Surviving as a Highly Sensitive Person… in the Workplace


Have you heard the joke about the Highly Sensitive individual in the workplace?

Actually, there is no such joke… because the reality is being Highly Sensitive in the modern, 21st Century workplace can be a total Hell on Earth, and for a number of different reasons.

In fact, if the 14th Century Italian poet, Dante, ever came back to life, he would probably need to re-write his famous work, The Inferno, to include several new chapters on The Hell of the Modern Workplace.

But, unlike Dante’s Hell, if you are Highly Sensitive there are indeed ways to get yourself out of these hellish situations… many of which we will discuss in this article… and eventually to even enjoy going to work!

But to achieve such an escape from Work Hell, the first thing we need to take on board is that, for a Highly Sensitive individual in the modern workplace, they are often having to fight a war on 3 fronts.

In fact, it’s often these 3 areas which make going to work far more problematic for a Highly Sensitive individual then your average person.

But what are these 3 problem areas which so many Highly Sensitive people are having to deal with?

Problem 1 – Being Highly Sensitive… in a Heavy Electro-Magnetic Work Environment

The first one is the exposure of a Highly Sensitive individual to the high levels of electro-magnetic pollution which exists in our modern offices and workplaces… with all manner of computers, laptops, tablets, server rooms, full building wifi… creating a very intense and wide-ranging E.M. field.

So how does your laptop make you feel?

But why exactly is that such a problem?

It’s a problem because of something called electro-magnetic entrainment.

Electromagnetic entrainment occurs whenever someone’s own electromagnetic field (i.e. their personal aura) starts to resonate at the same frequency as the electrical appliances around them.

This is possible because electrical appliances – computers, microwaves, ipods, televisions, and mobile phones etc. – have their own powerful electromagnetic fields, which use a higher and wider range of frequencies than the human body, and the weaker electromagnetic field of the human body starts to resonate at the same rate as these external E.M. sources.

Now, this is a problem because all life on the planet has evolved over billions of years to use very weak electromagnetic fields to maintain health and well-being, and also these natural fields utilize only a small band of the electromagnetic spectrum available (4 to 7 Hz).

Conventional science now admits that the human body does create its own electro-magnetic field, but does not currently believe that this field is in any way connected with our health and well-being. They consider it to be just a by-product of living and with no obvious function or benefit.

But Nature doesn’t usually develop something without there being a reason behind it, even if we can’t tell what that reason is. Scientists used to say that the pineal gland had no functional use, or that thymus gland had no function in adults. How wrong they were.

A healthy human E.M. field is essential to our health overall.

Cars, trains and aeroplanes also emit an E.M. field, and when travelling in these vehicles a person is entirely surrounded by the vehicle’s E.M. field. This is why someone can feel ungrounded or spun out after a long journey by car or plane, which can often contribute to the feeling of jet lag that occurs after such a journey.

When the human body’s own natural E.M. field starts to resonate at a rate and strength beyond that which evolved to support natural health and well-being, this puts the physical body under a level of unnecessary stress, which eventually takes its toll on our physical, emotional and mental health.

The human body naturally resonates on a frequency 4 to 7 Hz. The majority of electrical devices resonate on a frequency of 30 to 40 Hz. This is a potential difference of 23 to 36 Hz.

So when our physical bodies fall into entrainment with an electrical device, its own E.M. field rises up by 23 to 36 Hz above our normal range.

But why is this such a problem?

Well… Just take a moment, and find the highest sound which your voice can achieve. Hitting this high note probably makes your voice sound quite squeaky. It probably also feels that your vocal chords are under some strain just trying to reach that high pitched sound (… OK, you can stop now).

Imagine if you could only communicate through talking in this high pitch voice. It wouldn’t be long before your voice would start to crack underneath the strain, and you would develop a whole range of different throat complaints. Although you can hit the high notes if needed, your vocal chords are not designed to function normally, or any length of time, at this high pitch.

This gives you some idea of the effects on the physical body when it is required to operate and resonate above and beyond its natural E.M. range. It puts the body under tremendous stress and strain, which is not good for us on many different levels.

And if the human E.M. field is indeed also being used for our well-being and internal communication, which many complimentary and alternative practitioners believe, the more stress it is placed under, the more normal functions will be affected.

But why would the physical body alter its natural E.M. range?

Well, if we return to our squeaky voice analogy. If everyone around you is talking in a high pitch voice then, eventually, you’ll start to talk that way as well, even if it means you are also harming your voice in doing so. We are all programmed to fit in with the behaviour of other people and the world around us, it is part of our survival mechanism.

