How to Really Know Your Dream Is Real (2)


The next post in the “How to find your Life-Purpose” series… I didn’t know it was going to be a series when I started… but it has turned out to be because it is so big and deep a topic…

Question – Do you think it is possible to discover your life-purpose while standing in Times Square in New York, or in Piccadilly Circus in London, or trying to cross that busy and dangerous roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?

Do you think it is possible to discover your life-purpose while watching the next American Superbowl final, or sky-diving from a plane for the very first time… or having an intense conversation with a friend in a busy restaurant?

No, probably not… not totally impossible… but highly unlikely.

Why not?

Well… because the calling of our life-purpose comes from within… it arises from the Heart… or from the unconscious mind (or however you want to describe the process) and so if we are externally focused, if we are wrapped up in external events, distracted by other people and external events then it is much harder to allow ourselves to listen and feel within.

This is why it is much more likely that someone who meditates, or spends some part of their day in quiet reflection, is much more likely to discover their life-purpose.

Simply because… they are listening within.

And they are paying attention to what emerges.

They are looking in the right place.

They are taking the time in their life, to create the inner space, for their life purpose to magically appear within their consciousness, within their inner space.

This is why those 3 mis-alignment issues we outlined yesterday are so distracting…

Because they keep you externally distracted… listening to what other people say is your life-purpose… rather then going within and listening to your deeper self.

And actually… if you think about it… a lot of people need to go into couple’s counselling… to re-establish a meaningful relationship with their Higher / Inner Self.

If they did… they would find their Higher / Inner Self saying… But they never listen to me, so I have just given up!

So that is the first method which you can try… meditate… or spend time in quiet reflection… daydream… develop quiet “me-time” amidst all the hustle and bustle… allow your Heart to speak to you.

Walk around the inner city park for the next month saying… OK, inner self… I am listening this time… please see if you can get a message through to me… and after 10 days say… your inner self might go… Wow, this time they’re being serious… right let’s start engaging!

In Ancient Greece, if you wanted a message from the Gods to help you in your life, then you would probably go to a dream temple, and undergo the process of dream incubation… where you prepared yourself to receive a divine dream from the God Asklepios to help resolve your plight, to point you in the right direction. You underwent a process to create inner space, and you were prepared to listen to whatever you received.

In the old Shamanic cultures, a young person was often sent out into the wilderness on a vision quest… where they had to rely on their own wits and resources to survive (and so was amazing for developing a teenagers sense of self-worth)… but they were on your own, alone, out in the wilderness, and so more open to the quiet voice from within… and that’s often how they found their true name, power animal, guide… and life-purposewhat uniqueness can you bring to our tribe now you are an adult.

In modern Western society… we are not very good at all that inner stuff… we don’t ask for divine dreams… or go off on vision quests (and unfortunately, there isn’t that much true wilderness left)… and just don’t have the time.

We’d rather do an online search for an answer to our problems… from the safety of our homes.

But what we don’t often do… is take the time to go within… and create inner space…

An answer that comes to us from outside, does not carry the same magic and power as anything which arises from within ourselves.

So for finding our life-purpose… that is why it is important to be able to prepare ourselves for such inner revelations, invoke them, and there are a number of ways in which you can do this.

For example, my friend Laing Kerns-Stokes, who I have witnessed doing brilliant work at helping people discover their life-purpose, and so bring meaning and direction to their life, is currently creating an eCourse designed to do just that… help people step outside of their busy life, and so find the silence within… to help people listen to the voice of their Heart, and so discover their true life-purpose

And there are others like him, doing similar good work, so this is another route you might choose to take to discover your life-purpose

We’ll uncover other elements to this process of finding your life-purpose very soon…

It’s not hard… but it helps immensely if you are pointing in the right direction.

Note: And if we’re focusing in on life-purpose, we so have to talk about Inspiration at some point.

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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