Which Route is the Right Route for Experience?


Many of you will be familiar with the above image… an individual sitting in meditation… with the 7 primary chakras arranged along the body’s central axis… with each chakra radiating a different colour of the rainbow spectrum.

But here’s an interesting question.

What about the space around this individual?

Is it empty… or is it also full of energy?

In earlier posts in this series, we have seen that the space around us is not only full of electro-magnetic energy… which is primarily generated by the planet beneath us (although the Sun also generates a massive E.M. field that extends throughout the whole solar system)… but our continued well-being is dependent on our ability to breath in that planetary electro-magnetic energy… breathing it in and out of our individual aura.

If that is so… the energy field around us… how does that link to and influence an individual’s experience?

Well… Many of you will have heard of Kundalini, or Goddess energy.

But what many in the Western world don’t usually get to hear about, because it is not normally mentioned in the books, is that Kundalini is an expression of the Kunda… or the Universal field of energy out of which all forms manifest.

So you could say that the space around us… and flowing through us… contains the Kunda.

In the ancient teachings, every form in existence is like a wave on the surface of the infinite ocean of divine consciousness… forms come and go… just like waves on the ocean… but the ocean beneath remains… and so it is always giving birth to new waves… and new forms.

In the Ancient Indian tradition, this infinite ocean of energy is known as the Kunda… and we connect to it via the Base chakra

… and also via the Crown chakra.

Which effective;y maps out the entire journey of our consciousness, across all our incarnations… moving, ascending from the Base chakra to the Crown chakra and a final experience of divine re-connection.

So the best way to think about it… below the Base chakra, there is an infinite field of energy that has a collective awareness…

At the Crown chakra, there is the 2nd doorway to this infinite field of energy… but here it has also remembered its divine nature

And in between?

Is us… individuals, who have become separate from the divine and infinite ocean for a time… for a learning… and we are on a path of remembering and re-merging with the infinite field of consciousness once again…

But once you understand… then you start to realize that a lot of life… or a life lived spiritually well… is a question of moving in the right direction.

Kundalini is the rising of divine energy… through the uniqueness of our individual form… from the infinite ocean of the Kunda at the Base chakra… to the infinite ocean of the Crown chakra

At the Base chakra we emerge from the ocean as a unique and separate being… at the Crown chakra, we merge with the infinite ocean again, returning with all we have experienced and learnt throughout our journey…

But here is the thing about this journey of ascension.

Our eyes may be fixed upwards… towards the Crown chakra… because that is the end of our individual journey of consciousness…

But… sometimes in order to go up, you first need to go down

Because our easiest connection to all the frequencies of Love, Prosperity, and Courage (to name a few)… and everything else which we may need, and which can support us on our journey through individual form…

Well, that’s down below us

The easiest way to access all of that positive frequency stuff is through the Base chakra.

But like drawing water up from a well…

You have to learn to draw from the Kunda below you… via the Base chakra… to help you rise upwards.

Even though frequencies like Love are best experienced from the Heart chakra… if you want to connect with them on a Universal level (and not just through your soul-mate… who are not always 100% reliable… and sometimes don’t turn up in the way they promised… just don’t get me started on that one!!!), you need to connect with them via your own Base chakra

Because while you are in the process of Ascending, your only connection to the Kunda below is via your Base chakra

It’s a bit like a Saturn 5 rocket blasting off… you need your Base chakra, and your positive engagement with the physical world, and the Kunda around you… to generate the required lift to push you upwards.

Unfortunately… and I bet many of you know what I am going to type next… if you are not grounded well into your physical body, if you don’t have a healthy Base chakra… your ability to draw up and out from the Kunda what you need energetically to thrive and prosper… and so raise your consciousness… is severely limited.

But this raises quite a big problem for your average human being… basically:

Which Route is the Right Route for Experience?

Our senses tell us that there is a world out there… and we are reliant on that external world to support and nourish us… and that is certainly true when it comes to food and water and clothes and putting a roof over our head… and a whole range of necessary learning expetiences.

And it is partially true when it comes to experiences like Love… yes, externally, we can enter into Loving relationships with other people… and we often need other people to learn about Love and certainly its expression (it takes two to tango… or waltz… or even engage in a hot and spicy salsa).

But that is NOT the route along which our internal experience of Love manifests.

To experience that, we need to close our eyes and go within…

And once within… you need to first go down, before coming up.

There is an ancient teaching story that says God was feed-up with mankind pestering him, so he hid in the one place that mankind would never think to look… within man’s own consciousness. Here he is only bothered by a few rare people who figure it out.

But now you know that secret… now you know where God is hiding… are you up for knocking loudly on the inner door?

More coming soon.

(c) Brian Parsons, October 2017

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