Talking Castles


The above photo is of a traditional entrance to a Medieval Castle… with a water-filled moat and drawbridge which can be lifted up in times of danger.

… And during the early to mid Middle Ages, these type of Castles were state-of-the-art in terms of defensive technology.

And this image can also be used to describe the relationship between our Heart Protector meridian and our Triple Warmer meridian, which are the two main defensive systems for our meridian system.

Both of these Fire element meridians are designed to protect the Heart meridian, which represents our Heart Space… or the closed space within the metaphoric castle… our juicy and precious center

… And both of these defensive mechanisms do so in different ways.

The Heart Protector meridian is very much like a drawbridge, which can be raised to prevent negative energies from entering our Heart Space… or lowered to allow in positive energies which will nourish and support us. The Heart Protector meridian is intended for internal defense against negative vibrations (or words, thoughts and beliefs).

In contrast, the Triple Warmer meridian is more like a moat, is concerned with external defense… about attackers who come at us from … Out There!

It controls out Fight, Flight, or Freeze mechanism, which has been developed and refined during the almost billion odd years that life has been evolving on this planet.

The Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism is quite simple… in the face of danger…

Stage 1: If faced by danger, can you fight and win?… If yes, fight, and if not, proceed to Stage 2

Stage 2: If you can’t win a fight… Can you runaway as fast as you can?… If yes, run, and if you can’t outrun them, proceed to Stage 3

Stage 3: If you can’t outrun them… freeze and play dead… and hopefully, if they get distracted you can run away when they are not looking

The fact that this survival mechanism is hard-wired into the reptile brain of 100% of the animals on this planet is testament to the fact that these 3 basic survival strategies have been successful, time and time again… and so have been passed down from parent to offspring for hundreds of millions of years.

But when the strategies got to Humanity… problems soon started to develop…

You see, with Human beings, these strategies encountered creatures that had only just come down from the trees… but more importantly, started to think consciously.

Why was this a a BIG problem?

Well, over the past billion odd years, the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism has been run on automatic by the Unconscious Mind of any animal in danger… and so it was possible to power down after the danger had passed…

Which is hugely important, because the body of any animal stuck in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode will simply burn up over time (too much fight / flight chemicals continually flowing through the bloodstream)… to survive and remain healthy it needs to power-down after the danger has passed, and flush the no longer needed chemicals from the bloodstream.

… But with Homo-sapiens, there is the issue that we have a Conscious Mind, and we think… and this thinking can get in the way of Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism… and so interrupt the power down stage.

It’s not that the Conscious Mind can ever stop the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism… It can’t…

But it can get all judgmental and ashamed and guilty after the danger has passed, and so screw-up the power-down process… which many people now know and refer to as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… when all the fight / flight chemicals continue to flood the bloodstream, and the physical body is ready and primed for danger… and just can’t relax… ever… because relaxation is something you do after the danger has gone, not while the body continues on high alert.

This means Homo-sapiens find it harder then any other species at letting go and powering down after the danger has passed.

Note: For more information about this, read Walking the Tiger by Peter Levine.

So the more Homo-sapiens became conscious, the more it interfered with the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism, although fortunately for us, our bigger brains meant we could discover fire, new survival strategies, invent sharp and pointy weapons, etc… which helped to compensate us immensely.

But the next issue can be seen if we shift levels across to our Meridian system… and look at the Triple Warmer meridian in particular… which controls our Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism.

And the Triple Warmer meridian is ever vigilant for potential danger from our external environment… and…

Here’s the important point…

… The Triple Warmer meridian will only allow our physical body to power down and relax when it decides that there is no clear and present danger to us from Out There!

And this fact presents Human Beings, living in the 21st Century, with a whole heap of problems.

Because our Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism is no longer being triggered by lions, or tigers, or bears… but by the boss at work who refuses our chosen holiday dates, or when someone steals that last parking we have been waiting for, or when the washing machine breaks down again… minutes after the maintenance man has left our house saying everything is fine now, and after we have paid him…

Something which worked fine on the planes of the Serengetti 3 million years ago, and kept our primate ancestors safe… doesn’t work so well at the start of the 21st Century in the middle of London, Paris or New York.

The Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism is being triggered by situations which don’t warrant a life or death, all or nothing response… and after the situation has passed… as Homo-sapiens, we find it hard to switch-off / power-down…

And the fact the Triple Warmer meridian remains on high-alert…

… means the Heart Protector meridian cannot relax… because it can only relax when the Triple Warmer meridian says its safe

So the drawbridge cannot lower…

… and most importantly…

… More on this coming tomorrow.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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