Tad Hargrave & The Vibrating Plate


One of the unexpected blessings of last year was to have discovered Tad Hargrave and fallen into his eccentric orbit.

He’s a Canadian who goes under Marketing for Hippies, and he has dedicated his life to helping alternatives, and individuals trying to walk the path of integrity in business, market themselves and their business / services in a way which is aligned to their inner values, their heart, and their life-mission.

He’s also cool, funny, has this thing for blue Canadian check-shirts, and offers lots of material on his Website – Marketing for Hippies – and his Blog… both free and paid material… and he also runs these amazing online courses.

But enough about Tad… on with today’s post, in which Tad features heavily, because it all started in response to a Blog post he wrote about New Age Manifesting.

It was a lovely worded Blog post, very poetic and lyrical, all as you would expect from a man who physically resembles the English novellist D.H. Lawrence… but the basic theme was that he felt that a lot of New Age Manifesting was… well… self-centred, narcissistic, selfish, and it didn’t seem to really care about what was happening in the rest of society, or even to the planet beneath us.


… Via his Facebook page, I complimented him for the honesty of his opinion, and tried to counter-argue that perhaps people start out trying to manifest their material desires… but over time, they expand their horizons, and become less materially orientated, and perhaps even end up… trying to save the planet?

But Tad wasn’t completely buying this argument… and to be brutally honest… he did have a point… and no matter how much I tried to squirm, and tried to justify a lot of New Age thought, I couldn’t help but think to myself… Yes, he does have a point, a lot of what people try to manifest is self-centred… and it is bit like Nero manifesting while the Planet burns.

Which then raised the question… How can you square this circle?How can you approach or think about Conscious Manifesting in a way which is intune with our need to heal and save Planet Earth?

I had never come across any attempt to link the two… or anyone saying that the two should indeed be partnered up… but maybe Tad was right… Maybe it is totally self-centered to continue manifesting small ego dreams while Planet Earth is being harmed each day.

So I went to sleep… with that question in mind… and I would love to say that the answer was floating in my mind the moment I awoke… but it didn’t happen that way. It came 2 hours after breakfast, while I was watching cartoons on Kids TV with my great nephew (who was 4 and a bit… for the record I think it was New Adventures of Spiderman).

And here’s what I got… here’s how I arrived at a way to square this circle.

There is this thing you can do in Physics where you take a metal plate, hook it up to a sound vibrator, and then pour loose grains of sand on the top of the metal plate… and then you start to put different frequencies of sound oscillating through the metal plate… and if by magic, the sand on top of the plate starts to coalesce into different sand patterns… and the pattern changes as the sound frequency changes.

As the above YouTube video of this experiment shows, change the frequency… and you manifest a new and completely different sand pattern on the metal plate.

Therefore using that image… this is the important point to consider.

If the metal plate represents the planet… and the sand represents bio-diversity… and the sound frequencies our attempt at manifesting with intent… then we can only manifest while there is enough sand on the plate. The more sand is removed, lost over the side of the metal plate, so the pattern created by the sound waves grows fainter and fainter.

Obvious when you think about it.

The moment a grain of sand falls off the side of the plate it is lost to us… just as in the same way, whenever a species goes extinct, or weather conditions deteriorate, or the ocean gets choked up with plastic… so the planet suffers… and when the planet suffers it’s ability to manifest all those lovely things we desire and ask for is hugely reduced.

If Planet Earth is our engine of manifestation… then the more we harm it… or turn a blind eye to its destruction… the more our dreams for a better personal future grow a little dimmer.

That’s the thing… Humanity is capable of manifesting miracles and wonders on this planet… but we are not capable of manifesting a new planet itself. So the more we damage this one… the more we harm ourselves and our own future.

So tonight… when you are spending time trying to manifest a romantic relationship, and that yellow Ferrari that you have always wanted… why not spend some time focusing on manifesting love and healing for our planet.


Because everything that manifests in your life is down to Planet Earth in the end… and so it is in your best interests to make sure she is loved and healthy and the best shape possible for you and the generations to come.

(c) Brian Parsons February 2016

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