am an infinite being, and in truth, I am not subject to that. And that is a fact.” (page 51)

So, if we take Hawkins words above, and translate them into our discussion.

If people are able to remain conscious of their Mind Space and the Blue Vibe that powers it… then they can be conscious of their thoughts, but not be subject to them. I think this is what Osho was saying when he stressed the importance of being conscious, finding the Witness, on the path of transformation.

I also believe that the Mind Space and the Blue Vibe also have the power to cancel thoughts which are limiting. But such power does not arise from the thoughts themselves… but the space within which those thoughts are placed… the Mind Space… and the Blue Vibe allows you access that space.

But when they lose their consciousness of their Mind Space, and become overly focused on the thoughts which are being held in their Mind, then it is the same as handing over power for your life to those very thoughts… and if you have planted limiting, or worse painful, thoughts in your Mind Space, then basically you are along for the ride. The thoughts are your Master, and not the other way around.

So the biggest question which any Human faces on their path of growth… are you master of your thoughts, or are they the master of you?

But something which Hawkins also said, if you need to change something on a lower level, then go to the higher level… because the higher level always has the power to change the lower.

It’s one of the reasons why the “we’re only a physical body” brigade are at a severe disadvantage… because they have no recourse to the higher levels, through which true healing can be found, sourced, and kick-started.

So being able to access the Mind Space, via using the Blue Vibe, allows you control over your thoughts… by detaching from your identification with them… and the influence and power those thoughts hold over you… and next, as we start to explore the Indigo Vibe, we shall find that power and influence only increases.

For those who like working with crystals, the Blue Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Blue, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = Blue Calcite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = Blue Calcite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = Blue Fluorite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = Aquamarine
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = Blue Zircon
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Celestite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = Blue Jade
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Turquoise

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Blue Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Blue Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Blue Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.

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