The Black Vibe

Now, to understand the Black Vibe, and what it is all about, once again, we need to mix a little bit of real-world physics… with a little bit of spiritual physics… and so come to a better understanding of how light works… across the board… physical and spiritual light… and in particular… the energetic magic behind the absence of light.

Because at core… we live in a Universe where Non-Being is just as important as Being… where Blackness is just as essential as the Light… and true Wisdom comes from walking the path between the two.

But… because we Humans live the majority of our lives at the Being end of the spectrum… we tend to overlook this Universal foundation.

And when our time of playing on the Earth plane draws towards its last breath… the White Light gracefully steps aside for the Black to be our final guide… and the Black illuminates our path back home.


So what exactly is Black Light?

Well, as we know… the color Black is the absence of all the colors of the visible spectrum… Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet

So when a beam of light strikes an object which is Black in color… what happens is that all the colors within the spectrum are absorbed… all of them… not a single color frequency is reflected… and so no light is reflected off a Black object.

So in a sense… there is no such thing as Black Light… because no light is reflected off the surface of a Black object.

Like a Black Hole in space… which is the ultimate Black experience really… everything is absorbed… a Black Hole must be the Black Vibe on celestial steroids.

However, even if there is no actual light in a physical sense… the Blackness as a color is still registered by our eyes, signals are sent to our Brain for processing… and that information is woven into our understanding of the ever-changing world around us (i.e. that object over there is Black).

So even though there is no Black light as such… in a physical and scientific sense… we are still reacting and responding to Black… and so there must be a deeper meaning to Black.

We live in a Universe where, on this level especially, nothing is left to chance, and everything has significance and use.

The Black Light is often used in a spiritual context to refer to light which doesn’t manifest from Source into the Earth plane

… So it is light which lies behind the dimensional walls of our Universe… or the sea of light upon which this Universal membrane floats… one of an infinite many.

Because there is a light which relates to Being… and a light which relates to Non-Being… and our path is to walk between the two.

And the reason why crystals can be so brilliant for helping us work with the Black Vibe… OK, we may not be able to see the vibration of Black directly… but Black Crystals help to step down the energy of Blackness into a more tangible form… thus allowing our energy field to access and work with it.

Black crystals allow us to literally touch Blackness in a way not easily found elsewhere.

(And turning it into Audio Essence makes the whole process so much easier as well.)

This may be one of the greatest gifts which the Crystal Kingdom gives to Mankind… that it allows us to reach out and touch the Black Vibe

… Because as our time on Earth approaches its conclusion… the Black Vibe is the Celestial tide we ride back in and home to Source.

… But more on that a little later.

Because to begin… the notion of the Black Light also ties in with another spiritual concept found within Spiritual Teachings… a concept which has always puzzled me a little.

Why is Black considered to be the color of Mastery?

Well… I think I have reached a point of understanding now, after several years… which culminated in my experience of supporting my father in his transition back to Spirit… and so I will now attempt to explain.

Why Black really is the Mastery Vibe.

Question – How do Astrophysicists… (i.e. those scientists who spend their night-times looking up at the stars… and who predict that the world will come to an end due to something Big from up there…)… identify the composition of the Stars they observe?

How do they work out what a Star is made of?

Because, if all elements and minerals in creation… the stuff which makes us up… was created in the fiery furnaces of massive Stars… close to the begining of the Universe… then knowing how Stars make most of the Periodic Table is a very useful thing to know.

So what the Astrophysicists do is that they capture the light from a distant Star… which may have been travelling through space for thousands, millions, or billions of years… in their telescopes… and then they analyse the starlight to see if there are any black lines in the visible spectrum.

This is a process known as spectrographic analysis… as well as Astronomical spectroscopy.

Because if there are any black lines in the rainbow spectrum of the captured light… then that means there is a element present in that Star which has absorbed that particular wavelength of light.

So each black line shows the presence of a different element in that Star… because the particular wavelength in the electromagnetic is abosrbed by a particular element in the Periodic Table.

Which I always find wyrd and amazing… this tie in between the electro-magnetic spectrum and the Periodic Elements… almost as if the God has some kind of design plan… had figured out how everything should fit together.

But that is another discussion enitrely…

For now… for the purposes of our discussion here.

The black lines show that a particular wavelength… or color… has been absorbed.

Just as our eyes register Black when an object is absorbing all the visible spectrum… here the elements in a Star is absorbing all the light which relates to the elements contained in its nuclear fiery furnace.

Which then gives us a huge clue as to why Black is the Mastery Color.

