Techniques, Skills and Wisdom


When you are learning an Energy Therapy… any Energy Therapy… learning to work with your subtle energy in some way… and then working on other people with energy…

There are Techniques

There are Skills

And there is Wisdom

And these three… maybe three levels if you prefer… really should not be mixed-up or confused.

Just because you have gained a Certificate to say you have qualified in the use of a certain Technique… doesn’t mean that you have also automatically graduated to the Wisdom level…

The acquisition of Wisdom… takes timepatienceopenness… and the ability to hang in there.

That’s why many Eastern Energy Systems have Degrees… or Belts… to denote an individuals progress along the path and with the system.

And it is interesting that these Belts have to be worn on the outside… so there is no way a person can hide their level of progress… the color of the Belt is out there for all to see. There can be no…

OK, my Belt is Green… but actually… I should be wearing a Black Belt… because I know a lot more then the Master… In fact, I think the Master is holding me back… I might just give myself the Black Belt… because I feel I deserve it… I have earned it.

No, in these systems… if the Master hasn’t given you a Black Belt… it’s because you haven’t earned it yet… you are not ready… still have work to do.

And the earning of the higher, colored Belts isn’t just about mastering Techniques… and becoming more Skillful in the application of those Techniques… although that does have it’s place, true…

The higher you go… and especially if you want to become a teacher… the Master looks to see if you have acquired some Wisdom along your journey.

Like I always say… to be a good teacher… I feel you need to have lost itbig time… at some point.

Where you have been knocked off your high pedestal in some area, and you have to ask yourself… Why did I ever want to be up there in the first place? Why did my Ego need to be up on that pedestal?

Because if you haven’t lost it… then how will you know what it feels like… how will you know how to help your clients or students when they lose it… because losing it helps you gain the experience and compassion to help others in similar situations… which occur when people are required to change and grow.

A teacher that just goes… “I am perfect… I have never lost it… ever” … what help can they be for their students?

Basically, they are saying… “My need to appear perfect to the external world is more important then my inner learning and growth” … When people go around thinking that… especially when they are an energy worker or teacher… they are putting others at risk… because other people are being drawn into their Ego-games.

And sad to say, there are energy therapists who attract clients for their own personal agenda… that often has very little to do with healing. In fact, if healing does occur, it’s often by accident and not design.


You see, these three are just not the same… even if some people think they are… or would like to believe they are… and they most definitely don’t occur at the same time…

Wisdom only comes with time… it requires patience… and it can’t be ordered, on demand, from Amazon.

Wisdom can’t be chosen or directed… because it often arises from your own life lessons… and no one ever gets to choose those… they just turn up in your life… in your face… demanding you deal with them… or continue to suffer.

Your choice.


There is a progression… over time…

The first, the basic Techniques, are taught to you on your training course… the way of working with some aspect of energy… (and you may acquire more advanced Techniques when you go on future courses).

The second, Skills, you start on your training course… but continues on beyond that, hopefully… as you continue to apply these Techniques… as you become more Skillful with them… as you practice, practice, practice

But the final level… Wisdom… most definitely only comes about with time and practice.

The current wisdom… Mastery of a Skill only occurs after 10,000 hours of application of practice.

That’s years… maybe even a decade or two.

You gotta put in the hours… you gotta do the work… you gotta be disciplined and focused.

OK, I know I am probably bruising a few Egos here… saying what some people may not want to hear… but a) It’s Truth… and b)… Better then being hit over the head with a big stick, which is the traditional Zen way of doing inner growth.

Just saying… “I have a certificate… I completed a 2 day training course“… just doesn’t cut it. It says you have learnt a few Techniques at best… but have lots of inner work still to do… and may not be Skillful in the application of those Techniques.

One of the sad things in the Western world, over the past few decades… the pressure by many people to qualify in Energy Work, to rush to get their Certificates, or Diplomas, for the least work possible… in the quickest time possible… and the desire from some Schools to meet that desire, and so drop down to the minimum standards possible.

But would you really want to be operated on by a Surgeon who rushed their training?