And the same is true of our physical body and the E.M. fields which surround us. We are surrounded, 24/7, by electronic devices which are louder then our own E.M. field, and far stronger.

The amount of E.M. stress that a person can deal with before it manifests as a physical condition / illness will vary from person to person, but as most of our modern society is now so totally dependent upon devices that emit an E.M. field in some way, it is very rare to find a person who has not been affected to some degree (even if they are not conscious of it).

In one of the companies where I used to work, they installed a wireless network throughout the whole building, as part of their ‘embracing the 21st Century’ drive. It was very interesting to see how different people responded to the increased levels of E.M. in the building. Some people reported experiencing disturbed sleep and an increase in headaches and migraines… while others reported no difference at all. Those who reported no change, and who were therefore probably less sensitive to E.M. fields or who had stronger constitutions, naturally concluded that the ones who had experienced a difference were just making it up.

In fact, N.A.S.A. and the Russian space program has found that animals and humans will not survive in space unless their spacecraft is provided with a magnetic field similar to that of the Earth. Without a background field of 4 to 7 Hz, astronauts and cosmonauts start to become ungrounded, spun out, and function less effectively. So if you go into space, you need to take an artificial E.M. generator, which mimics the Earth’s own natural EM field.

But… and here’s the important point for our discussion… if someone is already Highly Sensitive… and they step into such a highly loud and stressful E.M. environment, then this puts their own aura / energy-field under even more pressure, even more stress then normal, and so they find it harder to maintain their own energy and personal boundaries and, as result, they tend to even more open to the emotional stress all around them, and more prey to the political games which their bosses and co-workers are playing.

The thing is Highly Sensitive people are usually quite energetically open to start with… so walking into the E.M. field of the modern office just puts them under even more pressure… forcing their aura to be even more open.

Which doesn’t feel nice or comfortable… and can even leave them exposed.

This is the first way in which many Highly Sensitive individuals are knocked off-centre by the modern workplace.

Which takes conveniently on to the next section…

Problem 2 – Being Highly Sensitive… in a Highly Political & Stressful Work Environment

Have you ever watched a TV documentary program on the Great Apes… chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans?

In the modern workplace, where can you feel safe?

If you have then you will have seen two things:

  • First, that theirs is a highly structured society, with a Primary Male and Female at the top, and various levels of status all the way down… to the lowest of the low… with individuals being forced out of the tribe if they seriously break the rules.
  • Second, these Great Ape societies are full of individuals who want to get to the top… to gain the best food, and the best mating rights, the social prestige, as well as other perks which only high status can bring… and so they will scheme and fight to get to the top of the tribe, and so engage in various forms of ape politics to achieve their dreams.

Well… what are Homo-sapiens if not the latest version of a Great Ape… sharing many of the same drives and motivations?

In fact, the naturalist Desmond Morris wrote a famous book back in the 1960s called The Naked Ape, which argued that the majority of human behavior, relationships and politics have come down to us from our simian ancestors.

Human beings are hierarchical… we long for good status within our tribes… and many will play at politics to get where they want to be.

And one of the places you can see human politics at its worst is in our businesses and organisations… which are often hierarchical and status driven… and where some people lie and scheme on a regular basis to climb the greasy pole to achieve their dream of success.

But these modern business and workplaces present our Highly Sensitive individual with a number of BIG problems… especially for those who can read the emotions and energy of other people.

For example… suppose the Top Boss comes out of their office and says that everyone’s job is safe, but the Highly Sensitive person is uneasy, because they sense the Top Boss is lying, holding something back… but can’t articulate their feeling to their friends because… how would they explain their hunch?

“Hey, everyone, don’t trust him… he’s not telling us the truth! … Although, it’s just a hunch, and I have no idea why he is lying, or about what… And I have no hard evidence to support my feelings.”

… and then, a month later, the company announces huge job losses, and it becomes obvious that the Boss was lying to protect their own position (… having climbed the greasy pole to success themselves, some people do act that way.)

Well, that is one of the examples drawn from my own life… that happened to me… I felt the job losses coming… I felt the Boss man was lying… I felt the deceit… But at the time I couldn’t articulate those feelings into concrete warnings. I didn’t know what was going to happen…but I could sense that something bad was on the way… and could feel it approach for a whole month… but couldn’t tell anyone about it. Who would have believed me?

And then, as the company went about laying off 300 workers over a 6 month period… I had to sit in the office, amidst the total anxiety of my co-workers, who were all losing their jobs, and were quite rightly uncertain about their future… and also how they were going to earn money to support their families.

