Schedule – The 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas

Welcome to the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas 2016!

Below is the schedule for our 12 Vibrational Days of Xmas 2016… which starts on the 26th December and runs, with a podcast, FB Live or recorded webinar each day, lasting through to 6th January 2017.

Woven into these 12 days, there will also be several special offers and other surprises for those who attend.

Looking forwards to having you join us, and hopefully we can leave 2016 with a grateful heart… and get 2017 off with a love filled bang!

Day 1 / 26th December – Earth Awakening / Radiating Blessings

There is a story from the Buddhist tradition of a monk who is meditating deep in the forest… who achieves enlightenment while in deep samadhi… and when he returns to normal consciousness, he discovers that an old man, who must have been trying to attract his attention and help, has suffered and died nearby.

And despite his enlightenment, the monk is shocked… because what good is enlightenment if he cannot help others when they are in need… and so out of his enlightened compassion, he vows to help lift the suffering of others while he remains alive.

This is perhaps the source of the Bodhisattva vow…

And it is for this reason, that we are starting our 12 Day journey with a meditation to raise our individual / collective vibration… with the intention to also allow our “lifting” to radiate out and touch / help others on this planet…

… Because our individuality is only real from a limited perspective… and at source We Are All One…

So during this meditation, we will be celebrating our Uniqueness and Oneness, and using Audio Essence vibe technology, helping to send love to all those are calling out for it… wherever they may be.

Available now on this link:

Day 2 / 27th December – Practical Webinar with Audio Essences

I have been developing Audio Essence vibrational tech for the past 5 years now… and for 2 years in that time, I took it on the road… giving a number of Audio Essence evening workshops for people in different parts of the UK… from the South West where I live, as far north as Newcastle-upon-Tyne… and all the way up to the big Mind Body Spirit show in London…

This was partly to get different feedback from people… but also to showcase the different ways that Audio Essences can be used and applied… because this technology is incredibly versatile…

So for Day 2, I am going to record the format I used for those live events, introducing in sequence 4 different Audio Essences, and explaining how they can be used…

And doing this, I hope to provide our Vibrational Doorways tribe with a different perspective into this unique approach to personal energy development.

So OK, this webinar will be slightly longer then 30 mins… but hopefully it will be packed with value for those who attend… and open people up to new ideas and perspectives.

Available now on this link:

Day 3 / 28th December – Applying the Secret of the Golden Flower

Now, as some of you will be aware, over the last month, we have posted out a number of simple but effective energy meditations for you to try for yourselves… and in this post we are going to build on that… and it is one of my all-time favorite meditations.

It’s called The Secret of the Golden Flower from the book by Richard Wilhelm, famous introduction by C.J.Jung… (and not to be confused with the book with the same name by Thomas Cleary… which is a different meditation technique entirely… but don’t get me started on that one).

But the reason why we are including it in this our 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas:

1) It’s not only simple to do… but can also be translated into a supportive Audio Essence

2) It’s not about fixing your energy on a point… but about circulating your light throughout the aura… which is easier to achieve for the majority of people

3) You can also add extra frequencies to the meditation process… which opens up unexpected and beneficial doorways

OK, that’s 3 reasons, but they are very valid none the less.

So if you are intrigued about why I rate this particular meditation so highly… why don’t you join me on Day 3 during our Vibrational Days of Christmas

Available now on this link:

Day 4 / 29th December – Money, Money, Money… mostly not funny if you haven’t got any!

Yes, the famous ABBA song… and while we’re on the subject of famous…

Stuart Wilde once wrote a book called The Trick to Money is Having Some… which is so true.

And what happens if you don’t any?

Worry, anxiety, fear… and a whole host of other limiting emotions… which can cripple just as much as the financial problems.

The personal development guru, John D. Demartini has rightly noted that there is a connection between our emotional state and our finances… and that it is much harder to pull yourself out of a money hole if you are plagued by all that worry and anxiety… it’s like each time you try to pull yourself out, you get pulled back into the black hole of anxiety.

And because I have been there, and can vouch for that truth… I have created a free eCourse containing a number of Audio Essences to help people suffering this situation dig themselves out of the worry, anxiety, and fear… and once you have the ability to handle the limiting emotions… it becomes much easier to take the steps needed to turn your finances around.

Ahead of the launch of this eCourse, this webinar will be providing practical advice and energy wisdom to shed light on the connection between your emotions and your finances… and when you recognize the link… it can be the first step towards regaining control of your life.

Available on this link now:

Day 5 / 30th December – Unlimited Thinking for 2017

There is a famous saying from Henry Ford… “If a man thinks he can… or thinks he can’t… he’s right either way”… which is so true.

Our beliefs control our ability to see ourselves doing something… and if we can’t see ourselves doing something… it just isn’t going to happen.