So… Black occurs on the Earth when all the colors of the visible spectrum are absorbedwith-held.

All 7 Rainbow colors are absorbed into that object…  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo… and lastly… Violet.

So… When a person achieves Mastery… they are taking all 7 Colors into themselves.

But what if I don’t like Red say… could or would I absorb that into myself?

Probably not… so that would be Black… but not absorbing the Red… absorb all the colors… but not Red… because I would still have a problem with Red.

But what if I also had a problem with Blue?

OK… I will absorb and accept into myself all Colors… but not Blue… or Red.

Very soon… the Black has gone… because as soon as we reject one color… Black is lost.

So Black Mastery can only be achieved… if… we are happy and comfortable with accepting all 7 Colours into our aura… into our Being.

Black as a Mastery Color only works if we have mastered all 7 Colors separately… to the point where we can absorb them all into ourselves.

And if you can do that… absorb all 7 into yourself… because you can accept and handle all 7 Colours… then you are a true Master of the Earth plane.

So does that mean that anyone who is wearing Black is a Master?

Anyone who is walking around in Black has mastered the 7 Color Rainbow?

No… because Humans are weird… not only can we use Black as a sign of energetic Mastery… but also… as a way of hiding.

Shielding ourselves.

And also as a way of pulling down the blinds to hide our true colors from view… from other people… from the outside world.

Black is also a way of not being seen… especially on a subtle vibrational level… and if someone can’t see us…

They can’t judge us…

They can’t criticise us…

They won’t know how to manipulate us…

They are less able to hurt us (hopefully)…

So for those people who are empaths or energy sensitive… being able to go energetically invisible can be a Godsend.

And that is something which does happen when you work with the Black Vibe… it is like you are entering a very nurturing, Black energy cocoon… which feels very safe and protective.

And also we must add to this Black listthey won’t know how to tell if we are lying or not

Alongside body language… one of the ways we identify someone’s true intentions is through tuning into their aura… and our Unconscious Minds are very good at this… that sixth-sense feeling

But if someone… like a politician… or a shady business man… is wearing a lot of Black… then they become much harder to read energetically… which is their vibrational intention (although often unconsciously).

So Black can be the color of Mastery… but it can also be the color of deception.

Someone can be wearing Black to help them feel safe… or because they don’t want to be found out… (and true… it could also be that years top fashion color… that could be true too).

Black can turn both ways… and it all depends on the intentions and integrity of the person using it.

But what does the Black Vibe provide us with… as a fuel for our aura… our energy field?

Well… Just as the White Vibe is the fuel our energy field needs to express energies, ideas, and emotions…

So the Black Vibe is the fuel our energy field needs to absorb them… to integrate them… back into ourselves.

Because, in our Western culture, we are so used to our learning being on a mental and intellectual level… that we forget that wisdom is more then just about book learning… when talking wisdom, we’re talking about about life-mastery.

We’re talking about the ability to weave together the different levels of our life and Being into one cohesive and whole tapestry… one that works for us and other people.

So wisdom occurs when we not only have learnt a life-lesson… we have also learnt it on multiple levels… we have absorbed it into our very Soul

We have integrated it into our Being

It has become hard-wired into our nature and presence on the Earth plane.

The Dictionary Definition of Wisdom is often something like: The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

Which is more then just the Yellow and Indigo Vibes.

It’s much, much more Black Vibe in nature.

Wisdom is what you harvest from the Earth plane to take back with you at the end of your life-journey.

It’s what we take with us back through the Gateway after a life lived well.

Remember, as we explored earlier, if Human beings are the Gateway for the Divine

The Door can open both ways, which means…

White is the vibe for  Divine energies flowing out through the Human Gateway.

And Black is the vibe for harvesting all the experiences, thoughts, and feelings an individual has gained during their lifetime… so they can be taken back through the Human Gateway… and finally… integrated back into Universal Consciousness.

Black is therefore the Color Vibe needed to bring in the harvest of our lifetime… so it can be processed… and taken back with us to our Soul and Source… when our journey comes to an end with our final breath.

Which is perhaps another reason why Black is often associated with Death.

Not just because it is the Unknown… the whole question of what lies beyond the Door… the Undiscovered Country.

But because it is needed for the withdrawing of that individual from the Earth plane.

To help with the process of being re-absorbed back into Source.

We are so used to the mourners wearing Black, because they are trying to hide their feelings

That we lose sight that Black might also be the best color for the Deceased… because it helps them to withdraw from the Earth plane, now that their life-time has come to a completion.

