RUC Book Series – Volume 1 Introduction

Below is the Introduction for my Really Useful Crystals Volume 1.

Human Beings… we do so like to see ourselves as being different



And completely separate and distinct from the Universal forces which created us.

A bit like a New Car… rolling off the Factory Production Line… and denying any memory of how it came to be, of who or what created it.

Partly, that’s the result of our Human Ego

And as we shall see in the later Chapters of this Book… God / the Universe / Tao, whatever name you prefer to use… wouldn’t want to have us any other way… because our standing apart, and our believing ourselves to be different and distinct, adds a certain spice to Creation… a flavor which the Divine can”t experience in any other way.

And partly, it’s also the result of the fact we all look different on the outside… and feel different on the inside

And language, our ability to communicate, allows us to share… and so reinforce… that perceived difference.

“There’s only one of me… never before, or after… will there be someone else exactly like me. I am unique.”

But, nonetheless, the reality is also that each Human Body… our physical body… is always composed of a set number of elements and minerals.

When you get down to foundation level… we’re ALL built up from the very same building blocks. No one can be any different… No one can say… “I am made of Silicon, while you, you’re just common or garden Carbon!

Our faces may all look different… and so give the external appearance of individuality… but at core… we’re all 70% water walking around inside a skin bag… with carefully placed openings.

And the same is true for our Emotions… and our Mind.

We all access the same range of emotions… we all think roughly the same thoughts during a lifetime… “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty” 100 billion times over.

Although the psychopaths and Nobel Prize winners do tend to be found at opposite ends of this mental / emotional spectrum… they do tend to be a bit more original in their thinking.

So if anything… our sense of individuality… our uniqueness… arises not from our components, they’re basically the same… but from how they are arranged, or re-arranged, within each person… from a multitude of variations in and around the basic Human pattern.

And, because of this, if you really want to understand anything fundamental… you often have to step back from uniqueness… and drop down to the Archetypal realm… explore those primary forces which create any single Human Being.

Because each of us is expressing the same Archetypal forces, exploring the same Archetypal situations, although in different ways… and through different situations.

And that is what gives rise to our sense of uniqueness.

Or… if you prefer… the illusion of being different.

The thing is… at one level, we are indeed different and unique… but the deeper down we go, down to the roots, the more we discover that we are very much the same.

And… the same is also true for Crystals and the Mineral Kingdom.

If you open up any Crystal Bible, you will encounter several hundred different crystals and minerals… and new ones are being discovered each year… because the Earth, our home, is vast and abundant and super-creative.

And you may stop to think… “Wow, look at all these 300 crystals… all different.”

But if you stop to consider… there are only so many elements in the Periodic Table… only so many ways that matter can be re-arranged…

So all the Crystals in all these Books… are just re-arrangements of a set number of elemental building blocks.

Which means that all the Copper-based crystals must and will work in a similar way… all the Quartz family must and will share certain characteristics…

The marketing message around any new Crystal wants us to believe it is super-special and unique… that’s the sales hype… and some of them are… on one level… but less so the deeper down you go.

And if that is true for base matterthe same is also true on the higher, vibrational levels.

So all the Pink Crystals will share a common energy expression… all the Monoclinic Crystals will share a similar way of working…

Which then presents us with a very interesting question… very interesting indeed.

If you know something about these fundamental patterns… the ones which help form a particular crystal… then would it not be possible to work out what a Crystal does… is about… from the bottom-up?

So if you know what the different levels of Hardness mean…

If you know what the different Colors mean…

And if you also know what the different Crystal Structures mean…

Then if you put that altogether… then you should arrive at a fairly accurate assessment of what that particular Crystal does… or is for.

And that process of identification doesn’t require any special intuition… any particular Channeling from an Ascended Master… just a matter of re-arranging the information blocks to discern the unique pattern, and then interpreting it.

Well… that is PART ONE of this Book… where we explore how you can do that very thing… weave together the 3 basic elements… HardnessColor… and Crystal Structure… to come up with your own assessment of what a Crystal does.

But then… because we soon discover that Color is so very important… not only as visible Color, but how it is expressed through the Crystal Structure… in PART TWO of this Book, we plunge very deeply into the Universe of Color… to discover how we, as Human Beings, are created by Color… fueled by Color… how we are an expression of Universal Colors.

And once you know that… once you understand not only the importance of Color, but also the function of each Color in the spectrum, in terms of how it is used by our Human Aura… in terms of our continued well-being…

Then you can start to use and work with Color… especially through Crystals… in a more applied, focused and effective way.

It opens up into something I call Color Dancing… which we shall explore more in PART TWO.

As Rumi once said:

walk out like someone
suddenly born into color
do it now.






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