Introducing… Tantric Tesla


As some of you may have realized… Vibrational Doorways is a platform shared by several personal development / energy workers from around the world… a platform to announce and promote new ways of thinking, living and being in the 21st Century.

And with that in mind… today we announce the arrival of our latest member of the team… Nathaniel Reeves… who we have nicknamed our very own Tantric Tesla.

So over the next couple of days Nathaniel will be publishing some of what he knows… and he knows a lot… and it is really, really good stuff… if I do say so myself.

Also, we can now bring to light a very active discussion which has been taking place behind the scenes for the last year now.

You see, Nathaniel is the creator of Polarity Tantra… and specifically Gay Polarity Tantra… an energy system which would allow people to get around and beyond the whole “Gay people are the wrong polarity” argument, which is usually wheeled out by the traditional Tantra crowd.

If you want to know more about Gay Polarity Tantra right now… check out his ebook on Amazon – Gay Polarity Tantra.

But as a development system, Polarity Tantra itself is much bigger then that… it is a theory + practical application which incorporates Straight people, Gay people, Bisexuals… and presents everyone with a valid spiritual path for their specific energy nature… what the Universe wove into them at birth.

Anyway… after a year of persistence, we won the argument… and Nathaniel has finally agreed to come down off his far mountain, and share out what he knows… and help develop a version of Polarity Tantra for Straight people.

Also Laing Kerns-Stokes over in Australia has reluctantly volunteered to run with this Straight Polarity Tantra version (Ha! … Who am I kidding, he jumped at the chance… snatched the opportunity off the table… and said “Back off everyone, it’s mine!“… we therefore assume that he has a passion for making it work).

Basically… he’s stepped up to take on Nathaniel’s work to date, and help develop Polarity Tantra into a viable system for Straight people to use (because there are energetic differences between Gay and Straight people in this area).

So we are giving Laing a year to get up to speed… and expect him to be offering live courses on Straight Polarity Tantra over in Australia (… and maybe elsewhere in the world, if the energy sets up right)… a year from now.

In the meantime, we will be posting out what we can… to start the energetic ball rolling… over the next 3 days … we will be reaching into the big bag of energy techniques which Nathaniel has developed and offering them out to you good people.

And many of these energy techniques,  which are now fused with Audio Essence technology, are applicable to Yoga people as much as those who are into Tantra… or people into meditation… or people who just want to explore their energy nature.

Once again… the offerings being put on Vibrational Doorways are free… and please share on to anyone you believe will be interested, who may benefit.

Remember, we are human beings… we are in our better natures when we share what we know, what we have found, the best of who we are.

It’s going to be quite an adventure… and we are really glad we could talk the shy and reclusive Nathaniel Reeves around and into doing this.

A journey of 100,000 lifetimes finally arrives home… and the traveler opens his bag to share what he has discovered with his family and friends.

(c) Brian Parsons September 2016

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