Tapping Points for Self-Forgiveness


So how exactly do you help yourself forgive yourself?

Excellent question.

And so during our Pink Week on Vibrational Doorways, we are going to be showing you a few techniques and approaches you might like to try to boost the level of Love and Self-Forgiveness in your life.

We’re starting today with perhaps the easiestthe simplest… because it doesn’t require you to buy or purchase anything… which is always an advantage.

And there’s really not much to learn either… so it’s not about signing up to a weekend course.

It’s a straightforward Tapping Technique sequence for Self-Forgiveness… so all you really need is in your own hands… or maybe that should be fingers… and an awareness of which points to tap… and the sequence to follow.

That’s one of the things which I have learnt other the years… there are a lot of tapping points / sequences which allow us to let go of a number of different self-limiting issues… and a lot more then just the standard EFT sequence.

So having said that…

The Tapping Sequence for Self-Forgiveness is as follows:

Step 1: Bring into your mind a situation where you feel blocked, where something has happened and you feel unable to forgive yourself for some reason. Once you have connected with this issue… and you can feel the emotions surrounding this situation…

Step 2: Tap lightly 1 inch above the belly button… say for 1 minute (Conception 10)

Step 3: Tap lightly on the center of your throat, at your esophagus… say for 1 minute (Conception 23, underneath the chin)

Step 4: Tap lightly on Spleen 21 (end point of the Spleen Meridian)

Step 5: Tap lightly between Spleen 18 / 19… about half an inch above the bottom of your ribcage, but on a line going up to nipples

Step 6: Repeat sequence for as many times you need, until you feel relief from your emotional self-resentment

For those who need help locating the points, the two links below provide diagrams showing all the point locations mentioned above:

Link to an image showing the Conception Vessel, and the location of the points to tap

Link to an image showing the Spleen Meridian, and the location of the points to tap

So whenever you feel anger towards yourself… or are feeling hate about something in your life… or rejecting yourself…

… And you are finding it hard to kindle the spark self-forgiveness… and kick start your own self-love… then this simple Tapping Technique for Self-Forgiveness can help release the block.

And you don’t need to get too caught up in the whole “Am I tapping on the exact point correctly” dilemma… as long as you are tapping in the right area… and you have a clear intention set… that you want to forgive yourself in regards to this area… that’s really all you need.

Because the Spleen meridian has points on either side of the body, left and right, if you are able to tap both at the same time… that’s fine… but if you are not able to do this, and so people do find it awkward… tap one side first, and then move across to the other side next… and the process is still as effective when doing this.

And remember… lightly tap… as a sign that you love yourself… you don’t need to turn it into an Olympic power sport (especially when you are tapping the throat area at CV23).

Basically, a tapping sequence is opening up a channel of communication to your Unconscious Mind… but doing so, not solely through your mind and language… but primarily through your physical body.

Think of it as tapping to get the attention of your Unconscious Mind… to tell it you want to let go of the anger around this situation, because you have now decided to forgive yourself.

And repeat for as long as you need… until the feeling of Self-Anger has been gently erased… and has been replaced by Self-Forgiveness.

And a double and… if you don’t want to tap… you can always tape 6 Rose Quartz tumblies in each of those locations, using microporous tape… and then just sit back and relax… that will work equally as well.

Note: Much thanks to Sue Keeping, a very experienced Creative Kinesiologist and Touch for Health practitioner, for helping to ground and check out this tapping technique for us.

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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