… And I was anxious too… after all I was losing my job as well.

But my Highly Sensitive nature meant I had to deal with my own anxiety… while also sensing the Group anxiety all around me… which made it all worse. It was like my anxiety was on steroids.

That is the second problem with being a Highly Sensitive individual in the workplace.

You are so plugged into the emotional atmosphere of the people around you… the emotional ups and downs… the energy swings… the general fears and anxieties… that it can become really tiring… but there is little you (think) you can do to switch it off.

Problem 3 – Being Highly Sensitive… in a Highly Manipulative Environment + Energy Vamps

OK… let’s now move on to my famous… Petroleum Analogy!

Just because they’re smiling… doesn’t mean they won’t bite you!

Crude oil comes out of the ground… can you put crude oil into a diesel car?

No… because the crude oil needs to be refined before it can be put in a diesel car.

Can you put diesel into a petrol car?

No… because the diesel needs to be refined further before it can be put in a petrol car.

Can you put petrol into an aircraft?

No… because the petrol needs to be refined even further, turning it into aviation fuel, before it can be put into an aircraft.

So, the bottom-line is that for the engine to function effectively, the correct fuel needs to be refined for it. Without the correct fuel, the engine won’t work at all, or will splutter out and possibly damage itself.

And the same is also true for Humans… we need to refine our energy to help us achieve our goals in life… and Highly Sensitive people often have a very refined energy, and so can often achieve a great deal in life.


And only if…

They don’t keep giving their refined energy away to other people… people who are often too lazy to refine their own energy fuel, and so prefer to steal it from other people.

Which is what psychic vampires in the workplace are most often all about.

These are people who are generally too lazy to sort themselves out, and so try to steal the energy of others to become successful in life… stealing other peoples refined energy to fuel their own goals.

You meet them in the business world all the time… and usually they look nothing like Dracula.

And usually you find them in some position of authority feeding off the energy fields of the people beneath them.

In fact, the reason why they have become so successful is because they are drawing upon the energy of those around them to boost their own energy.

Time for a little modern scientific research to back this all up.

In his book The Synchronicity Key, the writer David Wilcock explains the mechanism which allows individuals to share, pool and focus their collective energies for a common goal, which probably evolved for good and positive reasons. Wilcock’s book explains how Russian scientists have now discovered that our DNA can store / release photons, and that our level of vitality and well-being is directly linked to the number of photons our DNA is currently storing.

Based on this, Wilcock writes that:

If your tribe lives in a cave, huddled together for warmth, and a sabre-toothed tiger appears at the entrance looking for a meal, someone’s got to fight the tiger and protect the others. This will usually be the alpha male of the tribe… Everyone else is cowering in fear of the tiger… As they move through this terrible life-or-death feeling of stress, their DNA gives off a massive release of photons… beamed into the warriors who are out there protecting the rest of the tribe.

This is one of the reasons why the majority of people will move mountains not to be outcast from their family, tribe or collective… even if it means acting in a way which is against their own personal interests (i.e. biting your own lip rather than offending those ‘stupid’ tribal elders who know nothing but ‘tradition’ and are opposed to new ways of thinking… giving the tribal-leader your last goat for the annual sacrifice, even when it means your family will likely go hungry for the next week).

If someone is ever unfortunate enough to be thrown out of their tribe, not only do they find it harder to physically survive all alone in the wilderness, but they lose the friendship and energetic support of their ‘group’, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage. There is no one to flood your body with their photons, so helping you to raise your game, when the sabre-toothed tiger shows up. It’s just down to you and a rush of adrenaline.

But, unfortunately, once nature has created a mechanism, then that same mechanism is also open to manipulation and abuse by our fellow human beings.

Just suppose that the alpha-male leader in Wilcock’s example starts to like the burst of energy he gets from the rest of the tribe when danger threatens. It makes him feel all-powerful and generally invincible, and after a while he starts to ‘crave’ it like a drug. The only problem is that sabre-toothed tigers are very unpredictable and you can’t guarantee that they will turn up at your cave entrance exactly when you need them… especially when you are starting to crave your next burst of photonic energy because the effects of the last burst is quickly wearing off… and wild pigs and wart hogs, although ugly, just aren’t as scary as sabre-toothed tigers.

I know,’ thinks the alpha male, ‘I’ll stage manage a little conflict with the tribe in the next valley. That way, there’ll be a bit of conflict, a bit of fighting, and I’ll get another burst of energy from the tribe in order to protect them… And next week, I can pick a fight with the tribe down by the river. Another burst of energy for me… and everyone’s a winner!” Unfortunately, the little people who are being frightened and scared just to provide a fresh photon-burst to the dominant leaders are definitely not winners, and the leaders manipulating events to create these situations are fooling themselves if they think they can control the genii of war and violence once it is let out of the bottle.