Hey, I have just completed a 2 day Certificate in Surgery… so I am now going to scrub up… get in the Operating Room, and remove your Appendix… No need to worry… I graduated with honors… Says so on my Certificate… Yes, that is a bloody fingerprint… I really should put my Certificate in plastic when showing people…  I am quite excited… I have never done an Appendix removal before… You are my first… And you have given the Nurse your Credit Card number in advance?… Because I would prefer getting paid, regardless of the outcome. I mean… you can’t enter your PIN if you end up in the morgue!

If we wouldn’t allow someone like that anywhere near us…

Why should it be any different with Energy Work?

Bare minimum, we want someone to be experienced in the Techniques they are using… or upfront and honest, and explain they are still in training.

In the field of Energy Work, Wisdom arises when…

You allow your practice to change you… when and where you change and grow…

You observe your own practice… and gain new insights, not only about the techniques and skills, but about Human existence… yourself and those around you…

You observe Human nature, how people struggle, and how they finally let-go and start to grow and transform

You discover what works… as opposed to what doesn’t, and is just fluffy Ego-gamesspiritual entertainment as the Sufi writer Idries Shah once called it… designed to distractentertain… but definitely not meant to transform anyone…

You go within yourself… you engage with your own personal darkness (whatever that may be)… you heal… you become whole

That last bit… that often hurts like hell… because you are not healing others… but healing yourself

And some healers get a kick out of healing othersbut definitely don’t want that same healing to touch themselves… they don’t want to go to their hurt place with a torch, a brush and start cleaning things out… that would be the same as crashing off their pedestal… and they enjoy their Ego-games far too much to ever do that.

Those people never get near entry to the Wisdom level… although they can continue to impress people with their flashy Skills and Technique.

People who lack the beginning of Wisdom are often the ones who are the most noisy… as their hollowness requires them to SHOUT LOUDER to cover up their inner lack from others.

Wisdom is most often not something that just occurs out there… but has its roots inside you… and it can’t be faked… although it can be hidden for a time… by someone walking around, wearing a fake Black Belt… until you discover they can’t do and deliver as they claim.


If you are serious about being the best energy worker you can be… that’s the process… and that’s the path.

But if you really are serious about gaining Wisdom as you walk the path, then you must allow the path to also change you.

The journey of a thousand miles does indeed start with the first footstep… but each new step along that road potentially opens you up to new possibilities, and the need to continually change to be in harmony with your unfolding experiences.

Now, there are some people who become energy workers to earn money…. and there is nothing wrong with that…

However… there are some people who become energy workers through some Ego need… to get the qualification, to feel special, to get a kick out of playing with energy…

And those people don’t ever go beyond the Skill stage… unless they fundamentally re-orientate their personality and approach to life.

Because to enter the Wisdom level, you do need to be prepared to set aside the Ego… and learn beyond your current Self… admit that you don’t know everything… and that there may be areas of your Knowledge and Self you need to gain and visit… release and even heal.

Healer heal thyself, as the Ancient Greeks once said… that’s an essential part of the Wisdom path.

OK… no one can help another person with the acquisition of Wisdom… because no one else can walk your life-path for you… and Wisdom is very much related to who you are, and who you are meant to become… and the journey between the two.

In one sense, Wisdom is general… because it relates to being Human and our collective Human experience, which we all share in… and yet we are all different, individual, so our life lessons reflect this.

And so Wisdom is not something we can easily teach and transfer… like Techniques and Skills

But we can share Wisdom… leave Big Clues… that hopefully other people will get… and act on…

There is saying in the Eastern Martial Arts tradition…

Steal My Art

But to steal anything… you first have to value it… you have to see and understand that it is worth stealing

And that’s entirely down to you.

You can steal My Wisdom… especially if I leave it lying around… like thisout in the open… easy pickings if you are an intelligent thief…

But you have to first recognize that it is worth stealing

And then you have to integrate it into your own life… so that it becomes something practical and applied.

So really… the journey from Techniques to Skills… from Skills to Wisdom

That’s down to you… completely… only and always.

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018.

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