So what do you do with all your… Incomplete Thoughts?


So what do you do with all your incomplete thoughts?

But before you answer that question… I suppose it’s only fair to first define what an incomplete thought is?

Well, it’s all those dreams, goals, aspirations, and projects we focused upon in the past… but never managed to finish or complete to date.

You know…

When you dreamed of climbing Mount Everest… but never got around to it…

Or you set yourself the goal of becoming a millionaire by the time you were 35 years old… but never quite did.

Or you decided to save 5% of your earnings each month to set aside for flying lessons…

Or to learn to play the piano…

Or take flamenco lessons…

Or… <fill in the blank space here with whatever dream or goal from your own life you haven’t got around to completing or fulfilling… and now have discarded as being too in the past.>

And as the Old Year is soon to end, and we look forwards to the New Year, and all those new New Year Resolutions we’re thinking about making… seems like the perfect time to think about all those Old Resolutions which never quite got to the manifestation stage.

Because they don’t go away… even though we may have locked them in a big cupboard, marked childish or unobtainable or unrealistic, and walked off… they still active inside our energy field.

OK, I know, I know… you had all these big ideas, but life kind of got in the way… or you just didn’t have enough money… or time… or your partner talked you out of it… or it just seemed too silly.

Which is why all these particular dreams and goals got parked and unplugged.

But the problem is… that from the point of view of our Unconscious Mind, all these incomplete thoughts really do get in the way… they are still energetically active…

Let me explain with a metaphor…

Imagine you are in a restaurant… ordering a meal… and imagine that the waiter is a part of your Unconscious Mind, who has the task of taking your order, and delivering it to the cook in the kitchen, which is another part of your Unconscious Mind… who will cook-up whatever you have requested.

Together (waiter and cook), it’s their job to take your desire order, cook the food, and then deliver it to your table for you to enjoy.


Firstly, the person (you) giving the orders tends to be indecisive and keeps changing their mind… first, they order the spaghetti bolognese… then they decide to have the fish… then the chicken… then they change their mind again, and decide to order the beef instead…

However, even though they are changing their mind, their previous orders are still being prepared in the kitchen… these previous orders have not been cancelled.

And then, secondly, the person suddenly gets up and walks out of the restaurant… before any of these ordered dishes makes it to their table.

So what does the chef do, throw them in the bin?

Nope, the chef keeps them hot… just in case the person walks back into the restaurant, ready to serve the meal to them… keeps these meals hot… for months… and years… even decades.

Because the problem is… until the order is definitely cancelled… the cook just assumes that the person still wants the meal… because they are have never been told different.

And it is the same with our Conscious and Unconscious Minds.

Until our Conscious Mind cancels a desire, the Unconscious Mind will still consider it a dream to be manifest, a desire to be fulfilled, even if the Conscious Mind doesn’t seem to be thinking about it anymore… because the order has never been cancelled.

And third problem… yep, there is a third problem… the more uncooked meals are being kept in the kitchen, the more chaotic the kitchen becomes, which gets in the way of any new meals which are being prepared…

… and in a similar way, our Unconscious Mind kind of gets filled up, even clogged up, with incomplete thoughts, desires which are no longer at the top of the Conscious Mind’s to do list.

But all the issues arise from the fact that the Conscious Mind never undesires what it previously desired, so the Unconscious Mind keeps it permanently on its radar (which all requires psychic energy).

Now, another definition for an incomplete thought is any thought / desire which is no longer being energized or desired by the Conscious Mind

Another metaphor, you have too many background tasks and programs running on your laptop / computer… and they are all using up processing power… which is slowing down the programs and applications which you do want to run (… and many of these background programs… you have even forgotten about, but they are still running in the background).

OK, enough of the metaphors for now… but hopefully you get the basic idea…

From time to time, it’s therefore a good idea to do a spring-clean of the mental body, to clear out all these incomplete thoughts… so our Unconscious Mind can better focus on what we do want to focus on / manifest.

During our 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas webinar on Day 5 / 30th December – Unlimited Thinking for 2017… we’ll be including an energetic process to help clear many of these incomplete thoughts from our mental aura… which frees up our Unconscious Mind… which frees up more processing capacity for those things which we do want to manifest…

… And, at the very least, letting go of these incomplete thoughts brings a deep sense of relief within your mind and energy field…

Note: For anyone worried that it might cancel something they do want… don’t worry, the energy process doesn’t work that way. It only cancels incomplete thoughts which the Conscious Mind no longer desires… but which the Unconscious Mind is still running in the background.

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2017

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