The Black Vibe is a very good energy when you have come to the end of your cycle… or you want to come to the end of any cycle, such as a major life-lesson… and you want or need to process the learning… to integrate the wisdom.

So it would be seriously wrong to say that it is just about Death.

In a broader sense, it is about Endings and Beginings.

And remember… wisdom is often associated with the making of wine in many mystery traditions.

Because it comes about only after ripening… cultivationprocessingfermentation… it requires work… and patience… it needs time.

Which is also true for Human wisdom… you can’t buy it cheap… it only comes after a long chain of experiences… and a life lived deeply… and finally, being open to the experience.

You don’t tend to associate wisdom with people who were kicking, screaming and resisting… OK, maybe to begin with… but come the end… no. Acceptance and some level of gratitude tends to be final stage.

Now, in our last section on the White Vibe, we used the metaphor of a long corridor.

And at the far end is an amazing White light… beautiful and unconditionally loving… and it shines down the corridor… down to you… who is standing at the other end.

And this corridor also has a slight slope or incline… so you are standing at the bottom… while the beautiful White Light is higher up… and shines down the corridor to you.

So at one end of the corridor you stand, as a separate and distinct individual… and at the other end of the corridor… is Source… God… the Tao… the White Light of Creation… whatever name you prefer.

And all expressions of your Being and Consciousness… lie somewhere along that corridor of light

Now, something to mention, I have never heard of anyone relating their Near Death Experience who also talk about how they met anyone else within this corridor of lightbefore and after, yes… but never within the corridor itself (unless someone knows different).

Why is that?

Well, I think this is because… it is your corridor of light… and everyone alive, or who has ever lived, or who will ever live, has or had or will have a corridor of light which is unique to them…

Your corridor of light is yours alone… from the moment of your birth to the moment of your death, it is your direct connection to Source… and no one else will be in it becuase they will be in theirs.

When it comes to corridors of light… there is no need to share… everyone has their own unique link back to Source.

And just as the Spiritual White Vibe flows down the corridor from Source to you each moment of your life.

It is the Black Vibe which flows the other way.

It is the Black Vibe which takes your life-wisdom back to Source.

It is the Black Vibe which carries you back to your spiritual home at the end of your life-journey.

And from what I have seen… it is the Black Vibe that provides the best and clearest connection you have to Source and your Soul

… Because the Black Vibe Light flows up the corridor and not down it.


Black is the poker player, holding the cards very close to their chest so no one else can see… quiet for the moment, perhaps… but about to place a card on the table which will change the course of the whole game.

Black can also be the most nuturing and empowering energy space… one where you can re-connect with yourself at a very deep level.

One which reminds us of the all-embracing Blackness, safety and nurturing of the Universal womb… from which everyone of us first arose.

One where you can also return to re-charge and repair… especially after a traumatic or draining life-experience.

It’s the place you go to to lick your wounds…

It’s the place you go to re-invent yourself…

It’s a place to go to re-assess and re-connect to who you are and what you really want for your life…

It’s the place you go so your Soul can be near and listening… just a heart-beat away or less…

It is your own most personal space… into which one one else can see or reach… Which is why it is often seen and used as a very protective energy.

The Black Vibe is the most misunderstood, mysterious and yet magical of all the Color Vibrations

… Within which reside the seeds of true Life-Mastery and a life lived well… and you really don’t need to leave it to your last living breath to get better acquainted.

For those who like working with crystals, the Black Chakra Layout, where all the crystals are Black, but the crystal structure of each stone used is perfectly aligned to that particular Chakra, is as follows:

  • Feet Chakras = Hematite
  • Base Chakra / Trigonal = Hematite
  • Sacral Chakra / Cubic = Black Garnet or Black Spinel
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Hexagonal = Black Tourmaline
  • Heart Chakra / Tetragonal = Rutile
  • Throat Chakra / Orthorhombic = Ilvaite
  • Brown Chakra / Monoclinic = Black Jade or Aegirine
  • Crown Chakra / Triclinic = Black Kyanite or Black Moonstone

Any of the above can be replaced with any crystal which is the correct same color + crystal structure.

The vibration of this Crystal Layout will set your aura up to naturally pull in the Black Vibe you need from the Earth’s own E.M. field. Continue for as long as you feel you need… but if you are in a fragile or weak state to begin with, it’s probably best to start with 10 mins at a time, and slowly build up the duration of your Black Re-charging.

This Crystal Layout is also available to work with as an Audio Essence, for those who prefer… and is part of our Color Dancing eCourse.

If you can’t source the above crystals, even from the Internet, then working with the Black Vibe Audio Essence is the best option.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2018

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