So as the year comes to an end, this is the perfect time to engage in a bit of Unlimited Thinking… to expand our consciousness beyond our mental limitations…

And that’s exactly what we will be doing in the event, using Audio Essences, to help us put down a positive and prosperous vision for our new year… which will then feed into Day 6… where we will be empowering our vision, just on the cusp, before the year turns into 2017.

Available on this link now:

Day 6 / 31st December – Empowering Your Vision for the Year Ahead

In many traditions, the day before the New Year is a magical time… a time when you can focus your mind on what you want to manifest and draw to you in the months ahead… and we see this reflected in the Western tradition of New Year Resolutions.

In this webinar, we’re going to build upon those world-wide traditions… but also through in a little Audio Essence / Lucid Manifestation magic on top…

A guided energy meditation to focus on, to work with, the situations, the opportunities and relationships you want to attract during 2017…

… and not in a boring, must-have way…

No… because it’s the last day of 2016, we’re not only going out in style… we’re also going to manifest with fun.

Day 7 / 1st January – Exploring & Grounding Your Chakra System

OK, we all know about chakras, right?

But there is so much more to the Chakra system written about in your average New Age book… and the more you know, the more you can get out of them… the more you can’t out of them, the more effective your life can become.

In this webinar, the Australian energy worker Laing Kerns-Stokes will taking us on a tour of our Chakra system… and like any good tour guide, he’ll be pointing out things and possibilities we might not otherwise been aware of… Highly recommended!

Day 8 / 2nd January – Working with Crystal Antidotes

On the Vibrational Doorways page to date, we have posted some unique and useful information about crystals and crystal therapy.

And building upon this, during this online event… I will be sharing information about a unique and useful crystal technique…

During this event, I will be sharing some more information about a very useful, practical, and effective way of working with crystals… which I call Crystal Antidotes…

… and it’s a lot easier then you might think… and doesn’t require you to mortgage the house to afford rare / expensive specimens..

With Crystal Antidotes you can work effectively with limiting emotions and energy states… and turn them around… turn them positive… so you are no longer trapped.

Day 9 / 3rd January – Introduction to… Foundations of Worth

Laing Kerns-Stokes is an Australian energy healer and lightworker whose mission and purpose is to be an active part of co-creating a new Earth paradigm through the awakening of Soul purpose on Earth… and he is currently putting the final touches to his 1st eCourse… Foundations of Worth… where he encapsulates all he has learned to date about how to build within your psyche a solid foundation of self-worth…

And because whenever Laing teaches he is so awesome… I have managed to persuade him to offer a free webinar on some of the processes in this new eCourse, and about his own understanding of the importance of self-worth in a successful and prosperous life… to our Vibrational Doorways tribe.

This one is not to be missed… highly recommended… because Laing sees the world around us in a slightly different way… and when you can align to that, it can be mentally liberating.

Day 10 / 4th January – 1st Laing Learns Astrology podcast

OK, my Soul-Bro Laing wants to learn traditional astrology… and he lives in Australia…

I am in the UK… on the other side of the world (quite literally)

… and in previous decades, that would have been that…

But now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and social media, it is possible to connect me and Laing, and facilitate a transfer of knowledge and wisdom…

But why leave it at that?

So we have decided to record and arrange Laing’s weekly training in traditional astrology (with some Energy Astrology thrown in as well) into a series of podcasts… 1 a week, throughout the year, until the training is done.

So if you would love to learn astrology, at your own pace, alongside Laing?

If you do… then welcome aboard… (and yes, these podcasts will be free, no charge).

Day 11 / 5th January – Personal Energy Management & Protection

One of the most knowledgeable and experienced members of the Vibrational Doorways team is Sue Lilly, who has been working as an energy therapist for 30 years, and is the author, and co-author with her husband Simon, of 30 books… and she has just released an eCourse on personal energy management / protection for therapists… and for anyone else who needs it!

Because Sue is such a wealth of experience, we have managed to persuade her to join us for a webinar during the 12 Vibrational Days of Christmas so we can discuss this often overlooked side of human relations.

So if you are a therapist… or just someone who is super-sensitive to the energy of other people… and you need to establish strong and clear boundaries… please join us for this one-off webinar which is bound to full of insights and practical information.

Day 12 / 6th January – Earth Awakening / Love & Peace

We started our 12 Days back on the 26th December with a collective meditation, supported with some high vibe Audio Essences, to send out healing energies to the planet and humanity…

… And so it feels only right that we end our 12 Days doing the same, only this time with a different focus… transmitting Love, Peace and downright sexy Prosperity to everyone who is listening with an open heart.

So my Soul Bro Laing Kerns-Stokes, over in Australia, is going to bring our online event to an end with a Love & Peace meditation… which hopefully sets everyone up for a prosperous and beneficial 2017!

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2016

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