But keeping people in a state fear, anxiety, ungrounded, keeping them trapped in the low vibes make it easier for an energy vampire to steal their energy / photons.

Now… once again… all this presents a serious problem for our Highly Sensitive individual.

Because their energy field is generally more open and flowing then other people… that’s one of the reasons they are sensitive to the environment around them, some would say even psychic to some degree… and so they find it harder to hold onto their photons… which means their energy is hoovered up by the energy vampire.

For a psychic vampire, an unprotected Highly Sensitive individual is an easy lunch.

Until, that is, the Highly Sensitive individual learns how to strengthen their own energy field, and so hold on to what is rightfully theirs.

Solutions – So What Can You Do Practically About You Being You?

OK, unfortunately, we can’t make ourselves Un-Highly Sensitive… we can’t tone down our level of energy awareness.


But we can put in place vibrational filters and barriers between our energy, and the energy which we find unsettling, which is knocking us off centre.

So it’s like either…

a) Putting in place a energy wall between us and the disturbing energy

b) Turning down the volume on the disturbing energy so we are no longer knocked off centre when you are exposed to it.

Now, you don’t ever want to switch off being Highly Sensitive… because once you understand it… it can be a very useful skill to have… especially in many different jobs and work environments.

For example, I know of a U.K. tax man who uses his Highly Sensitive nature to know when someone was lying during a tax investigation… and his Superiors have come to value his instincts, and it has been a big plus for his career development.

So your Highly Sensitive nature is not something to get rid off… although admittedly, there are times when you wish you weren’t so Highly Sensitive but you do need to know have strategies to protect yourself from energies and people you find hard to deal with.

So what can we do… practically do?

Now, part of my training has been as a crystal therapist… and so I am very aware of those crystals which help to protect and strengthen the human aura / E.M. field.

For working with electro-magnetic entrainment?

First, wear natural Lodestone.

The most effective way to counteract this influence is to “remind” your body of the specific strength and range of E.M. frequencies that it needs to resonate with in order to maintain health and well-being. Natural Lodestone helps the physical & energy bodies to remember these natural frequencies, as Lodestone, vibrates at the same strength and frequency as the planet’s own electromagnetic field (4 to 7 Hz).

Another crystal, which comes from Russia, and which helps an individual stabilize and ground their own natural electro-magnetic field is Shungite (which has become much more widely available in recent years). If you cannot locate a piece of Lodestone, then you can replace it in this layout by a piece of Shungite (although Lodestone is preferable).

Next, crystals to help a Highly Sensitive individual to be less open to the emotions and energies of other people… and also to be less vulnerable to those psychic vampires?

Black TourmalineLabradoriteBronziteBlack Tourmaline in Clear Quartz

All crystals which you can source online if you need, and are not that expensive.

And my all-time favourite… Clear Quartz + Turquoise + Pyrite… 3 stones together, in a pocket say, which help to protect and strengthen your personal energy field from external parties which are out to manipulate you.

Note: You’ll need to cleanse the crystals every other day. There are many ways to cleanse crystals… but the easiest is… place crystals under cold running water for 1 minute… and that will cleanse them of any yucky energy they may have picked up.

In Conclusion

There is a saying… to win a battle, first you need to know what kind of battle you are fighting.

Learn to create your own reality at work

There’s no point in turning up dressed to fight as a Viking, complete with shield and board sword… if you are in the middle of World War 2, and everyone else is fighting with bullets and semi-automatic weapons.

That’s why in this article, I have spent time going over the 3 types of battle which a Highly Sensitive individual is engaged in while in the workplace… and how best to win in those types of situations.

And the really cool things in… sometimes being successful in one area can lead to major advances in the other two.

But above all, greater knowledge of your situation changes the situation you find yourself in.

Because you stop being a victim who doesn’t understand what is happening to you, why things never seem to work out for you…

… And you start to become empowered, with strategies and approaches to strengthen your energy-field and sense of self… you stop being a victim, and start to become happy and focused… which has always been your true birthright.

And that is so cool.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2017

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  • July 5, 2017 at 1:22 am

    Hi Brian, thank u so much for this insightful article. As a HSP who works with the general public and with difficult coworkers, I”ll be looking for those crystals you had suggested. thank u again and I really enjoyed reading your other articles too. Please continue writing!

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